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One Disciple to Another - the Original Jesus   (Joshua)

Is God the author of confusion? 


There is significant evidence Christianity and Judaism have progressively been distancing their faiths from the ancient Teachings and Covenant of God.  Lest Christians minimize this, had Jesus taught differently from the ancient Teachings and Covenant of Elohim - this would have exposed him to be a false prophet - someone that Elohim decreed that we ignore.  Thankfully, for Christians, recently published evidence of alterations to the Hebrew Scriptures by Judaism has also shown what Jesus (Joshua 2) taught was according to the ancient 3000 year old record, published in 2021 as "The Validiction of Moses" by Idan Dershowitz.  According the God (Elohim), there are Ten Decrees, Ten Blesseds, and Ten Curses; these show what He said we are to observe to do, observe to be blessed, and absoulutely know what He said is evil - and that we do no evil.  They are very simple to observe as the means by which He has instructed all mankind.   These teachings are closely mirrored in all the teachings of Jesus in Matthew.

Judaism invented the belief that the Law is 613 Commandments more than 1000 years after Jesus.  God had no part in their inventing that list from a Rabbi, or his other list that non Jews must keep the 7 Noahide Laws.  Ronald Reagan showed his unfaithfulness to his oath of office by signing this into  US Law when instituting Education Day at the behest of a bunch of Jewish Rabbi.  It needs to be revoked, as this cannot be seen as a separation of Church and State - it must also be said that there must be a separation of Religions and State to be the root principle for justice for all. 

No one in Jesus' days understood the "Law" was the later Pharisee Rabbi development  of 613 Laws.  Paul, as a matter of historical evidence, was a Herodian, not a Jew, as he falsely testified to be of the tribe of Benjamin.  Paul was a Roman citizen, not a disciple of Jesus - he never met or heard Jesus - and anyone can review his writings to see how little harmony there is between his teachings and the Teachings of Jesus in Matthew.  Jesus taught observable reality, Paul spiritualized most everything and twisted Scriptures as he did so.  Paul was defeated in his own day, proven by his own pen in 2 Timothy 4 to have been abandoned by everyone after his first defence (trial of Revelation 2 to have found some who said there were apostles to instead be liars).  Rome resurrected the writings of Paul and forced them upon the world at threat of death for over 1000 years.  Wake up and stop trusting liars!  If we do as God instructed we will easily know who to ignore and reject.


Regarding who we have trusted in, there are thousands of Churches who hold fast to the "King James Authorized Version" of the Bible.  Do they have any knowledge of this King James, who was one of the most evil Kings in the history of England?  Do they know the book he wrote just before commissioning his own translation of the Bible:  "Demonology"?  Every single believer in the KJV needs to read that book and awaken from their fathers imposed belief that it is trustworthy.  Use your brain - stop relying on easily manipulated feelings, OR UNJUSTIFIED TRADITIONS AND LORE FROM CHURCH HISTORIANS OR CORRUPTED STUDY BIBLES.


Decades of Archeology and studies of related historical records in Israel and the Middle East have proven the "Bible" record of the Old Testament from Genesis through 2 Kings is not based on historical provable evidence, but is largely mythology invented to cover for the failures of the ancient Hebrew peoples, to foster continued hope, when God said no such thing.  "Why the Bible Began" and "The Origins of Judaism" are two recent books that discuss these evidences.  "The Valediction of Moses", published in 2021 shows we have massive alterations between the Sinai Covenant Standards from 3000 years ago and what our records say today.  Judaism turned the original proto-Deuteronomy from about 5 pages to 34 chapters of Jewish Law Codes and rituals.  Most troubling is the accounts of early Israel in the Bible wildly diverge from what can now be known of their history from archeology and related historical accounts that are now known to exist.  It is impossible that our current accounts of Genesis through Dueteronomy were written by Moses - they were developed over a long time span by multiple authors, the best evidence being between 444 - 200 BC, closely matching the time the LXX was supposedly "translated" from Hebrew to Greek.  They most likely used their time at the Library of Alexandrea to see what others had written and then develope their own accounts, as those before them had done.  See YouTube Trey Smith site for "God in a Nutshell" series that explain how mythol0gies developed from Ur, Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, and Greece.  Judaism had some great story tellers then, as they do today - but a story is just a story - not the real history.  They were agrandizing themselves beyond anything Elohim had told them!  I have no doubt they also altered the rest of their Scriptures, as can be observed in the variations within the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible.  If there is a God who spoke at Sinai and who inspired the Teachings of Jesus - we need to use His ancient words to see who is giving the same message - as we also know who defies it.  As Jesus taught - "A tree is known by its fruit."  Is the fruit good - or bad -  a good tree does not produce bad fruit. (Fruit being who observes and does as Elohim said to do?)

The teachings of Jesus in Matthew closely match the Covenant Standards of antiquity which were altered 1000 years before him.  Couldn't this be seen as contemporary evidence that Jesus was inspired by God to teach the renewed Doctrine of God in the gospel account written by his disciples? 

The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew proves Jesus teachings were restoring what Judaism had stolen from us all.  Also, the ancient record has Elohim saying He is god of gods, not the only god, and those who keep covenant with Him do so by observing the Covenant Standards to be their manner of life to do them.  This is the same thing taught in Isaiah 1, of His saying: "Come, let us reason together!", and that those of all nations who keep Covenant with Him will be blessed for doing so (Isaiah 56).  Those Standards are for everyone - including Christians.  The Standards have little to do with rituals, rites, or traditions of Judaism. 

Had Jesus taught against Elohim or any of His given Standards, this failure would have proven Jesus a false prophet - to "that prophet" of Deuteronomy 18:15.)  Churches that uphold Paul's writings to be authoritative are in open rebellion against God and Jesus.  They should just tear Matthew from their Bibles, as they have ignored the Testimony he gave us all.


According to the Bible records - where is the prophecy of "the lamb slain from the foundation of the earth?  There is no such thing - so how can records saying such a thing be true?

To say Abraham was saved by faith - defies the ancient records - and relies totally upon Paul, who repeatedly misused passages quoted - and simply inventing his gospel - which defies the words of God and Jesus from start to finish - selling fake 'get out of hell free' tickets of  amazing grace being a gift from God because of the sin sacrifice of the blood of Jesus - which absolutely defies the Matthew account.  Jesus taught according to the "Law" - the Covenant Standards - so to think Jesus nailed the Law to the Cross is the biggest lie in the history of the human race!


As for Judaism, they believe their genetics make them superior to the rest of mankind - even though God told them to never think such a thing - God said their favor would be based on their faithfulness and testimony of His goodness to all the nations - that the nations see the goodness of His Law and honor Him accordingly. 

Current events prove their abject failures and becoming more evil with every succeeding generation that defies the Covenant as given by Elohim Almighty.  Their trouble stems from believing liars who defy the ancient Covenant Standards.  By changing them, and trusting the words of the Rabbi - they defy the God they say they serve!   See:  "The Strange Gods of Judaism".


Problems for Christianity started through Pharisee Judaism opression of disciples of Jesus - after all, they did have him killed, and to this day, many believe God will not forgive them until they destroy Christianity from the face of the earth.  There is an account in Acts of some saying leave the disciples alone, and if they are not of God - they would simply cease to be.  The truth is quite different - they still believe Jesus was the greatest false prophet in the history of Israel, and that Rabbinical interpretation of verses in Isaiah tell them that God will not forgive them until they destroy Christianity from the face of the earth! See what Rabbi Tovia Singer taught on his YouTube channel:  

Isaiah predicts Christendom's utter destruction and Israel's forgiveness explains Rabbi Tovia Singer (


Partnering with Judaism, as they first desired to kill Jesus, came Rome and then Papal rule.  First came persecution of the original disciples of Jesus who used the Hebrew Matthew to know the teachings of Jesus  - Yehoshua, Yeshua, Y'shua, Joshua (meaning God is salvation, or the salvation of God),  current translation to English should be "Joshua", perhaps consider him "Joshua 2" for his restoring the original Covenant Standards given by Elohim Himself via his teachings - that God put in his mouth what he was to say to them - just as foretold in Deuteronomy 18:15).   

When the Roman Church seized authority it set about to destroy all previous Christian writings to cover the tracks of their alterations to control what people were allowed to know - to the point of killing anyone in possession of "Scripture" accounts that were not in accord to the Roman versions.  Some of the works they excluded from their accepted texts had good reason to reject them as frauds and lies - but they should have rejected more than they did - such as the texts that defied known Scripture and the earliest gospel account from his disciples - Matthew.  If one knows anything of Scripture, at least the texts of the instructions of who God said to hear, and who He said to ignore should have been used for discernment before placing texts into a book called 'The Bible' - and tell people whatever therein is 'The Words of God' and "the Inerrant Word of God."  Because they failed that duty - the book is no better than the compilers of men - to this day!

Rome  supported  foisting up the greatest liar in human history - the "apostle" Paul, and adding contradictory gospels (Mark, Luke, and John), and then set about parceling out "kings" to the nations under "Papal" authority, and then stealing lands and murdering peoples around the earth since the 1400's (Colonialism decree from the Pope).  The Inquisitions were stomping out those refusing Papal and Church rule wherever they were able. Who knows how many millions of peoples the Roman Church is guilty of killing through these two processes. 

Jesus nor Elohim ever taught such a thing - and this "rulership" was based on the words of Paul in Romans,  that to obey the government rulers is to obey Elohim.   We are foolish if we believe Rome gave us trustworthy "Scripture."  We are also foolish if we ignore the words of God or the true prophets of record - one of which summed it up nicely as;  "If they speak not according to the Law and the Testimony, there is no light in them." 

Paul is also the source of  beliefs to install Elders and Deacons in Churches, which led to the head "Bishop" of Rome - the Pope.  Jesus had taught this would not be so among his disciples - see Matthew 23. (Authorities were not to be placed over his disciples as human institutions do.)

Recently revealed ancient evidence shows 3000 years ago is when Judaism started altering the God-given words of the Everlasting Covenant (The Valediction of Moses, "V"). First century disciples only accepted Matthew, but corruptions started about 100 CE, and by 350 CE Rome was taking over from Jerusalem via politics, oppression and lies.  This is now exposed for all the world to see and consider the impact these alterations should have on all the Abrahamic faiths - especially those who say they are Christians/disciples of Jesus.!AqY5brLYbKTktmqU3fdLMo49gwQ6?e=6YsbsP


(History of Christian NT Canon charts - note the timeline of the Hebrew Matthew, near the center) 


Catholic and Orthodox Churches didn't exist for at least 300 years after the original disciples of Jesus began.  Both of these sects (Rome and Orthodox) were based on bad scriptures and sowing lies (teachings that were in direct conflict to the Sinai Covenant and the teachings of Jesus in Matthew) into the Christian New Testament, as they also altered some key passages of the Hebrew scipture.  I know this sounds a bit crazy, but evidence has proven this is true.  Read the two volume set written by Tovia Singer: "Let's Get Biblical."  Even more revealing is "The Origins of Judaism" by Jonatan Adler, which proves "Judaism" did not begin until 444 BC, and that what we have in our books of the "Old Testament" do not tell the true and provable history of Israel, but were invented - some were invented about the time they wrote the books of Moses for the library of Alexandrea - about 200 to 300 BC.  Archeology has proven the narrative of the Hebrew Bible to be filled with lies - provable lies.  It is little more than rabbinical mythology, just as their "Oral Torah" is nothing but mythology.  But - there is evidence for some of the major stories contained therein - such as the Flood and an exodus from Egypt with a significant event taking place at Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia.  The most ancient account of that event is found in "The Valediction of Moses" by Idan Dershowitz, which proves Deuteronomy was massively altered, the Covenant Standards were altered near the time of Ezekiel, and Israel has remained at odds with Elohim Almighty ever since.  In fact, the name "Israel" means to "struggle with God" - which is oddly prophetic!

Rid your mind of the idea that the "Law" is 613 Commandments.  God defined the "Law" as the 10 Decree Covenant.  The teachings of Jesus in the Hebrew and Aramaic Matthew almost perfectly match the 3000 year old Standards Elohim gave in the Sinai Covenant.  Upon review that included the Dead Sea Scrolls and "V", it is easy to observe a few wild alterations in the Hebrew and Greek Matthew.  These can be identified by their lack of harmony to the ancient "V" and the Hebrew Scripture of Jesus' day (DSS), and should be considered texts pasted within to make Matthew appear more compatable to the other gospels accounts and Pauline teachings from Rome and Orthodoxy. (there was no 'Fall of man' - God told Cain: Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven; keep the Covenant - versus it was nailed to the cross; take up your cross - versus being yoked with Jesus to do the will of God; the unforgivable sin - versus what the Covenant says; true repentance and restitution to be forgiven - versus Jesus shed blood was a sin sacrifice - to name a few)

Jesus teachings matching the ancient Covenant Standards are modern proof of his being inspired by Elohim to teach what he did - restoring the truth of Elohim to Israel and all mankind.  Also observable, is those Covenant Standards apply to everyone who desires to be blessed by God and include how to know who serves Him, from who does not.  The Covenant Standards are about observation and doing them, not how much we "believe" or "have faith".  Another fact about the Covenant is it defines the love of God to be perfectly reasonable, and that love towards our fellow human is requiredWe cannot keep His Covenant without reflecting the Covenant Standards in our own lives, especially in our love, justice and honesty towards others. Our true relationship with God is observed by anyone by how we view, consider, and treat our fellow mankind and upholding those core Standards to be our own standards to live by.  (This is the most compelling evidence against Zionist and Orthodox Judaism, who teach non-Jews lack a human soul and intellegence.) 


God is known by what He says and does, we should also know ourselves and others by the exact same Standards given by Elohim.  It was through altering His words of life and judgment that religeous "authorities" obscured the real truth, grace, and love of God, and are the direct means by which they all stand condemned who have altered His words of life, or trusted in lies - thereby cursing themselves and their children and being the source of many evils upon mankind in the NAME of God.  Don't blame God for this - in the Song of Moses, God said the fault is His children's, not His.  As "V" ends, He warns: "I know the schemes you devise;" and as told in the Song of Moses, the fault lies with His "children", as He said no such things as they have.  We all need to open our eyes to know that it is exactly as He said. 

The Covenant Standards were to be taught to every single person, (men, women, children, servents, and sojourners in the land) and  they were to be taught daily in the home to all - especially to children.  It's no wonder the world is in such a bad state today when these vitally important words of God have been altered, ignored, and rejected!  Many Christians are told to think they were done away with or nailed to the cross - even though in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warned his disciples to never think such a thing. 



Look up the word "Judaism" in Websters Dictionary, it is finally defined by their traditions, rites and rituals - and has nothing about keeping the Everlasting Covenant of Elohim to be His chosen witnesses to the earth - as current passages tell, a kingdom of priests.  We can observe the word "Judaism" didn't even exist in Jesus' or Moses' days.



Ju·​da·​ism ˈjü-dē-ˌi-zəm 
ˈjü-də-  ˈjü-(ˌ)dā- 
 British also  ˈjü-ˌdi-zəm
1: a religion developed among the ancient Hebrews and characterized by belief in one transcendent God who has revealed himself to Abraham, Moses, and the Hebrew prophets and by a religious life in accordance with Scriptures and rabbinic traditions   [PROOF IS THEIR SCRIPTURES ARE ALTERED and compounding errors THE "INTERPRETATION" (TRADITION OF THE RABBI) OF THE RABBI FOUND WITHIN THEIR 'ORAL TORAH'S) RULE MANY BRANCHES OF JUDAISM, NOT JUST ZIONIST JUDAISM!]

2: the cultural, social, and religious beliefs and practices of the Jews

3: conformity to Jewish rites, ceremonies, and practices   [THE 613 AND 7 LAWS WERE INVENTED 1200 CE]

4: the whole body of Jews : the Jewish people.  [Are we to believe that those who disbelieve Elohim will be considered to by "My people" by Elohim - even when those who refused Him were called "My enemies"? are "Jewish people" ?



Judaism has long past abandoned the Covenant in favor of Rabbinical Traditions of the Mishna, Talmud, Kaballah, and Zohar - but the Babylonian Talmud only took over ancient Israel after failing to return to Elohim with a whole heart after the Babylonian Captivity, where some started incorporation of many evils, such as divining and serving demons (Kaballah and Zohar, numerology and astrology and methods of divining and using the NAME of God and invoking demons).  By now many are as dead to Elohim as is humanly possible - and much of "Christianity" is not much better off because they view the gospel to have no requirements of themselves aside from trusting the "free gift of salvation" as purchased by Jesus' blood shed on the Cross.  Jesus never taught this in Matthew - in fact he taught just the opposite!  Either tear Matthew from your Bible, or pay attention - very close attention - to what he taught necessary for his disciples! Although not noticed by many, another obvious matter is the "Star of David" on the flag of Israel, and used widely in Judaism - Acts says it is the star of Remphan (demon) (Acts 7:43; Amos 5:26).  Zionist Israel uses it.  How many churches have a flag of Israel in their building? 

 The Other Israel The whole Zionist conspiracy - Ted Pike (1987) (

Given the roots and fruits of Islam, they would do well to also return to Elohim according to the same Everlasting Covenant and reject whatever they believe or do that is in any way against it - we have all been deceived by the "faith of our fathers", altered "Scripture", and because they, and we,  failed to live according to the Teachings of Elohim Almighty.  There is ample room for repentence by all!  There is a vast difference between neglect of a Standard due to honest ignorance of the words of God - as compared to those who heard it and did not account God true to His words of life. 

Many Christians are among the most considerate, compasionate, and loving people on the earth, but they need to wise up and quit thinking ignorance is a desirable attribute.  Grasp the common sense of the Covenant Standards - knowing God is easier when you don't have to try to reconsile lies to the truth of God.  We are far more capable than any Christian church today has ever taught.  Free yourselves from lies!  Awaken from bewitching lies against Elohim!  Salvation is not a free gift that was paid for by the blood of Jesus!!!  Jesus never taught this!  Jesus taught as Elohim directly inspired him to speak.  Read Matthew; John the baptist came teaching: "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand (near)", and Jesus continued on in this same teaching - that repenance towards God and His words of life is required.

Had Judaism been teaching as Elohim had Instructed, had they known Elohim, or the Covenant, they would not have been cursed and driven from the Land of promise, or so many nations throughout their history since Babylon, or all the nations since 100 CE.  It is exactly as Elohim said - they would sink lower and lower - and anyone with their eyes open can observe Israel's hell bent murders going on today!  Zionists who are reclaiming the Land by their own means are in direct defiance of Elohim Almighty as they also violate every God-given Standard in their process.  The entire world would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and mute to not speak up about their injustice and wickedness in the NAME of Elohim Almighty - as they instead worship the idols of Rabbinical Lore and Mythology in the Talmud, Oral Torah, Zohar or Beginning of Wisdom.  (Modern Judaism is largely self-worship of the Jewish race and Rabbi - bigotry) They do not serve, honor, or worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - they openly defy Him and spit in His face for saying the rest of mankind are not human and have no more soul than an animal! The Covenant Standards given by Elohim Almighty prove this is so!!!

That Christians have been so ignorant of this reality, which most recently can be traced to Jewish influence over religeous institutions and educational systems (Who bought the Education system near 1900?  Rothschilds? and Jesuits have been infiltrating education since they were formed) and their giving us all altered "Scripture."  The works of Rome and Judaism are too similar to ignore, especially if one realizes how corrupt the leaders of Israel were in the days of Jesus.  Neither Judaism or Catholicism or Eastern Orthodox have promoted teaching their members the Covenant Standards or the Teachings of Jesus from Elohim for 2000 years.  

Judaisms have "Oral Torah's", and Catholics have Catacisms, Doctrines, and Decrees of their Popes - both defy the Rule of Elohim Almighty.  The biggest crime upon Christianity is that Rome put known and provable liars into the texts of their New Testament - defying the Teachings of God about who we must hear, versus who we must ignore. (Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13 and 18)  Protestants have all been failures because they say they believe in Jesus, but then practice and believe whatever they pick and choose from the greatest liar in the history of humanity - the not-apostle Paul, the lies of Hebrews, and putting contradictory gospels into the Christian "Bible."   It's much like we have four Isaiah's, but only one is trustworthy (Matthew).  As Jesus reportedly said:  "Why do you call me 'lord' and not do as I say?"

The time has come to reject proven lies and proven liars.  If your Church is teaching lies as the truth - if they refuse to rid themselves of proven lies - it's time to leave.  I'm sure it was for just cause and reason that Jesus warned at the end of the Sermon on the Mount that those who had heard what he taught therein - but did not do what was taught - being hearers only - that theirs would be a great fall.  This time is directly upon the earth - and we must repent of lies - or not consider ourselves to have been remotely true to Elohim, the Father in Heaven - or Jesus (Joshua 2).  All the Churches who accept Paul to be a true apostle have effectively rejected the truth of God and Jesus. ("Jesus' Words Only" and website page on "Romans proves Paul lied" and "Galatians should not be Scripture")


Evidence in  the Dead Sea Scrolls proves what we have now is not what it was to start with.  It can also be observed that many of our traditional beliefs about the "Bible" cannot be true - it is not the "Inerrant Word of God."  Rather, it has been altered; from the Decrees, Blessings, and Curses, to the historical narratives in Genesis through II Kings, then Christianity gave us three useless gospel accounts, the lies of Paul, and invented books pretending to be from John, Peter, and James - and then foisting up a pile of contradictory nonsense to be "The Inerrant Word of God."  Use your God given brain!!!  This cannot be true.  God does not contradict Himself or alter the words that He spoke - corrupted religious leaders did - and continue to - and it's time to call out their lies and nonsense for what they really are!  As the prophets foretold - we must return to the ancient record to know what Elohim really said, then we should easily see the teachings of Jesus in the Hebrew and Aramaic accounts prove what we were never told:  Jesus was restoring the Covenant Standards of Sinai - Jesus was not "fulfilling the Law" to then "nail it to the Cross!"  We all need to seek the "old paths" when people were true to Elohim.  What was true Christianity for the first generation disciples and apostles of Jesus?  It is time to repent of lies,  or we will end up as bad as Orthodox Judaism is today - but on the opposite side the truth - living by feelings that we imagine are the "Spirit" and totally rejecting all the God-given Standards of righteousness and justice.  Stop living by your imaginations and learn the reality and sense of the Covenant Standards from 3000 years ago and their harmony to the teachings of  Jesus - the Doctrine of God.


Archeology proves evidence in the ground defies the narrative told in the Bible.  It appears that much of the "Bible" of Judaism was based on their failures, to then attempt to give hope for the future that was not based on what Elohim Decreed from the beginning.  Where did Judaism get the idea they are "God's chosen people", when Elohim directly warned them to never think such a thing?  Why has Judaism been over-run with "Rabbi Rule" starting almost immediately after their return from the Babylonian Captivity?  Why have they largely abandoned the "Old Paths" they were called to return to since Jeremiah?  Why do they focus on going back to the poetry of Isaiah, when later prophets declared they had since become the enemy of Elohim, and that He told them to cease their Temple rites and convocations because they had become evil in His sight and a stench to His nose? It was Elohim who had the Temple destroyed - for just cause!   (Books that show our Scriptures have been altered: The Origins of Judaism, by Yonatan Adler; Ancient Israelite Religion, by Susan Niditch; The Valediction of Moses, and The Dismembered Bible , by Idan Dershowitz; The Moses Scroll, by Ross Nichols; The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, by Martin Abegg, Peter Flint and Eugene Ulrich)


Why have "Christians" abandoned doing the will of God as taught in Matthew?  Why do they all follow Paul and blaspheme God and Jesus in the name of "Unconditional Love" and being "Saved by the blood of Jesus!", when Jesus made no such claim!, and God, nor the Prophets foretold human sacrifice is required to forgive sin!  When addressing Israel about sacrificing their children to Baal, God condemned this as a great evil that had never entered His mind!  So how is it possible that Jesus is "the lamb slain from the foundation of the world" as told in John? Where in all the Hebrew Scripture can we find Elohim saying there was a "lamb slain from the foundation of the world"?  This view is first found in the Greek interpretation of the signs of the Zodiac characters and star names.  See "The Gospel of the Stars" by Joseph Seiss or "The Real Meaning of the Zodiac" by D. James Kennedy.  



The Truth of God is dead in the streets, my friends - if I may call you my friend.  A friend is someone who is willing to tell you something other people will not - because they do not care about you, or they are putting their own interests/status above yours.  And what of Islam?  Had they understood God and Jesus, they could have easily refuted Pauline beliefs without pretending someone other than Jesus was "that prophet."  They were partially birthed upon rejecting Paul, but I have yet to hear their beliefs matching what Jesus taught in Matthew - the most ancient accounts of Matthew.   Its now coming out that some of their Koran is just borrowed Christian hymns - not "inspired" by Mahamid.



It's all a mess - a 3000 year old mess - and it's time we deal with it - or the conflicts might destroy us all, because of the lies we've been told are branded/labled "Truth" from our respective religious leaders - we're in the middle of a Groydian Knot built by intertwining of lies that reject the Teachings of Elohim.


The proverbial groydian knot cannot be untied - we must seek the know, understand, and observe to do the original and unaltered words of God,  and Jesus.  Rather than untie it, as no one has the time to sort through 3000 years of textual revisions, revised prophecies, and writings that outright lie against God, we need to realize that all levels inside which cause problems are based on the intertwining lies against the words of Elohim and basic human nature, to then cause corruption and have no basis in the words of God.  We need to allow the ancient words of Elohim be the basis to remove all texts and beliefs that do not find accord to the Covenant of Elohim.  By "soaking" or "immersing" our minds in the Decrees of Elohim we  can then allow that which has been corrupted to loosen from our minds and lives as we turn to observe and do what is patently right in the eyes of Elohim and anyone of good character.  This is completely doable because there is no nonsense or mystery involved with the Truth and Decrees as given by Elohim.  We cannot rid ourselves of the lies piled upon humanity for thousands of years by continuing in the "faith of our fathers."  All that remains that is good will survive doing what is right in the eyes of God and anyone of good will  towards God and their fellow humanity that is willing to repent to believe God and reject evil - especially evils done in the name of God.  The prophets fortold the time when people would finally realize "Surely, we have inherited lies from our fathers." (Jeremiah 16:19)

6:16 - 23;  "Thus said Elohim: Stand on the roads and see; ask about the various paths of history, which path is best, and walk on it and find solace for your soul.  But they said, "We will not walk."  I appointed watchmen over you who warned, 'Hearken to the sound of the shofar!'  But they said, "We will not hearken."  Therefore, hear, O nations; know, O congregation, the evil that is in them.  Listen, O Land: Behold, I am bringing evil upon this nation, the fruits of their schemes, for they did not hearken to My words or My teaching - they rejected it.  Why do I need frankincense that comes from Sheba or the aromatic cane from a distand land?  Your burnt-offerings do not find favor and your sacrifices are not pleasant to Me.  Therefore, thus said Elohim: Behold, I am putting stumblingh blocks before this people and they will stumble over them, fathers and sons together, as well as the neighbor and his acquaintance, and they will perish.  Thus said Elohim; Behold a people is coming from the land of the North, a great nation will rouse itself from the ends of the earth.  They will grasp bow and spear; it is a cruel nation and they will not have pity.Their sound will rage like the sea.  They will bbe riding horses, equipped like a man setting out to battle - against you, O daughter of Zion."

16: 16 - 21; "Behold, I shall send many fishermen - the word of Elohim - and they will fish them out, and afterwards I shall send many trappers and they will trap them from atop every mountain and every hill and from the crevices in the rocks.  For My eyes are upon all their ways; they are not hidden from before Me, and their sin is not concealed from before My eyes.  I shall repay them first for the repetition of their forefathers sin and transgression, for having desecrated My land; with their disgusting abominations and their detestations they have filled up My Heritage.  Elohim, my Strength, my Stronghold and my Refuge on the day of distress!  To You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say: "It was all falsehood that our ancestors inherited, futility that has no purpose.  Can a man make gods for himself? - they are not gods!  Therefore, behold, I inform them at this time, I shall let them know of My hand and My strength; and they shall know that My Name is Elohim."



After careful study, listing, and comparing every teaching of Jesus throughout the entire New Testament it became clear that the four gospels present conflicting testimony of Jesus, his teachings, his prophecies, and who he claimed to be.  To think the gospel taught by Paul somehow brings these variant testimonies together requires rejecting the testimony of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew.  Going a step further, it's easy to see that Pauls' writings are nearly without any quote or reference to the gospels records of Jesus, and when they are eluded to they are not correct to what was said before - and the whole issue resides that it is evident Matthew was written to study and know the teachings of Jesus - whereas the other gospel accounts are shown to be inferior, incorrect, and at odds with Matthew.  There may be some good in them, but we must first comprehend Matthew and the Covenant to see what good the others might have.


If you want to believe Paul, you'd better reconsider what you believe about Jesus.  What if there is no Sermon on the Mount, or other  records of Jesus and his other teachings throughout Matthew?  According to the words of God, Jesus had to teach according to the same God and Covenant Standards given at Sinai, or they would provc him a false prophet that God Almighty said we must ignore! 



Where in Matthew can we find Jesus saying the main reason he came was to die on the cross as a blood sacrifice for the sins of enemies of God, or anyone else?  Where did he teach his righteousness would be imputed/accounted to anyone else?  Jesus clearly gave the first principle to know about uprightly handling the Scriptures via the "Temptations" account: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  How can this not include the God-spoken Ten Decrees Covenant, along with the Blessings and Curses that are the foundation of God given knowledge in the entire Bible?  How can this not include God telling Cain that he would be forgiven  (elevated) if he improved himself - that it was his personal responsibility to overcome his own sin so sin did not overcome him?  Elohim said we are capable and responsible to do so - from the beginning!  Is God different today than when Cain was alive?  This, my brethren, is absolute proof the Christian Doctrine of "Abjectly Fallen Man" is a lie against both mankind and Elohim Himself!  This is one reason many people reject "Christianity" - because this makes no sense!  We can also observe that God also tells that forgiveness of sin does not require blood sacrifice, thereby proving this was not the reason Jesus died on the Cross - which defies the gospels of Christianity from Rome, Orthodox, Protestant, and Reformation Churches!  Read Isaiah 1 and Ezekiel 18 - no where is it said forgiveness requires blood sacrifice from an animal or a human!  As God said in Isaiah 1:  "Come, let us reason together", and that forgiveness requires we abandon evil and learn to do what He said is good!  It's the same in Ezekiel 18.  We can easily see in Isaiah 56 that no matter who you are - no matter your nationality - it's the same requirement - as told in the Covenant Standards themselves.  God gave us brains and wants us to understand His words - not say we do and then say we believe God - but do what liars tell us to believe and do!  We either agree with the Teachings of God - or we don't.  Are the Teachings of Elohim incapable to do that for which He gave them to start with?!  Surely, they are the means by which anyone of good will can make sure they are doing His will and are doing their part to be light and salt in this evil generation!


Stone Edition, Hebrew to English; Genesis 4:6,7: "And Elohim said to Cain, 'Why are you annoyed, and why has your countenance fallen?  Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven.  But if you do not improve yourself, sin rests at the door.  Its desire is toward you, yet you can conquer it."


If we believe Paul,  our understanding and conscience must be placed above what God decreed from the beginning.  Paul taught that whatsoever we think is a sin is then a sin to us - even when Elohim said no such thing.  Paul said lowly angels gave the Law as a curse to Israel, but God declared it was to bless everyone who will live by His Instructions and help us live life as He said it should be.  Elohim told Cain, and therefore all of us should have had that record, if our Bible publishers had any interest to help us understand His will and ways and know that Elohim is our Redeemer and Savior. (Isaiah 43 - 47) Perhaps the greatest evil Paul taught was to say we are not responsible for our sins - we can't help it - which is absolutely against everything God, the Prophets and Jesus taught about sin. 



According to Paul, our flesh is where sin proceeds from.  Even though we sin, in our spirit we serve God, even though we are sinning! Try to find anywhere Elohim or Jesus said this!! 

24 O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?  25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.



Most Dogma and Creed are declarations of men - be they from Rabbi, Priests, Popes, Councils, or half-baked Preachers or false teachings based on texts that failed to meet the Standards given by Elohim originally and who we must hear, and who we must ignore.


I submit we cannot be true to God, Jesus, and Paul - because Paul consistently defied what God and Jesus taught about the Covenant, sin, love, forgiveness, justice, and righteousness.  The "Economy" of justice, per Elohim and the prophets throughout the entire Hebrew Scripture and Matthew, requires repentance from the heart and restitution as required before forgiveness.  The Covenant Standards of Elohim tell us what is cursed (sin), and also tells us what is the blessed (righteous) way to live.  God Decreed what sin (cursed) is, therefore it is wrong to teach things as sin that Elohim didn't teach.  Maybe smoking is bad for health, but many things are. 



To believe what Paul said about it - that sin is based on whatever a person personally believes - to go against what they personally believe to be a sin - is then a sin to them - is to place personal opinions above what Elohim declared in the Covenant, Blessings and Curses.  If we say we believe in God, we cannot be faithful to Him and defy what He decreed, or what Jesus taught that retold those same Covenant Standards in a way that no other prophet before him had done.  We need to separate opinion from Decree, as Elohim is concerned that we observe His Decrees to do them.   So long as our personal opinions are kept to ourselves, and not thought of as a "sin" that needs to be repented of by everyone else - in perspective, there is no necessary fault in it.  An example might be smoking, another might be how neat someone needs to be.  There is a place for opinions and preferences, but the need to be kept in proper perspective - not forced on others.  The whole idea of the Covenant Standards is what it takes to live reasonably and with reasonble freedoms - and that those who might commit wrongs against others need to correct their errors.  The bonus is to realize the freedom we have from our Creator to live a life with reasonable parameters to living freely and justly.  Those who make personal decress as equal to God-given Decrees have placed themselves above Elohim Almighty - whether knowing better, or not.



What should be considered "Scripture" needs to be re-investigated due to the poor job done by Rome and Judaism.  The fact is that what we have today has been altered and mistranslated - starting 3000 years ago!  Ancient Christian records are scant because Rome ordered the destruction of all the previous writings to cover the tracks of their alterations.  What is true must remain true to Elohim, the Prophets, and Jesus... in that order.  See who Elohim said we are to hear.  The most ancient evidence is extremely revealing to show how badly both Judaism and Christianity have maintained their original accounts. (both due to corrupted leaders)


Read Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13 and 18 and see if these are not a correct summary:


Deuteronomy 4 : Do not add to or take away from His Decrees as given.


Deuteronomy 12: Don't live by what is right in your own eyes; do the will of God faithfully.


Deuteronomy 13: Do the will of God faithfully.  Don't follow those who say to live otherwise - even if they work miracles or give true prophecy.


Deuteronomy 18: Do not use divination or sorcery.  Do not follow false prophets.  Hear the words of "that prophet" that God will raise up.  Verse 15; "I will establish a prophet for them from among their brethren, like you, and I will place My words in his mouth; He shall speak to them everything that I will command him."   (Note Deut. 34 established the works done by God through Moses.  Joshua led the people, but his works were not like Moses.  God said He will establish that "prophet", whereas Moses had appointed Joshua - not Elohim Almighty.  No other prophet in Hebrew Scripture can compare to the works God did through Yehoshua/Joshua/Jesus. The context of these instructions are the Covenant Standards given at Sinai, the Decrees, Blessings and Curses as a unit whole given for our wisdom, knowledge and discernment of the will and ways given by Elohim Himself that those who desire to serve Him alone will know, and thereby not be deceived.  If one examines the Shapira Scroll carefully, those instructions can be observed to be in harmony to it, as they can be easily deduced from the diagloge therein.  The now observed evidence is that the Covenant Standards were altered, and much of what we have now are added Law Codes that were not given by Elohim, and were most likely added after Ezekiel by the priest-class who were charged to maintain the Covenant records.  Given the Instructions of Elohim about the Law being daily taught in the home, is it telling of the lack of archeological evidence to have found records of the Covenant Standards throughout ancient Israel?  I find this curious, but given the good sense the ancient Covenant Standards make, I would not cast them aside, because they are exactly what we need in our world today amongst those who believe there is a God who created us.  For brevity sake, below are the ancient consolidated Covenant Standards so you will have these to look back to while considering the rest of what I've written, along with the previously noted imperative teachings of Jesus lists from our New Testament record. (See List of Jesus' Teachings link)


I am Elohim, your god, who freed you from the land of Egypt, from the slave-house.  You shall not have any other gods.  You shall not make a carving or any image that is in the heavens above or the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourselves before them, and you shall not serve them.  I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who has Elohim as his god, and who prostrates himself only to him, and who serves him alone.  Cursed is the man who does a carving or a casting, the handiwork of a craftsman.  

Sanctify the seventh day and rest on it.  For in six days I made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and I rested on the seventh day.  Therefore you too shall rest, along with your livestock and all that you have.  I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who sanctifies the seventh day and rests on it.  Cursed is the man who does work on the seventh day.   

Honor your father and your mother.   I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is he who honors his father and his mother.  Cursed is he who disgraces his father and mother.  

You shall not slay the soul of your brother.  I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who does not avenge or exact retribution for the soul of his brother.  Cursed is he who strikes down his fellow in secret.  

You shall not commit adultery with the woman of your fellow.  I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who does not defile the woman of his fellow. Cursed is the man who approaches any of his kin, or who commits adultery with the woman of his fellow, or who copulates with any animal.   

You shall not steal the property of your brother.  I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who does not cheat his fellow.  Cursed is he who moves the boundary marker of his fellow.   

You shall not swear in my name falsely (or to deceive), for I shall avenge the transgression of the fathers against the sons, grandsons, and great grandsons for those who bear my name falsely.  I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who does not swear in my name falsely.  Cursed is the man who swears falsely in my name.  

You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment. I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who does not deceive or lie to his fellow.  Cursed is he who takes a bribe to give false judgment against his comrade.  

You shall not desire the woman of your fellow, his male servant, his female servant, or anything that is his.  I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is he who does not lust after anyone belonging to his fellow.  Cursed is the man who desires and lusts after the woman of his fellow, his daughter, his female servant, or anything that is his. 

You shall not hate your brother in your heart. I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who loves his fellow.  Cursed is the man who hates his brother in his heart.   

It is these ten pronouncements that Elohim uttered to you upon the mountain from amid the fire.  Blessed is the man who upholds all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them. Cursed is the man who does not uphold all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them.


Learned something new today (7/13/24).  I'm watching a series by Bart Ehrman on Moses and the Law.  He's one of the top level Christian scholars - turned skeptic/agnostic - wrote books such as "Misquoting Jesus".

Anyway - he covered something new to me in the fifth lesson of the series, but so far I'm disappointed that he has not mentioned the Shapira Scrolls or Sumarian accounts of the Law/Covenant.

The Hittites ruled from Turkey down through the Israel area about the time of Abraham, or before.  When they conquered a people they made up Treaties that were to establish their rule and how they conquered them, as the opening, then followed the conditions imposed on the peoples.  These type of treaties are called "Suzerainty Treaty" and we have at least one found that was written on stone and kept where the gods would guard over it.  Sound familiar?  The Treaty would give the expectation and the penalty for not abiding by it - like the Blessings and the Curses.  One Suzerainty Treaty penalty was if a son were to strike his father, his hand would be cut off - things like that.

One of the first comments I received back on the ancient Shapira Scrolls Ten Decrees was - that's eleven, not ten.
Well, since it is obviously in the same format as the ancient Suzerainty Treaty - the first is establishing Who God is and how things came to be for our relationship - then follows the Ten Commandments - making the last one to keep them all to be one of the Ten, not just a summary, and what we presumed the first is establishing our relationship to God - Elohim.

I found this very interesting and helping to clarify things in "their" contemorary experience of these things in the ancient world - and they still show remarkable wisdom, so I still think God gave them - just info to help us see better. 


This site is for anyone searching evidence and reason that make any sense of the conflicts within Christianity, Judaism, and  Islam - as these words of Elohim are for everyone who desires to serve the One True God -  reportedly the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is therein - including Adam and Eve, whereby we all descended from.  Evidence will expose  'spiritual nudity.'   'Spiritual nudity', meaning altered and faked scriptures have nothing we should desire to consider or admire.  What is exposed proves  Elohim nor Jesus ever said to base what you believe, say, or do,  on "spiritual" or "inspired" feelings, or any "revelation" that defies any of the Covenant Standards of Elohim.  The Covenant Standards are all common sense Standards, along with explicit cause and effect, so as to impart us with God given wisdom, knowledge, and sound reason.  Elohim said it is about observing His Covenant to do them, not just believe in them, and certainly not to disbelieve God by believing they have been done away with, were nailed to the cross, or were a school-master to bring us to Christ - truth is the ancient account proves what Jesus taught was doing the will of God in the ancient Covenant - Jesus was restoring the Covenant - not giving a "New" one.  If we have learned from God and Jesus, we will know and understand why we must stop believing anything attributed to Paul, as every writing of Paul teaches something against the Covenant and the teachings of Jesus in Matthew - the first book in our "New Testament."  Jesus could not be a true prophet if he taught against the Standards given by Elohim at Sinai. 



The primary sub-set of the Covenant Standards is they require empathy to keep, consideration of our fellow human.  Jesus taught the principle as the "golden rule", to love your neighbor as yourself - be considerate of others, have empathy towards your fellow.  The Orthodox Judaism model was Hillel, who taught to live as close as you can to not doing evil to your fellow. ("Don't do to others that which you would find a great offense to you" (paraphrased) - versus - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.")  There is a vast gulf between living your life squarely in the pathway of "blessed" according to Elohim Almighty, versus tempting yourself by seeing how close you can get to living a cursed life without being cursed.  They have, in this process, deceived themselves from the knowledge Elohim gave. 

However, many Christians with Dogma and Creed have no perception that they require growth in consideration of others well being, as much as consideration for what Elohim Almighty said is righteousness and justice.  Many Church's Creeds an Decrees have nothing to do with anything taught by Elohim Almighty, the Prophets, or Jesus, as observation often shows supporting "Scripture" to be quotes from Paul.  It is impossible to keep the Covenant with Elohim and not consider others needs, or the need for true justice that is not blinded by bigotry or racial hatred or false testimony of the words of Elohim Almighty.  It is also just as vital to observe those who have cursed themselves by what they condone and do! 

The love of God is not Unconditional!!  Elohim certainly said: "And so you shall put evil away from you" - and this was by our actions - not pretending Jesus' blood sacrifice paid for the sins of the whole earth!  He never made this claim!  If you think this is in great error - do prove to me he did - and do so by the texts that pass the tests Elohim gave whereby He said to hear that person!!!  Paul fails all of the tests given by Elohim!!  See the link on "Romans proves Paul lied" and "Galatians should not be Scripture."




Which leads to the next problem - does the Hebrew Bible have any ancient evidence of existing prior to the request to translate their "Torah" books of Moses into Greek?  New scholarship casts significant doubts of Hebrew Scriptures being  made up and borrowing many things from others to invent their own unique version of history.  If this is so, it would make perfect sense - to show how deep the lies of historical Judaism go, and pretentions to make sure everyone else on earth is hardly more than an animal, and they are the only humans.   Given the evils of historical Judaism for thousands of years to fund wars and bankrupt nations and everyone not Jewish - and their use of poor and uneducated Jews to feed into their meat grinders for profit of their leaders - if there is a God who told Moses anything - how on earth are they continuing in such remarkable and growing evils against mankind today - to the point of the threat of the destruction of humanity in the name of their taking over the lands from those in Orthodox Zionist Judaism's Palistinian concentration camp of Gaza - murdering thousands indiscriminately - with no sense of shame or evil - but only self worship and idolotrous Rabbi worship - what kind of God would let this continue if He had declared if they became evil that He Himself would destroy them????   If I were you - stop reading now, because this "GOD" of "Judaism" evidently does not exist?  Where is the evidence?   Evidence is some prove by their fruits that they sink lower and lower - note their bigotry and hatred is towards anyone who is not Zionist Orthodox Jew centric.  (

Why has not Elohim protected the non-Zionist Jews of Gaza from the  Zionist Jews of Israel?  Why have so many Evangelical and Dispensational Christians been fully supporting Israel in her war  against humanity?  Why do the Muslim nations not swoop in to save their own from Zionists ?  Why did Zionist Jews murder a Jewish Rabbi who was outspoken about the evils coming upon Israel from the start of Zionist activities in the 1800's?  Why do our nations leaders in any way support Zionist Israel????  Money and corruption is the only reason?  See who has received money from Israel PACs.

It started with a Talmud - oral torah nonsense - and has found it's home in the Kaballah - demonology and divination - which Elohim declared a great evil.   So where is the judgment of their "god"?  I know it looks like He is not there - their deeds cannot possibly get worse than they are now - except in how many might accept such wickedness to be their own way of life?  That Evangelical Christianity has supported Zionist Israel has shown who they serve - by who they support.  God said to not follow a crowd to do evil, but Evangelicals who rejected the Teachings of Jesus in Matthew and the Covenant of Elohim Almighty have just shown the world they have rejected God by supporting the greatest evil characters on earth for the last 1000 years - if not all time.   As it was when Joshua was first entering the Land, and he asked an angel:  "Are you for us, or for those who are against us?"  Joshua was about keeping to the Covenant Standards as Moses had received them, which is also what Jesus taught - and those who are against living as God said we must to be considered by Him to be "My people" have each judged themselves by who they support and what they believe and do. 

It's much like we are now partnered with Daniel entering the lions den - we don't know our future - things look bleak - where is this God - the Rock and Fortrus of our salvation?  When Jesus spoke about the end times it was bleak - just as we face today - yet he said to fear not - these things must come to pass - and said those who endure to the end will be saved.  So let's not let our love for God or our fellow mankind grow cold.  Instead, this is the time when we must let our little light shine - don't blend into the mire of the dirt on the street.  Follow not a crowd to do evil or violence.  Abide in doing what God said to start with - even though the Jews, Pope, and Protestants have all lied about Him and Jesus - stand up for the observable, reasonable, doable will of the Father in Heaven as taught by Jesus.  Don't let Mark, Luke or John deceive you from the real truth.  Become innocent by living uprightly, and don't be duped by the wiles of those who have rejected or altered the words of Elohim Almighty.   His day is near.  I have to remember the number of times I've seen things in visions that always happened just as I saw them - every time,  I have to recall the Watcher in my bedroom when a child - just wanting me to know he was there - never speaking.  I have to remember the times I sought for a sign from God about life altering decisions - and receiving the answer directly as told through a coin toss - that had the odds of hundreds of millions to one.  I have to remember times when I was rescued by unseen angel hands or warnings that saved my life.  None of those things could have happened if there is no God.


Because I prayed in 2019 that He would make good to His word in Pslam 2, to confound His enemies - look how much has happened since.  As Daniel said - the time of the end is bad - very bad - it made him ill.  It sure looks like it's getting close.  Don't loose your hope, God is purifying His silver.  The purifier of silver knows its ready when the heat is turned up very high - almost to the point of ruining it - He knows it is done because He can see His reflection in the silver.  In these times of trial - look up, improve yourselves as only He said you can - the Churches lie - grow in becoming more of who He said you can become - remain steadfast and endure in doing His will and trusting He will judge all according to His Eternal words of life.







The Covenant Standards make perfect sense and show how far "we" are from what was given by Elohim, the Father in Heaven, who created Adam - the father of all mankind.  The election of Abraham had to do with his faithfulness and his children teaching God-given principles to their children - which ceased well before David was king of Israel.  Elohim told Israel to not think they were chosen because of any goodness they had/have, but because of the evil of those who preceeded them in the Land, and that if they also became evil - He would destroy them as well and scatter them throughout the world - which happened almost 2000 years ago.  See: "THE RABBIS SPEAK OUT - THE 130 YEAR RECORD OF RELIGIOUS JEWISH OPPOSITION TO ZIONISM."   Given the evils done by Zionist Judaism towards Palistinian Jews, Christians and Muslims, we must all now realize they are in open rebellion agaist Elohim.  Prophecies He gave against them were their being led away captive, then restored to the land, then scattered to the whole earth, and in Isaiah 42 it looks like at the end they will be burned and not even know why.  Surely it is as true today as it was in the days of Ezekiel, Isaiah and Jeremiah - that they will be rejected because they have rejected the knowledge He gave to them. 

In their Rabbinical writings they claim non-Jews have no soul, but as the whole earth has seen by the destruction of a hospital on 10/17/2023, it is the Zionist Jews and their supporters who have no soul.  Christians need to awaken from their slumber - Zionist Judaism believe they must destroy Christianity from the face of the earth!!!  WAKE UP!!!  STOP SUPPORTING THOSE WHO ARE OPENLY YOUR ENEMY - AS STATED BY THEIR OWN RABBI AND ORAL TORAH'S!!!



The same words of Elohim prove Judaism's religious learders rejected Elohim about the time of Ezekiel.  Their post-Babylonian Captivity beliefs and mythology in oral torah's written by their Rabbi show their rejection of the Covenant of their forefathers.  The primary myth is that the rabbi received oral torah information from Moses that they handed down through the rabbi until today, and this was kept as oral tradition until it was published, perhaps starting about 300 BC, then largely formulated over 1000 years after Jesus. 

We can observe the Covenant differences by comparing what is above to what you have recorded in your Bible in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 4.  Also note the Exodus account is different than Deuteronomy, and your observation should also include the elements of the Blessings and Curses.  As you look at this, note that immediately after the Law there is talk about slavery, which does not flow with the principle that Elohim had just freed them from slavery in Egypt to be free to serve Him alone.  It defies reason to think He was "freeing" them to be slaves to the Jews.  If you want to read on this, see:  The Talmud Tested - A Comparison of the Principles and Doctrines of Modern Judaism with the Religion of Moses and the Prophets; Judaism's Strange Gods; The Valediction of Moses; The Dismembered Bible; The Moses Scroll; and The Rabbis Speak Out, The 130-Year Record of Religious Jewish Opposition to Zionism by Rabbi Aron Rosenberg.  The simple fact is that Elohim is just and right in all His ways, and we should reflect this in our lives if we were created in the image of God.


Orthodox Judaism believe Christians are idol worshippers, and thereby worthy of death when they take over the world - yes, they believe many perversions of the words of God from their Rabbi, and the injustice was done first to other prophets they killed, then to Jesus, whom they believe is the greatest false prophet in the history of Israel.  The evidence has now been seen and published that it is they who altered the Torah, not Jesus.  They also claim their religion of following the Rabbi is of divine origin.  Most telling of this is their belief that 1001 Rabbi can over-rule 1000 true prophets of God - this places the Rabbi on equal footing with any of the true prophets.  As told above, Elohim gave certain Standards whereby prophets are to be tested.  The injustice is the same standards do not apply to the Rabbi, as anyone who reads their "oral torah's" can observe the wide interpretation and application of the words of God and the Prophets of record defy much of what their "oral torah" writings say.  Also, in some of their writings they ascribe considerable evils to many of the main characters of fame in the Bible, such as Adam and Eve, Noah, Jacob and Esau, and more. The simple fact that they did not judge their Rabbi, whom they place equal to the prophets, to be judged right or wrong by the same standards shows their defiance and concern to prove if they are serving Elohim Almighty - or rather, their fellow Rabbi "of blessed memory."  In effect, the Rabbi are making up their own peculiar mythologies, and anyone can observe how often they cite what a Rabbi said about a particular passage or topic before they just let the words of God or the Prophets speak for themselves.  This, in effect, makes both their Rabbi and Oral Torah writings to be Orthodox Judaism Totum Poles - IDOLS - not Divine.  The Rabbi's words are often easy to refute - just examine how Jesus addressed their issues in Matthew -  learn from him.


Regarding Orthodox Jewish Zionism, see       Judaism needs to return to her roots as Elohim told long before Jesus, through the prophet Jeremiah; to seek the good paths, the ways of old that those traveled when Elohim was directly with Israel because she was faithful, just, and righteous. 

When will Jerusalem again be known to exhibit the Truth, Justice, Righteousness and the Mercy of Elohim Almighty????  It has not been happening for 75 years - instead the State of Israel (it's political, not religeon - wake up "Christians") has opposed Elohim and fellow mankind in every way possible to break Covenant with Elohim - and for this the world is to think Zionist Judaism today has any part in Elohim!???  Hardly.  UPDATE 10/14/2023: Thankfully non-Zionist Rabbi are speaking up publicly about the evils and bigotry of Zionism and completely disavowing Judaism from Zionism - it's about time this was for all the world to see!  It's obvious to everyone else, but themselves (the Zionists - as noted above, there are many who are not Zionist - but are they keeping the Covenant as given? or their Rabbi written Talmuds, Oral Torahs, Mishna, Zohar, Kaballah, Beginning of Wisdom, etc.?  (remember Elohim said to be careful to not add to or take away from the Standards He gave them that day)  God is certainly no fool, and as He warned through Moses at the end of the Curses dialoge:  "I know the schemes that you devise."  I've been praying since 2020 that Elohim would confound those who have defied Him and His Anoited One spoken of in Psalm 2, as the time has surely been upon us - for those who have eyes to see and ears that hear.  If you don't have, and agree to, observing the Knowledge given by Elohim, you may not be able to see or hear it until it is too late to repent.  It is only by the Mercy of Elohim that anyone is able to read this truth - everyone, Rome, Jews,  and all "Christianity" have been in defiance of God Almighty if they have instead given precidence to the teachings of Rabbi, false prophets, Popes, Dogmas, Paul, - the only solution is to return to the Original Covenant - no matter who you are, and realize the lies told about Jesus and his teachings.




There is nothing wrong with feelings, we all have them, but they are not the basis of fact or truth.  Feelings may be the most unreliable means to know anything, especially who you should place your love or trust in. All the current contradictions are exposed by realizing the perfect sense of the Covenant Standards of Elohim.  This is direct evidence that Jesus was told by Elohim what he was to teach, as the teachings of Jesus match the teachings of Elohim from 3000 years ago - and defy much of what "Christianity" and "Judaism" believe today!  Proper and justified feelings will follow those who honor and observe the Covenant and Doctrine of God, as taught by Jesus in the pre-Greek Hebrew gospel of Matthew, as it has some  alterations in the Greek account near 85 CE, and many translations that followed.  I was amazed with the depth of references given by Andrew Roth in his Aramaic English New Testament (AENT), and it was consulted while submitting corrections within my account of the Hebrew Matthew as documented with comments on site - see "Hebrew Matthew" link..


I hope you will bare with my skills to tell these things.  Sometimes things are repeated, and this is usually done to introduce another element of thought, or to provide deeper insight in linking principles together.  There are many links on site, as can be seen on the left side - the gospel and the law, the law from 3000 years ago as compared to what we have today, trial of the ages to show the heart of Judaism from the time of Jesus, the corrected and referenced Hebrew Matthew, and a page that goes into detail to show Paul was a liar and a fraud: Romans proves Paul lied; Galatians should not be Scripture; and finally, a link to my original book, One Disciple to Another - the Original Jesus; where my studies started years ago.

Elohim, Moses, the Prophets, and finally Jesus (Joshua 2) said to use the same God given Standards received at Mount Sinai to observe and know who is doing the will of God, from who is not.  The world is in much confusion today because we have not been taught the ancient Covenant Standards given by Elohim. Those basic Teachings give us all the foundational knowledge we need to know to live uprightly before Elohim, ourselves (we should first make sure we are living uprightly so there will be less need for others to point out our faults - the beams in our own eyes), and our fellow mankind.  Love, Truth, Righteousness, Mercy, and Justice - all go hand in hand.  Had we all been students and disciples of Jesus throughout the years, we would have realized all these things years ago, as our current accounts show the problems, but not as clearly as have lately been revealed in THE VALEDICTION OF MOSES and THE MOSES SCROLL.  Had we been paying attention, we should have been beating down the doors of our Bible Publishers, Colleges, and Universities that absolutely should have known better.  A prime example is Isaiah 7:14 does not say "a virgin shall conceive;" it said that the young woman (Isaiah's wife?) had already conceived!  (addition to Matthew after Luke came out?)  Anyone can turn to 2 Timothy 4 and see that Paul was on trial, and everyone abandoned him at his first defense!  He was proven to be a liar - he admited to have caught some of his devotees by his guile, just as the little video posted above shows, and just as Revelation 2 says, that those who said they were apostles, but were not, were proven to be liars.  Yet we were told to put on our Pauline Specticals that cloud all the words of God and Jesus from clarity and believe whatever we want to see in his mythological revelations that absolutely had nothing in God or Jesus!  Just look at the words of God, the words of Jesus, then the words of Paul.  If you cannot see it - you still have your Pauline Specticals on!  Who has been telling us we had to believe Paul - or else?  except our own Church leaders and Rome!  They are not God, and have surely failed to do due dillegence to make sure our records are telling us the truth.  It's time to repent of the lie of "inerrant scripture".

None of the Standards given by Elohim in the Covenant defy reason or our ability to do what He taught is good.  We must learn to live and judge according to the Standards given by Elohim - not reject them and pretend God has abandoned justice that is due to those who are evil and cursed.  To think God will forgive those who have not done what they can to make right their wrongs by doing as Elohim said to do - are in denial of His Standards of justice.  In effect, those who do such things judge Elohim as unjust. 

What we do in life has cause and effect - to deny correcting evil is to submit to the rule of evil on earth.  Are we so daft as to think anyone should kill their only son to forgive their enemy?  How is that just to anyone? the son? or yourself? or your God?  In short order evil would take over the whole earth - which is very obvious what is going on today, and based from false beliefs about God and Jesus.  Do a Bible search for "and so you shall put evil away from you."  While you are at it, look up "and so he shall be forgiven."  Nothing Jesus taught defied any of these vital Teachings given by Elohim - but who has been teaching that Jesus was actually Teaching the same message given by Elohim in the Covenant Standards - the Decrees, Blessings, and Curses?!!!  If there is anyone else out there speaking up about this, I have not been able to locate them yet. 

I hope you will entertain considering this because it appears we have all been indoctrinated in faked scriptures that defy the Teachings of Elohim, Moses, the Prophets, and "that prophet" - Jesus/Joshua 2.  Start by use of your common sense!  If someone stole from you, then said: "I'm sorry.  Jesus said you have to forgive me now," and made no effort to return what they stole, or to make the loss whole again - to make the wrong right - that defies common sense, reason and conscience.  We'd want to be made whole, and then we should forgive them afterwards.  That is the Standard given by Elohim and Jesus.  To forgive without any sense of making the wrong right by the other party would get old very soon, and repeated injustice would likely put a callus on our inner soul perceptions/conscience. 



Because government agencies have abandoned justice is no reason we have to abandon justice, as God calls for us to "live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God."  Corrupt people will get their just do, in the afterlife if not in this one.  "The Day of ELOHIM" is the day when the books will be closed and each will stand before God to account for their lives - for our words and deeds, whether for good, or for evil.  He said;  "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay", so know that the One True and Just God will make sure each gets what they deserve.  Know that His Standards are easy to hear and to do - there is no mystery - and there is no need to believe the wordsmithing of the Rabbi's Oral Torah's, or any edict from any Church Council or Pope - Elohim Almighty has spoken - and we all need to listen to Him!


For the most part, people read books written by their own faith sect - so as to support how right they are.  Dare to read outside your comfort zone to see if what you believe makes sense - or if it can be proven to be nothing more than religious propoganda.  I'd recommend these books :  Jesus' Words OnlyJudaism's Strange GodsThe Talmud Tested; Judaism Discovered; Synagogue of Satan; The Rabbis Speak Out - The 130 Year Record of Religious Jewish Opposition to Zionism; The International Jew; A History of Central Banking; and The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews - all three volumes.  Often books by Jewish scholars are little more than clever propoganda to deflect honest observation of fact.  One such Jewish aclaimed author is David Graeber, author of "DEBT - THE FIRST 5000 YEARS", which is over 500 pages of denial of historical facts proven and documented in "A History of Central Banking".  If they have no desire to tell the truth - such as Graeber - one must wonder at the praises he receives from fellow Zionist Jews?  I have no doubt why.


It's somewhat like when I went to highschool in Utah and the LDS missionaries in training  would come over to my place and we'd discuss whose church was the correct church.  At that time both LDS and the Church of Christ believed they were the only "True" church on the face of the earth.  We'd banter scriptures back and forth, each attempting to prove ours was the only "True" church.  We seriously discussed and debated our points, most often using the Bible as our proof text - but none of us ever accepted the other church was the correct one - but it was a good exercise to take part in - to examine the Scripture to see if what we have been told to believe is so - or not.  Is what we believe really dependable enough to withstand the light of the ancient words of God and Jesus - or not.  What if what we have been told believe defies the words of God?  That is the critical question that must be addressed today.  That is the question that I hope you will find answers to herein.  It's your choice to decide who and what you believe - or if you don't believe anything.  Bible followers need to remember two things Elohim said:  "Choose life that you might live!" and "Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you."  What is the knowledge that if we reject it, we will be rejected?  This should not require any more than simple God-given common sense if you knew what God and Jesus said to start with - not as we have received via those who dared to contaminate and alter their words, as they also placed books into our Bibles that any reasonable soul who serves God as Jesus taught - all should reject the fakery and lies our "fathers" were forced to accept and condone or die. 



It's no wonder that after 1700 years of persecution and murder that no one is talking about this.  God is my witness that I've tried to be faithful to the charge of discovering if what Jesus taught was true - or just made up nonsense - or if anyone is teaching the Truth of Elohim and Jesus today.   You will not discover this truth from your Rabbi, or your Preacher, or Priest, or Pope.  I hope that you will find information herein of value to your search for truth.



Most cry "Foul" or "Heretic" when pointing out evidence our records are not as reliable as we've been told to believe and trust.  My experience has been that "lay people" have a lot of interest in the topic, but when it is elevated to leadership - such as Elders or Council - the "Inerrant Bible" iron fist comes down to crush the observable truth of God and Jesus.  Many good scholars have noted the problems, but "believers" in the lie of inerrancy have in effect locked the door to their own prison cells of lies against God - and thrown away the only key to free themselves of nonsense lies against God and mankind!  Often replies are akin to: "God would not allow His words to be corrupted!"  Pardon me, but if the words of God matter, shouldn't we all be looking into this matter as deeply as possible, as  all divisions on earth today trace back to what any particular sect claims as "Scripture", or "fact."  All need to do extreme justice towards the records of the words of God to double check if  evidence shows alteration - and who has accepted alterations and refuse verifying the most ancient sources available.  An added observation has been that divisions are based from books that teach differently than Matthew.



Because truth, justice and judgment are extremely critical, how can our refusing to do our best to rid Scriptures of lies against Him be just or true to God?  The simple fact that Christian records don't match Jewish records, and Mormon or Jehovah's Witnesses don't match those of Christianity or Judaism, and none of them align to the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible or the proto-Deuteronomy scroll that dates back 3000 years to the time near Ezekiel - all this proves we have altered Scriptures - stop denying reality!!!  The truth is still true today, and will withstand lies against it, and truth has no fear of investigation or sound reasoning - however, the fakery we've been told to trust in needs to be disposed of once and for all.  As Jesus taught, we must dig down through all the dirt left by those who attempted to destroy the Rock of Truth - we must dig down to the Rock, and then build our house upon it.  Wisdom can be observed by his companions, and so can foolishness.  God gave us minds to think with - not to deny reality.  As Elohim said in Isaiah:  "Come, let us reason together."

Those who claim Elohim said something He did not traces all the way back to Genesis and the Garden - are we so dull as to think no one capable to alter the words of God, the Prophets, or Jesus?  That Christians have four differing gospel accounts having Jesus teaching contradictory doctrines, or contradictory historical accounts should dispell the lie that our Bibles are the "inerrant" words of God or Jesus.  The fact is also that the writings of Paul and Hebrews blatantly defy the words of Elohim Almighty and most of the Scriptures of Judaism and Christianity!  The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible proves that Jewish and Christian accounts have changed from what came before, and "V" proves Judaism massively altered their accounts 3000 years ago.  Some also claim the Scriptures were lost at the Babylonian Captivity and were all restored about the time of Nehemiah by Ezra (Soncino Ezra, pg 108, VII Life of Ezra, 1978).  Where is there evidence Elohim has ever been with them again as it was in their beginnings?  For that matter, where is the Covenant proof Ezra did the right thing to institute "drastic measures to put an end to the mixed marraiges." (beginning of massive bigotry?)  It was shortly after their return from captivity that we can observe the idea of the Rabbi of Pharisees taking shape, and we can observe in Matthew how far Jesus said they were from teaching what God said to do.  Some of the prophets in the Hebrew Scripture had harsher words to Israel than Jesus gave - so why are they still rejecting Jesus?  except to prove who they really are?


Much of our current legal system is based upon Rabbinic wordsmithing and what their oral torah's say.  Two primary examples are that the Federal Reserve Bank bases its value on the souls it pretends to own and sell as slaves to their counterfeit system of fractional interest - when Elohim prohibited it as a crime worthy of death.  Another is the Supreme Court discision to take ownership of  the crops from others lands that were contaminated by arial cross pollinization.  This gives many concen that the genetic mutation of human genes by injections of certain substances to alter the genome to than take possession of their person.  Both of these evils are addressed in the "Curses" of the Covenant Standards given by Elohim - and altered by Judaism 3000 years ago:

You shall not steal the property of your brother.  I am Elohim, your god.  Blessed is the man who does not cheat his fellow.  Cursed is he who moves the boundary marker of his fellow.  

Elohim is not bound to their lies in His NAME - Elohim will be true and faithful to Himself, His words, His Covenant, and those He can honestly and truthfully say are "My People" - which are those who keep Covenant with Him - as He gave it.   See both "The Valediction of Moses" and "The Moses Scroll."  Our Bibles and our respective religions and Bible publishers - are all in extreme error if Elohim is true.  The fathers of our faiths have greatly betrayed humanity because they perverted the words of Elohim Almighty and Jesus (Joshua 2).


Our first problem is the Covenant Standards were altered about 3000 years ago.  Some of our current account nonsense was exposed in a few dialoges of comedian George Carlin - don't watch with children around.  I cannot help but think his views would have been more reserved had he known what the original Standards were. 


None of the Original Standards are against decent human nature and should be easily recognized as common sense principles to live by.  What is discussed and exposed here is not for the weak of heart, or mind, as it proves we have inherited altered "scripture." No one is in possession of an "Inerrant Bible".  Jesus said to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, not "spiritual revelations" or by easily manipulated feelings, or spurious passages that defy the previously given words of Elohim Almighty.  Jesus spent time teaching his disciples and the crowds who heard him.  Most of our troubles today stem from living by feelings instead of using our God given and developed common sense with the Teachings of the Covenant to be enabled to use our brains, in spite of our feelings.  Our feelings need to align to the common sense Standards that we need to observe - not just say we believe them.

God also gave completely adequate instruction about who we are to hear, versus who we are to ignore. They are based on Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13 and 18.  The truth is so simple that there is no need for any of the inventions of the Jewish Rabbi, Catholic Pope, or myriad of "Christian Preachers" who love to quote Paul and deceive millions to trust in lies against God and Jesus!  God said you are capable and responsible to understand what He said - and it is your choice to decide whether you will be blessed or cursed - and both are adequately told in the Original Covenant Standards from antiquity - not what is in our "Bible" today.  The knowledge given by Elohim is sufficient to show the gross errors in the Jewish Mishna, Oral Torahs, Kaballah, Book of Wisdom, or Zohar.  The knowledge also proves all the writings of Paul are bogus, and that we should not place our trust in Mark, Luke or John's gospel accounts.  The Teaching and Instruction of Elohim is so simple a child should be able to recognize it to be nearly instinctual - perhaps a very direct evidence that man was created in the image of Elohim.  Although it is simple, it is powerful enough to dispel most everything from the false doctrines of men to the obvious lies of those who attempt to twist the words of God against themselves or against anyone that is not Jewish. 

The Teaching and Covenant of God was given for everyone of every nation to have the opportunity to choose life as Elohim meant it to be lived from the beginning.   When you know the will of Elohim, then you will be able to know those who say they serve God, but do not, from those who will be blessed by Him.  His truth is available for everyone!  Will you dare to believe it? or not?


My studies exposed direct evidence all our "Scriptures" are significantly altered.  That's right, I said all, not just "Christians."  Discoveries prove we have all been accepting lies against Elohim Almighty and we have all inherited lies from those who came before us.  Discoveries were found through the teachings of Jesus in the Hebrew Matthew, and the Covenant Standards given over 3000 years ago, which show incredible harmony between them. To say you believe the Bible is true as it was originally received - but not deeply investigate the textual history as far back as possible to make sure no one altered it - is to do a great disservice to Elohim, yourself, your children, family, community, etc...   Our Bible publishers and religious institutions have greatly failed all of us.  Did you know the oldest texts of the Aramaic Matthew have Jesus coming to say he was renewing the Covenant - not giving a new covenant.  The term "New Testament" came from the first Christian heretic, Marcion, who rejected Matthew and invented a version of Luke and believed all 10 writings he had of Paul - and saying the God of the Old Testament was evil.  He based that belief about God upon the writings of Paul.  Most Christians gloss over the lies of Paul because they are "spiritually" deluded by his rejection of both Elohim (the father in heaven) and Jesus.  Note Acts.  His conversion accounts testify against themselves.  Instead of going to the disciples of Jesus to learn more - he ran to the desert to get his "revelations" about his being "spiritual".  I cringe to think I ever sang the song "It was good for Paul and Silus, it's good enough for me!"  We have not been told the truth - we were indoctrinated in lies!  According to Jesus, the gospel of the kingdom is about doing the will of the Father in heaven, not about the CROSS.

The fact is the entire Bible is based on the personal visit of Elohim Almighty to free "My people" in Egypt to serve Him according to the Covenant/Pact He personally gave them at Mount Sinai!  It was not personally given to Moses alone - everyone present heard Him!  Who forgets to use the Standards given by Elohim about who we must hear, and who we must ignore?  Are we are incapable of independent thought evaluation - to be able to tell truth from lies???  Judging the nonsense I was taught by my preacher dad, and by the  Bible college attended (DLU).  I believe what you are going to hear here is of more value than a Doctorate in Theology.

The much beloved "King James Authorized Version" was preceded by the book he wrote called "Demonology."  Perhaps no more evil king has existed in the history of England.  Read the Preface to the book about his personal traits and history; it's demented, if not demonic.  What normal person would roll around in the blood of animals they hunted and killed???  We need to demand our Bible publishers clean the mess up. Evidently they are all afraid to tell us what they have been promoting is deeply flawed, or they are in total denial of the Testimony of Elohim and Jesus. 

When another researcher met the head of Liberty University and the leading scholars of the Bible department to outline some of the major errors, he was told they know of the errors, but they believed they would loose their supporters and University if they told people the truth.  To hear the account for yourself, search YouTube for "Jeff Rense, Craig Winn, Dead Sea Scrolls".  The crazies are running the churches folks - the congregants have effectively created their own prison houses of teaching fake gospels.  "Judaism" created their own prison houses by turning over the role Elohim said belonged to the priests - to their Rabbi and 'sages of blessed memory', rather than educating the people of the Standards given by Elohim Almighty, who said everyone was to be taught the Covenant Standards daily in their home, and publically to all at least once every seven years. 



Are we incapable to reject lies against God and our fellow mankind???  God said we are capable - and we will be held accountable to Him - He didn't alter His word - Jews, then Christians, and who else has not accepted the Plain Truth of Elohim????


How wrong are our "Scriptures"?   I believe Elohim Himself would hold me criminally remiss if I didn't speak up to warn you, who are blinded by altered and faked scriptures.  In reality, our current misunderstandings of the "Gospel" have caused a great blindness to the masses - and Elohim warned that it was evil to not warn a blind man of an obsticle in his pathway.   There has been historical evidence that Christianity and Judaism have both progressively been distancing their faiths from the stated words of God.  As Jesus taught on the subject - even that which they had will be taken away!   This is a short-list of what I've discovered to date:

1.  There was no "fall of man" as Christians have been told, and there are no demons in the toilet, as Orthodox Jewish oral torah writings tell.  We don't know who wrote most of the books of Moses (Torah), and the only first person narrative from Moses himself is found in the proto-Deuteronomy scroll:  THE MOSES SCROLL and THE VALEDICTION OF MOSES (two books published about the ancient scroll from the days near Ezekiel), which is about 5 pages long - not 34 chapters of Mosaic Law Code that we currently have in both Jewish and Christian Scriptures.  Some of the best of scholars will acknowledge our current books of Moses have evidence of multiple authors (textual development).  The most ancient evidence is the 5 pages of narrative that accompanies the 10 Decrees, Blessings, and Curses - the Covenant.  Elohim gave the Standards so we can know how to live a life He will bless, and we can also know who has cursed themselves.  The Standards are the foundation of understanding God, wisdom, Justice, equality, life and human behavior - to know good from evil - to accept the knowledge He has given us to observe and do - to choose life that we might live!  Elohim gave it for blessing all who desire to live:  "God has shown you, O man, what is good.  And what does God require of thee but to live justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God."  and this warning is also to us all:  "Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you." (spoken to unfaithful Jews - but because the Standards are for everyone,  as told in Isaiah 56 - it equally applies to "Christians" who reject holding fast to the Everlasting Covenant as Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount.  It is all about the simple, reasonable, observable, knowable, and doable Covenant will of Elohim Almighty.)

2.  "Seed" of both Eve and the Serpent is plural, not singular.  Isaiah 7:14 was not a prophecy of a virgin birth.  This one word proves Paul was a liar and a Biblical ignoramus, as so identified by Rabbi Tovia Singer.   Jesus did not defeat Satan for you.  What did Jesus teach about an "anti-Christ"?  If Jesus defeated Satan, why has so much evil taken place since?  Why are their wars?  Why haven't Christians grasped that Jesus teachings were all about the proper interpretation and application of the Covenant Standards and stated words of the Father in heaven - that each of us must do our part - Jesus didn't do our work for us!?  If Elohim can forgive sins without blood sacrifice - why would Jesus have to die to fulfill Scripture or to redeem anyone by his blood?  Answer: Jesus said he was going to die to fulfill Scripture, not as a sacrifice for the sins of the enemies of God!  Note Isaiah 53 that the one it is speaking of was bearing their sins - his load was because of their iniquity in rejecting him, rejecting his teachings, followed by their false accusations, false trial, false witnesses and bribing from Judas to the guards - nothing but wickedness from one end of their actions towards Jesus through their pretending to blame the Romans to have him killed, but in their writings admitting they had it done to him as they believed he deserved.  He did not say he would die to take their sins upon himself so they would not be held guilty for such great sins in doing as Elohim said they would do - via the prophet Isaiah.  No, Jesus had said they would pay for their sins and the sins of their fathers.  For those who dare - explore the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible Isaiah account and note how many variations existed between the Isaiah texts, then note how many variations there are between the DSSB and the Masoretic Text they have today.  It looked to me like there are nearly 1000!  So much for placing too much trust in what they say now!  Even their charges against Jesus have multiplied four-fold since then!  See the link on the "Trial of the Ages" to see none of the accusations were true.  The DSSB record evidence is that the one redeemed others by his wisdom - not by a blood sacrifice; it also says he would see the light of life again - predicting the resurrection of Jesus?  I've had numerous emails on this subject, and if there is interest to understand, perhaps I could post them for consideration - changing the names, of course.

3.  God is reasonable and gave true standards that are still good, and according to decent human behavior.  There are great sins, such as theft, slavery, oppression, usery, deceit, lies, adultery and murder.  Many wrongs can be made right by restitution with reasonable and fair penalty included before the offender can be told, per the judgment of Elohim:  "And so he shall be forgiven." Where did Elohim command bloodshed in the Covenant Standards?  Why have Christians been told "without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins"?  The first recorded words of Elohim regarding sin were told to Cain, before killing his brother:  "Surely if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven" (Stone Edition).  In Ezekiel 18 there is no bloodshed mentioned to be required - rather it says turning from evil, to do no evil, and then doing what is right in the sight of Elohim, that God forgives based on our changing our ways - just as He had told to Cain.  Next we see in Isaiah 1 that if  sins are red as crimson, they can become white as snow - not by bloodshed or sacrifice - but by reforming ourselves to doing what He declared good - to cease evil and learn to do good, and this was done according to His plea of:  "Come, let us reason together!"  The same passages prove "Once saved, always saved" cannot be true.  Jesus taught no differently in the gospel of Matthew.  In Matthew Jesus did not claim his death on the cross was a blood sacrifice for sin.  Jesus never claimed to take anyones sin from them to be placed upon himself.  We have totally misunderstood Jesus due to trying to reconcile contradictory "Gospels" and doctrines taught in our "New Testament", which is not really a "New Testament", but was declared to be so by the first noted heretic in Christian history - Marcion, and then Canonized by corrupt Roman rule.

4.  "Inviting Jesus into your heart" should be viewed as a first step if we believe he taught the truth and mercy of God.  That is the point upon we must determine to cease doing anything God said is evil, and then learn to do good by living as he taught and exampled, which is according to the "Blessings" if we review the "V" account of the Covenant.  The Sermon on the Mount is the foundation of what Jesus taught, and those teachings had to have been inspired directly from Elohim, as they perfectly match the 3000 year old account of the Covenant Standards - which were altered 1000 years before him!  How else could he have known except by direct inspiration of Elohim placing His words in his mouth? (Deut. 18:15).  For example, note what Jesus said was the greatest commandment, and what he partnered it to - the last of the "Blessed" in the original Covenant record - loving your fellow in your heart.  Jesus directly conjoined the Decrees, Blessings and Curses.  It's been there all along!

5.  Originally, Matthew was written by the disciples of Jesus so they could pass on to others what he had first taught them, which was the charge, or commission, of Jesus at the end of Matthew.  We must first accept and understand Matthew, because it is the best account of Jesus' life and teachings, and having significant Scriptural support references - also because it is first hand witness testimony from his chosen disciples.  One might carefully consider this if you believe Revelation is Scripture:  note it says those that keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus are the ones who have the right to enter the New Jerusalem.  If Revelation is really not Scripture, at least it makes this point of truth that agrees with God and Jesus.  The rest of the gospel accounts defy Matthew to greater or lessor extent.  I used to wonder why so much was written in it of the passion week.  Now I understand why, as the details in the Matthew account expose Mark, Luke, and John to testify against Matthew.  Mark ends on a different conclusion; Luke tells us at the start that it is second hand testimony - scripturally invalid; and John defies the testimony of Jesus in many ways, but a central message of John is to pay attention to what Jesus taught - which supports Matthew, but defies the details in Matthew that Jesus never claimed to be divine or a sacrifice for sins as the "lamb of God", but does teach correctly that "If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed.  And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."  The matter is that many teachings in John are heavily Hellenized and later developments (the Word made flesh, etc..).  John also says the faithful will have their prayers answered as they desire, and thousands, if not millions, have lost faith in God and Jesus because prayers were not answered to save loved ones, etc.  That is not what Jesus taught in Matthew about prayer, and proves the Matthew account true to reality.  An entire book could be written to show John defies Matthew and more.

6.  There is no "Harmony of the Gospels" (one of the first courses I took at David Libscomb College as a Bible Major).  The studied fact is only Matthew should be considered trustworthy, and it has been altered.  The last page link on this web site is the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew from Rabbi Shem-Tob, copied about 1100 for a debate with Roman Christians, but pretty much unused in the debate.  There are errors, such as in the temptation account Satan accused Jesus of saying he was God, instead of the "this day have I begotten you" (unique son of God) declared by God at his baptism by John, but it must have been preserved at that time from somone much earlier in Judaism, as one can observe in the differences between the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin accounts.  As a side note, the same passage of Jesus being declared begotten of God also seems to in doing so God was declaring him His appointed king.  Look at the Matthew link and carefully consider if this is so, or not.   One simple principle for getting to the most original text - the simpler the text, the more likely it is to be older, or original.  See the Hebrew Matthew link and review "The Lord's Prayer" account that beautifully shows this principle.  Copied from the HGOM on site:   

"But you, when you pray, go to your couch, close your doors upon you, and pray to your father in secret, and your father who sees in secret will reward you.  So you, when you pray, do not multiply words as the heretics who think that by the multitude of words they will make them heard.  Do you not see that your father who is in heaven knows your words before you ask from him?’   But thus you shall pray: Our father, may your name be sanctified.  May your kingdom be blessed; may your will be done in heaven and on earth.  Give our bread continually.  Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us, and do not lead us into the power of temptation but keep us from all evil, amen.  If you forgive men their sins your father who is in heaven will forgive your sins."  [recall the teachings of Jesus are to be in accord to the Standards given by Elohim, not against them.  Per the Teachings of God in the Torah, forgiveness must be from the heart - not only in words alone.] "But if you do not forgive them he will not forgive you your sins." ["Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us" Note when God commanded sins to be forgiven and also consider when He said they weren’t.  This is clearly to be conjoined to our forgiving others as God had already commanded: "And so he shall be forgiven."]


7.  Jesus was not a blood sacrifice for sin.  Jesus' gospel was the message of Elohim - to chose to live!  to repent to do the will of God as He gave it to start with!  The message is about understanding God, yourself, considering others, and your God given responsibity to do His will and grow in doing good, and to totally cease doing any evil.  Jesus never taught the "Gospel of the Cross" or that it is only by his blood sacrifice, that his blood cleanses us from our sin, or that the love of God is unconditional, thereby saving us without any merit from doing the will of God - this totally defies the Covenant as given by Elohim.  The best passage in "John" says:  "If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."  Nothing about the "Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" there - just the simple fact.  Note the DSSB Isaiah 53 says he will redeem by his knowledge - not his bloodshed.  So, how can Revelation 5:9 be true?  The Gospel is about the Truth and Grace of God to forgive those who will truly repent to be faithful to Him, and our faithfulness to Him is known by how we treat others!


One founding principle of the American Colonies and Constitution was religious freedom, that we have the right to believe whatever religion we choose to believe, as opposed to the 'church/state'.  From what I've been taught, no matter who you are, so long as you are not infringing on the lawful rights of another, you are entitled to live your life according to your beliefs and conscience, and many have chosen to place their trust in the Bible.  If there is a God of the Bible, the words given therein are said to be His Truth, as given to various men throughout human history.  And like the founding documents of the USA, men tend to alter things to fit their personal advangtages for power, control and money. 


I was never taught about objective long-term history of the Bible, or the value and purpose of the Sinai Covenant, or the now observed proofs we have that Jesus taught that Covenant as the cornerstone of his teachings and claim that he was speaking what the Father told him to teach.  My father and grandfather were both Church of Christ preachers, and I do recall discussing the need to know more about the Dead Sea Scrolls with my dad, but records about them were all but sealed away for 50 years.  Later in life I asked my dad about the need to double check our Scripture to see that it matched the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible and the Jewish record of Scriptures - to which he warned:  "I wouldn't do that if I were you."  Well - I had to do due dilegence to see if our records were altered - or not.  It is because of what I've found that I'm compelled to tell about it! 

What the apostles taught about Jesus is found in Matthew, although altered by now.  The rest of the books of the New Testament were not accepted as Scripture by Jesus or any of his disciples  - who were reported to have collectively written Matthew well before 40 CE.  The writings of Paul were rejected by all the original disciples of Jesus and their churches.  They evidently had a trial for Paul and found him to not be a Jew and that his gospel account was filled with lies.  Some had asigned him the name "sprouter of lies".  Paul was defeated and rejected by everyone at this trial, perhaps spoken of in Revelation 2, and which Paul admits in 2 Timothy 4:19 that he was rejected by everyone after his first defense.  It took the Roman Church to exercize political and religious authority to place that defeated liar into the texts of the New Testament and demand - at threat of death - that everyone accept what they decreed as Scripture.  Some of this account history may be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls writings, some may be found with the comments for the historical background of the New Testament told by Andrew Roth in the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT), and some may be found in the book; Jesus' Words Only, and there is some good historical information in "The Great Controversy" by Ellen White. 



The chart link below is to a .docx file that has the timeline history of the development of the New Testament Canon.  Note how early the Hebrew or Aramaic Matthew was accepted, and by whom.  Note alterations/additions started about 100 years after Jesus.  Note when the other gospels appeared.  Note who rejected Paul's writings.  Note who and when the writings of Paul and the other gospels were accepted.  Note when the Hebrew Gospel was rejected.  Note that Jerome chose the altered Greek Matthew, even though he had read the Hebrew Matthew, and he also accepted the writings of Paul.  How long was it between the original gospel and when our current "New Testament" was accepted to be "Canon".  If you don't think about this, you may not realize the critical nature of what will be discussed throughout this website.  If we continue to believe the fakery we've inherited, we will not be enabled to overcome the enemies lies or the craft of the deceivers of mankind.  I think things have gotten so bad because we have never been told the real truth.  But as I said, we still have the right to believe what we choose to - and you can choose to believe altered scripture is true - but I had to realize what came before made better sense - perfect sense, therefore showing what many have been taught as "gospel truth" is of no more value than a fake million dollar lottery ticket?  The same, in my opinion, can be said of the variety of added rules and teachers from Orthodox and Zionist Orthodox Judaism (oral torah's). Dare you open your ears from what you have been told to believe by the Pope, priests, preachers, and greatly altered "Scripture" of Rome?   Dare you first listen to the Teachings given directly from Elohim?  Didn't God give clear in structions by which He said if we knew it - we would not be deceived?  What if the greatest lie of Satan is the "Fall" of man, whereas Elohim Almighty provably said no such thing?!



New Testament Canon through the ages (1).docx




Can you handle the obvious truth discovered?  or not?   If you desire to KNOW the TRUTH - keep reading.   If you are looking for something to support what you now believe - don't read this web site.  If you  have questions about the Truth taught by God (Elohim Almighty) or any of the Prophets - or in particular: Jesus/Joshua 2 - read on and see if this does not make perfect sense.  I'm not claiming to know everything - but enough has been exposed that a restoring of the gospel taught by Jesus (Joshua 2) will again be told to the whole earth - and that proclaiming the gospel he did teach - is the last event in the telling of the signs of the end in Matthew 24: 13, 14;

 13.  Whoever waits [endures] until the end will be saved.  [Note well the passages sited in Jeremiah 6 and 16 about God saving some as a man would his own son that serves him.]  14.  And this gospel will be preached in all the earth for a witness concerning me to all the nations and then the end will come. [This internet page is going out to the whole earth.  China took over my web domain in China - in spite of my protest - but I'm not aware if they have done anything with it, but to perhaps ban it?  The fact is the truths expressed herein have gone out to the world.  Another fact is that a web crawler called "MJ-12" has been web crawling my site for over a decade.].



If you want to understand, you have to open your ears enough to hear that Jesus (Joshua 2) was teaching the Elohim given Standards of the Covenant as no prophet in the entire history of Israel/Judaism.  It's very telling that they still choose to falsely condemn him and his followers today.



Prepare to reconsider what you have been told to believe. Observe what God said.  Observe what Jesus taught.  When we focus his teachings through the first principle of truth told in the temptation account in the wilderness, after his baptism by John:  "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."   The temptations account all had to do with those who misapply Scripture (satans - false accusers misuse the words of God), as we learn from Jesus how to properly use the holy scriptures, rather than twist the word of God against Himself, our ourselves, or others.  We have absolutely been lied to about whether we are capable and responsible to God, our fellow mankind, and ourselves.  It's time to give back (Restore! of Isaiah 42) to mankind that which was stolen from us: the real truth taught by God, all the holy prophets, and Jesus (Joshua 2). 


Don't be deceived, what has happened to the "Jews" has not happened because of Jesus doing it, or Jesus telling Christians to do such things: it has happened to them exactly as Elohim said He would cause to be done to them as long as they are in rebellion against Him.   Truth on this is not what you have been told either.  Read "The Strange Gods of Judaism" or "Judaism Discovered" or "THE SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLACKS AND JEWS" 3 Volumes - no greater bigotry and hatred of mankind has existed and been obscured from public view for so long as found in the writings of the rabbi of Orthodox Judaism and Zionism (Mishnah, Oral Torah, Babylonian Talmud, Jerusalem Talmud, Zohar, etc...  When they take control, you are not to keep the Decreed Covenant of Elohim - you will be bound to the decrees of the Rabbi - the 7 Noahide Laws invented by a Rabbi about 1150 CE - these man made decrees defy the Standards and will of Elohim Almighty.  In this regard, Trump has now joined the corrupted sect of Zionist Orthodox Judaism that believes they must destroy Christianity from the face of the earth.  If you think to vote for Trump, hear what he had to say?  I hope this video misrepresented what he said, as it does appear to be cropped. 




The disciples of Jesus wrote Matthew somewhat like a textbook for disciples of Jesus to know and understand what he had first taught them, as this was the charge of Jesus to them immediately before his ascension to the throne on the right hand of the Power on High (Daniel prophecy fulfilled). 

We have great need to first know what Jesus taught - before advancing through the rest of the New Testament.  If you first understand the Doctrine of God taught by Jesus in Matthew, the contradictions of our remaining NT texts will become self evident - because you will first know the truth, and therefore be enabled to discern truth from lies - being able to know who serves God, from who does not.



These are the three principles that I believe will support a sound conclusion: 

1.   The Teachings and Instructions of God are eternally true; God is faithful to His word.

2.   His Instructions are not too difficult to observe (know) for anyone whose desire is to know God and live justly and reasonably with God, themselves and fellow human beings.

3.   His Instructions, Teachings, and Judgments are not too hard to do:

Conclusion: Therefore, mankind is capable to serve God and keep His Teachings (Covenant Standards). We've all been misled about what God said;  alterations to Scripture is easily proven by observation of the restored Teachings.

 Knowing who God said to hear, and who He said to ignore:

Read Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13 and 18 and see if these are not a correct summary:


Deuteronomy 4 : Do not add to or take away from His Decrees as given.

Deuteronomy 12: Don't live by what is right in your own eyes; do the will of God faithfully.

Deuteronomy 13: Do the will of God faithfully.  Don't follow those who say to live otherwise - even if they work miracles or give true prophecy.

Deuteronomy 18: Do not use divination or sorcery.  Do not follow false prophets.  Hear the words of "that prophet" that God will raise up.  Verse 18; "I will establish a prophet for them from among their brethren, like you, and I will place My words in his mouth; He shall speak to them everything that I will command him."   (Note Deut. 34 established the works done by God through Moses.  Joshua led the people, but his works were not like Moses.  God said He will establish that "prophet", whereas Moses had appointed Joshua - not Elohim Almighty.  No other prophet in Hebrew Scripture can compare to the works God did through Yehoshua/Joshua/Jesus. 


Jesus, as all the other prophets of record, was calling Israel to repent and serve Elohim per the Covenant Standards (the "One Law" Ten Decrees, Blessings, and Curses).  At the end of Matthew the disciples were commissioned to make disciples of all the nations and teach the same thing he had first taught themto repent to do the will of God as He had given it. 



Israel/Orthodox Judaism have been rejecting Elohim and corrupted His words in the Covenant about the time of Ezekiel - which is why I've put the ancient Decrees given by Elohim, the Covenant Standards, on several pages in my website - it is absolutely critical that we use the knowledge given by Elohim as the Foundation Stone of our Standard for wisdom, discernment, life, faith, mercy, justice, and growing in "The Holy Way" (Isaiah 35) taught by Jesus in the Hebrew Matthew; that keeping the Decrees of Eloihim is honorable to everyone of every nation (Isaiah 42 and 56).  We have been led in lies against Elohim because "Christianity" is now almost as corrupted as Orthodox Judaism (both have altered the records of Scripture) - mainly due to spurious gospels and trusting Paul (Christianity's own "Pharisee Rabbi") taught the truth.  If we do not repent to serve Elohim indeed, in the way that shows our relationship with Him is directly reflected in our relationship with our fellow man - we have no understanding of God, the Covenant, Jesus, or any of the true prophets.  If we listen to and heed Paul - we will be led in lies, not the truth of God.  We also reject Elohim by trusting in the words of Jewish Rabbi who participate in the bigotry and lies of various oral torah's, mishna, talmuds, zohar, kaballah, etc...  Look at the words spoken to them from their own Prophets - warning them to repent or face the judgment of God.  Were prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah "anti-semitic"?  Was God Himself  "anti-semitic"?   Is this why they ended up altering His words of life in the Covenant Standards?  How many of the prophets were killed?   Some killed ended up with their works being found today in the Hebrew Scriptures.  Will they ever admit Jesus taught the truth of Elohim Almighty? or will the supporters of Babylon hold sway over all future generations of the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? (the 'oral torah's' started after BC (Babylonian Captivity), and Jesus told the truth on them -  it's about four times worse today if we judge them by their charges against Jesus then, as compared to now.)  The facts have been told that since Jesus, Judaism has had over 50 failed messiah's, and the history of this proves the developing mythology of current Jewish Messianic beliefs.  If the Temple was not built in the days near Ezekiel, as God told through Ezekiel, as chronologically proven that the prophecy belongs near the start of Ezekiel - not the end - the easily observable matter is to see when they have repented to keep the Covenant, and thereby be blessed by Elohim as He said He would.  It has not happened - and this is why they keep inventing messianic mythology - and currently believe the Temple will restore them - when Elohim made it abundantly clear of His dispising their convocations for cause.


As God said in Isaiah 1: "Come, let us reason together." (Most Christians are not aware that Orthodox Judaism follow their Rabbi and their "oral torah's" above what their records are of the Hebrew Torah, Prophets, and Writings, which were altered again about 900 years after Jesus.)


If Elohim told Cain that forgiveness and elevation between God and our fellow man is done by "improving ourselves" - that we are capable, that it is our personal responsibility -  why would God teach differently - if He is the same God as who created mankind and spoke to mankind from the beginning?  God does not defy Himself or His words of life.  Another to consider is if God told Noah that it was OK to eat of all the animals after the flood, why would the same God then tell Judaism that eating some of them was a great abomination and evil???  Perhaps Jesus was right to say what goes into the body does not defile the man, but that which proceeds out of the heart and mouth can.  I wholeheartedly believe we have been confused by lies from Jews - Zionist Judaism, the Oral Torahs, Mishna, Zohar, Talmuds, and the fake apostle Paul, and other spurious books put upon us by threat of death to those who preceded us, but which lie against Elohim, themselves, and mankind. (Church divisions are mostly based on contradictions in Scriptures)

Decide if you believe Elohim and Jesus - or not.  This is what life is about - who we choose to become.           

 The Covenant Standards - short listing

 The Ten Teachings of God can only be understood when we realize we cannot fully keep the Covenant until we understand our relationship to God is reflected in our relationship towards ourselves and others, and that we know the means by which Elohim said we can know who serves Him, from who does not - that we know good from evil.  Half the Teachings are about our relationship with God, and the other half are about what we do towards others reflecting this towards others because man was created in the image of God (equality in the value of each soul to Elohim Almighty).  God is known by what He says and does, and likewise, we are known by what we say and do:  to be in alignment to the Teachings of God.  The basic "Christian Doctrine" flaw is failing to recognize the context of all Jesus' Teachings is the Everlasting Covenant of God, as originally ratified with the children of Israel and the multitude of nations at Mount Sinai. 



All the teachings of Jesus can be observed to directly reside in the previously given words of God, especially knowing he was calling Israel to cease doing what He said is evil and repent of following men, rather than God; second is the fact that Jesus was re-establishing that the Everlasting Covenant ratified at Mount Sinai was given for men of all nations who desire to "serve God" and thereby reside in His blessing and kindness - according to His word.   Truth be told - God told Cain, after the "Fall", that he was capable and responsible to improve himself - to better his relationship with both God and his brother!  God never said mankind was abjectly fallen due to the "sin" of eating from a tree!  That, my brethren, is a lie against Elohim Almighty!  A parable of Jesus in Luke is a good example, although I have less regard for Luke than Matthew; the prodigal son parable is a good teaching about Elohim rejoicing over a wayward son coming home to him.  He is absoulutely gracious to us, but we have to return to Him for the proper relationship we should have had to start with.  Another parable of the workers in the vineyard tells us that at whatever state of our lifetime - morning, noon, or towards the end of our days, if we come to labor in the vineyard, we will receive justly from Elohim for our labors on His behalf - and according to the Covenant whereby the blessings and kindness of God so graciously give us guidance and wisdom to learn from Him.


The simple and reasonable truth is that if we have been wronged, we have a right to justice.  Whoever wronged us should make the wrong right again.  If they have defamed our name by lieing about us, they should publicly set the matter straight and apologize.  Restitution is the heart of the Law, not death or imprisionment.  If they have stolen from us, they should restore what that stole or defrauded us of.  The same matter applies to justice as told by Elohim.  He also gave instructions by which He said if a person does to make things right - that His Standard prevails, and it would be unjust to require more or less, excepting as He gave instructions that permit it to be so. 

For example, when some are to be restored, the least restitution is if a person confesses to a wrong voluntarily, before the matter is known, or charged against them - they repent on their own and make restitution as Elohim said to: would be to repay the amount plus 20%, or one-fifth.  The common restituion would require 200% - two times restituion. The worst would be failure to do as just, that would multiply that factor 7 times.  Another factor is the eye for eye and tooth for tooth principle.  If justice were only about money, it would be little deterence if a wealthy person gives a smidgen of their wealth for harming another person - such matters would be a perversion of the justice commanded by Elohim, but that is exactly what modern LawFare has done to mankind - reduced the value of a human life to dollars and cents - when God said no such thing - in fact He defied this to be His Standard.  Some wrongs are so wrong that justice is required - according to His words of "So you shall put evil away from you."  It's one thing to require restitution, and another to cause evil to cease justly.  Leviticus gives us the main outline, even though I'm confident it has long ago been altered.  We must return to the principle given that brings only goodness and justice towards humanity in the NAME of God that does not defy the principles given towards equality, fairness, justice, goodness, and mercy. 

Restitution differs as can be seen if someone defrauds those who cannot be restored for good reason or cause, then the wronging party is to restore by giving four times the amount to the fund for the poor - so there is much motivation to restore to each party as possible, rather than deferring to the four-fold restoration.  (Particularly note Leviticus, when God said: "And so he shall be forgiven")  Those are the Standards given, and our society has certainly ignored justice as it was defined by Elohim.  If we were taught the real standards He gave in the Covenant, it would be very easy to identify who is following the Instructions of Elohim, from those who are not.  This is the heart of the meaning to when Jesus example prayer says to forgive others as we are forgiven.  First see what Elohim said about when a person is forgiven - we must agree with Elohim to be blessed by Him.  Demanding forgiveness based on the blood of Jesus is unfounded in the Hebrew Scripture and the Hebrew Matthew.  Therefore, repentance, to be true to God, must be turning to perform the Covenant in truth and deed.  Nothing in those Standards is too hard to do, nor are they too hard to understand - but we must be willing to submit to what He declared just, right, and merciful.  He never said those who defy His instructions are blessed by Him.  If we claim to serve Him, we cannot claim we do and then defy His Standards of Mercy, Justice and Truth, and the Teachings of Jesus in Matthew are all about living rightly with God and our fellow man.  Elohim did not give imprisonment as just punishment.  Imprisionment in lies is the pathway of Satan, not Elohim/YHWH.  As with Israel in Egypt, the way of serving Elohim is freedom, not imprisonment.  The pathway of God leads to justice, fairness, truth and mercy.


The Standards given by Elohim about being holy because He is holy.  Please read the entire chapter where this quote comes from, it in no way says what most of us were told (Leviticus 19) - no where did He ever give the standard to pretend to be more holy than another, in the sense of becoming a monk or a nun or priest made anyone a better person than someone else in His eyes.  The Standards, as He gave, are based on who we were created to be, and that we need to be the humans made in His image - and that there is one set of Standards all will be judged by and He warned not to add to them or subtract from them - these Standards are universally to be applied to all those who He will call "My people."

Following are the Covenant according to "V"; observe how they harmonize to the teachings of Jesus.  The "Moses Scroll" is recent, 2021, and it might benefit us to be aware of other translations, such as "The Moses Scroll" by Ross K. Nickols.  Note some variation as noted one some below - provided for your benefit:

(1) I am Elohim, your god, who freed you from the land of Egypt, from the slave-house.  You shall not have any other gods.  You shall not make a carving or any image that is in the heavens above or the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourselves before them, and you shall not serve them.  I am Elohim, your god.

(2) Sanctify the seventh day and rest on it.  For in six days I made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and I rested on the seventh day.  Therefore you too shall rest, along with your livestock and all that you have.  I am Elohim, your god.

(3)  Honor your father and your mother.  I am Elohim, your god.

(4)  You shall not slay the soul of your brother.  I am Elohim, your god.

(5) You shall not commit adultery with the wife (*woman) of your fellow.  I am Elohim, your god.

(6) You shall not steal the wealth (*property) of your brother.  I am Elohim, your god.

(7) You shall not swear in my name [falsely] (*to deceive)], for I shall avenge the transgression of the fathers against the sons, grandsons, and great grandsons for those who bear my name [(*to deceive) falsely]  I am Elohim, your god.  [()] noted variations exist between translations.  (*) are from THE MOSES SCROLL by Ross K Nickols in 2021, provided to show current translations have some minor variation.  

(8) You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment.  I am Elohim, your god.

(9) You shall not desire the wife (*woman) of your fellow, his male slave (*servant), his female slave (*servant), or anything that is his.  I am Elohim, your god.

(10) You shall not hate your brother in your heart.  I am Elohim, your god.

It is these ten pronouncements that Elohim uttered to you upon the mountain from amid the fire."

"Blessed is the man who has Elohim as his god, and who prostrates himself only to him, and who serves him alone." 

"Blessed is the man who sanctifies the seventh day and rests on it." 

"Blessed is he who honors his father and his mother."

"Blessed is the man who does not avenge or exact retribution for the soul of his brother."

"Blessed is the man who does not defile the wife of his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not cheat his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not swear in my name falsely."

"Blessed is the man who does not deceive or lie to his fellow."

"Blessed is he who does not lust after anyone belonging to his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who loves his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who upholds all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."

"Cursed is the man who does a carving or a casting, the handiwork of a craftsman."

"Cursed is the man who does work on the seventh day."

"Cursed is he who disgraces his father and mother."

"Cursed is he who strikes down his fellow in secret."

 "Cursed is the man who approaches any of his kin, or who commits adultery with the wife of his fellow, or who copulates with any animal." 

 "Cursed is he who moves the boundary marker of his fellow." 

 "Cursed is the man who swears falsely in my name."

 "Cursed is he who takes a bribe to give false judgment against his comrade."

 "Cursed is the man who desires and lusts after the wife of his fellow, his daughter, his female slave, or anything that is his."

"Cursed is the man who hates his brother in his heart."

"Cursed is the man who does not uphold all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them." 



If we are not prepared to face evidence of inherited altered Scripture (futility per Jeremiah 16: 19-21), we will have no clue what we need to repent of.  {lies of men and satans (false accusers)}

Recall Jesus invited his disciples to be fishers of men.

"Behold, I shall send many fishermen - the word of Elohim - and they will fish them out, and afterwards I shall send many trappers and they will trap them from atop every mountain and every hill and from the crevices in the rocks.  For My eyes are upon all their ways; they are not hidden from before Me, and their sin is not concealed from before My eyes.  I shall repay them first for the repetition of their forefathers sin and transgression, for having desecrated My land; with their disgusting abominations and their detestations they have filled up My Heritage."   Elohim, my Strength, my Strongholed and my Refuge on the day of distress!  To You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say:  "It was all falsehood that our ancestors inherited, futility that has no purpose.  Can a man make gods for himself? - they are not gods.  Therefore, behold, I inform them at this time, I shall let them know My hand and My strength; and they shall know that My Name is Elohim Almighty!"


Carefully read Jeremiah chapters 7 and 8.  Elohim is the same; yesterday, today, and forever.  Building a third temple cannot redeem the people of Israel if they do not return to Elohim as He Decreed in the Covenant - no amount of blood sacrifice is able to save them from their just due.

Jeremiah 6:16; "Thus said Elohim: Stand on the roads and see; ask about the various paths of history, which path is best, and walk on it and find solace for your soul."  This was the encouraging word of God to Israel in the days of Jeremiah.  Who of Israel will reject their "oral torah's" and seek to do the will of Elohim as given in the Covenant to start with?!

We all have great need to return to the most ancient accounts of the recorded words of God, because men have been perverting them for at least 3000 years - Judaism, Christians, and Islam. [To seek the "old paths" - "the good way" from the creation to the Covenant - see Jeremiah 6:18 - 19;  "Therefore hear, O nations; know, O congregation, the evil that is in them.  Listen O Land: Behold, I am bringing evil upon this nation, the fruits of their schemes, for they did not hearken to My words or My teaching - they rejected it."  and the prophecy of Elohim that "I know the schemes that you devise" (Israel),  that their descendents would know His Original Covenant Standards. This was spoken by Elohim at the end of the Curses dialogue, as retold in proto-Deuteronomy "V" translation from paleo-Hebrew to English, by Idan Dershowitz.]


NOTE:  "The Valediction of Moses" (proto-Deuteronomy) shows Moses called God "Elohim", not YHWH.  Deuteronomy is the only book of the "Torah" written in first person - internal evidence it was written by Moses.  Only the introduction and ending have "YHWH", and were statements obviously not written by Moses.  Therefore, since Moses and Elohim, in the Covenant, used "Elohim", and "YHWH" was an addition - keep this in mind as you read this, and as possible, site texts will be revised to "Elohim", rather than "Yehowah" or "Jehovah".


"Abstract (as copied from publishers website):

Moses Wilhelm Shapira’s infamous Deuteronomy fragments – long believed to be forgeries – are authentic ancient manuscripts, and they are of far greater significance than ever imagined. The literary work that these manuscripts preserve – which Idan Dershowitz calls “The Valediction of Moses” or “V” – is not based on the book of Deuteronomy. On the contrary, V is a much earlier version of Deuteronomy. In other words, V is a proto-biblical book, the likes of which has never before been seen. This conclusion is supported by a series of philological analyses, as well as previously unknown archival documents, which undermine the consensus on these manuscripts. An excursus co-authored with Na’ama Pat-El assesses V’s linguistic profile, finding it to be consistent with Iron Age epigraphic Hebrew.

V contains early versions of passages whose biblical counterparts reflect substantial post-Priestly updating. Moreover, unlike the canonical narratives of Deuteronomy, this ancient work shows no signs of influence from the Deuteronomic law code. Indeed, V preserves an earlier, and dramatically different, literary structure for the entire work – one that lacks the Deuteronomic law code altogether.

These findings have significant consequences for the composition history of the Bible, historical linguistics, the history of religion, paleography, archaeology, and more. The volume includes a full critical edition and English translation of V."

Last updated on 08/05/2021  




By observing the unaltered "V" Covenant we can once more clearly observe who serves God, as we can also observe who serves Him not.  According to Elohim, observing His Proclamation within the Covenant, Blessings and Curses and Judgments/Justice provide the observable facts needed to know His Covenant Standards, and are the means of observation and discernment - not some pretended "spiritual feeling" of  what one might imagine they know by revelation from a "spirit" or "Spirit", or by the rulings of Orthodox Jewish Rabbi.   

The Spirit of God works with His word, and we know this through the Creation account in Genesis. Knowing by observation of the word of Elohim far excells faith or claiming to believe.  Truth can observed by what Elohim decreed a blessing, and observing what Elohim declared to be cursed.  All of the Blessings and Curses directly relate to the Decrees Elohim gave that are commonly called "The Ten Commandments", which were evidently altered about the time of Ezekiel.  If we use the same Standards given by Elohim at Mount Sinai we will be seeing things as He does, and as He said we should know, observe, learn and do to be "Blessed".  The "Curses" must be used to know who we must judge to be evil/cursed.  As the Prophets foretold, we must be able to distinguish who is blessed from who is cursed (who serves God, versus who does not) - many of our problems stem from our ignorace of the difference - according to Elohim Almighty - not a pretender, or by imagining, or by belief in lies against God and mankind. Many reasonable people who have no religious upbringing have more sense of the Covenant Standards of morality than those who have been taught bigotry and hatred from "religious" leaders who have defied and denied the Standards of Elohim. "Let not man put assunder what God has joined together" is not just about marriage, it first includes the Covenant, as the Decrees cannot be separated from the Blessings or the Curses.

Each person has a basic sense of right and wrong.  For example, when a very young child, another child came over and stole the bicycle rim my brother gave me - ripping it from my hands - I knew I'd been wronged!  My mother came out to see what was wrong because of my crying, then telling her what had happened.  She explained what he had done was wrong, and that this is why God said it is wrong to steal.  In my young mind it was comforting to hear that God knew what had happened to me was wrong - even as a pre-schooler I instinctively knew this was right.  She then added that he came from a poor family and likely had nothing as a possible reason he had stolen it. (coveting what is another's is the starting point of many evils, and lack of charity to those in need can also lead to wrong-doing)

Most of the problems in life stem from people who live unjust lives.  The Covenant Standards are about justice, equality, honesty, and presenting the basic Standards needed to live uprightly before others and God.  The Standards are the outline of knowing what is good versus what is evil.  Given the evils of some "Christian" religious leaders (starting with Rome), we need to base our lives on the words of Elohim, rather than Rabbi, Priests, Popes, or Preachers - all of which have failed to teach understanding and support for those ancient Standards of Elohim.  We must stop trusting those who have been telling us lies in the name of God or the corrupting our bibles, or failing to make needful corrections as they were discovered.  From what I've observed so far, most of the New Testament should not be considered 'scripture' because it blasphemes or defies the words of Elohim Almighty. 

Elohim gave the Covenant as a blessing - not a curse.  Paul said it was not given by God, and that it came via angels as a curse to Israel (Galatians 3:10, 19 ; Romans 10:4 and more).  A double lie does not make a possitive truth.  Paul was a certified Biblical Ignoramus!  Elohim Almighty had nothing to do with what Paul wrote.  Paul was rejected by everyone at his first defense (2 Timothy 4), and Rome is the one who put Paul into the "Christian" New Testament - and all the other Protestant and Restoration Churches since have failed to rid their "Scriptures" of direct lies against Elohim and their fellow humanity.  It's rediculous to see the ignorance of the Teachings of Elohim as exhibited by those who reject the knowledge He gave for our blessing and benefit.  No Rabbi, and no Magic Cracker will excuse anyone rebelling against the truth, justice, or graciousness of Elohim.  His mercy is towards those who keep Covenant with Him.  See Isaiah 56 - those of all nations - proving the Rabbinical 613 Commandments and the 7 Noahide Laws to be abjectly ignorant of what Elohim decreed and declared.

As Jesus said at the end of the Sermon on the Mount, we need to dig down through 2000 years of men chipping away at the records and soiling them with a layers of human confusion and perversion.  For an example: Jesus said to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; Paul said the letter of the Law brings death, not life.  If you cannot see the abject differences between the teachings of Jesus and Paul, you have no understanding of the Teachings of Jesus.  (Sermon on the Mount versus Paul (2 Corinthians 3:6; Romans 8:2).  (see Website link on Galatians and Romans for more details showing Paul inverted and defied the Standards and Justice of Elohim)



All of the Beatitudes of Jesus (Joshua 2 - Yehoshua) in Matthew 5 have associated scripture references to prove each of them is towards those who do as Isaiah 56 calls for: to serve Elohim alone - serve nor inquire in no other gods, to keep His Sabbath, and to grasp His Covenant tightly.  Therefore, if one believes what Jesus taught in the sermon on the mount, it is impossible to think the Covenant of Elohim was nailed to the cross, diminished, or done away with because it was impossible to keep or was given as a curse.  All of those ideas should be completely dispelled from anyone that is careful to notice what Jesus was teaching his disciples, or warning of the scribes and Pharisees.  Both of these had a hand in obscuring the truth of Elohim from His people after the Babylonian captivity, and evidence to date shows the Covenant was altered near the days of Ezekiel, but Jesus was restoring what was taken away - the "Restore!" of Isaiah 42!  The cursed Pharisees and Scribes who altered the Decrees of Elohim handed down their perversions, of which Judaism has failed to correct for over 3000 years. Who of them is working to get back to the real truth?  the provable truth?  Since "V" is a published work, I have no doubt there are more interested in this than Idan Dershowitz - and may Elohim bless those whose aim is to "Restore!" what was stolen from mankind by those who were unfaithful and wicked - surely cursed for all time, as were the fallen angels.



The "Church" imagines itself a hospital for sinners, but they should have been more discerning of who God said to accept into fellowship and partnership.  The massive problem is failure to acknowledge the difference between good and evil, blessed versus cursed.  God is not mocked, but many have made themselves as fools for ignoring His Covenant Standards as an indivisible unit.  The most ignorant belief of Christians is the economy of God regarding sin, restitution, and who He declares is forgiven - and why.  These are the Standards Jesus was speaking of in the Lord's Prayer, to forgive others as God forgives us.  Ignorance of the Standard given by Elohim has resulted in untold injustice upon the earth - and injustice in the NAME of God, which is the same sin the Jews were guilty of when they had Jesus killed!  Not that all sins are equal, but two wrongs do not make anything right.  


Jesus warned of those who would claim him as "Lord!", that he would say, in spite of the things they did in his name, that he never knew them!  Who does this apply to?   "Workers of Iniquity" is a bad translation.  The passage is literally those against the Law (of God).  Those without the Law - the Lawless - those who rejected the Everlasting Covenant of Elohim as given.  



The Covenant and the Sermon on the Mount



Do you believe what Jesus taught in Matthew? or not?  Jesus taught according to the Pact/Blessings/Curses as given by Elohim.  Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear should have been busy to see if what Paul taught is compatable with what was taught by Jesus.  This is why I believe all the Bible publishers will face severe judgment from Elohim - they gave against Elohim, nearly as bad as Satan did!!!  Rome defied the Instruction of Elohim when deciding what books are in our "Bible", as they also testified against some of the records in the Hebrew Scripture - but also realize the Masoretic Hebrew texts from about 900 CE also have significant alterations. 



Elohim will be true to His Covenant and Word and Promise.  Elohim is not bound by the words of men - be it from the Jewish Sages, Scribes and Priests who altered it - or by an imagined "Pope" as the chief representative on earth of Jesus or God.  God is not mocked -  the guilty will pay for their sins against God and mankind.  As told in the Covenant Curses:  Cursed are you in your coming, and cursed are you in your going - if you do not uphold all the Covenant Decrees as given by Elohim.  Hopefully most reasonable people of good will can observe the Blessings of Elohim by observing His word to do it.  "Blessed are you in your coming, and blessed are you in your going."  The entire basis of the Covenant can fit on one page, and it is simple enough that even children can be taught the Pathway to Life whereby they can also choose to be blessed by Elohim their entire life!  Thankfully, as Jesus taught in a parable, we can come to the vineyard to work for God in our morning, noon, or evening - and receive our just due - God is just and righteous in all His ways.


Why do so many Churches teach against the "Law"?  I'm reminded of a mens Bible class where we were studying the basics of the Christian faith that taught what we do doesn't matter because Jesus did everything we need to be saved, and there was nothing we can do to add to it.  The congregation had the largest outreach to help those in need that I've ever seen, as they had food and clothing ministry give aways twice a month that were helping at least 500 families with a shopping cart full of food, or the clothing they needed - the works were certainly there as I've never experienced in another Church of Christ from New Jersey to California.  I wondered why they were not giving themselves credit for doing what Jesus and God said we should be doing.  They were also teaching the childrens Bible classes standard Evangelical beliefs of salvation by faith alone and grace alone - without works: "Jesus did it all!" and "The Gospel of the Cross." As I listened to each man give his testimony of becoming a Christian, and its meaning to their lives, it was odd how they didn't bring up that being a Christian is being a disciple of Jesus, and as a disciple of Jesus, we are to be about doing good, so that others might see our good works and praise God -  this is what Jesus taught - to be salt and light - to let our light shine so others could observe our good works and praise God (Elohim) for the good they did.  Instead of acknowledging they were doing as Jesus said to do, they panned back to the words of Paul to say it didn't matter - yet each of them obviously gained much because they were doing as Elohim, Jesus and John the Baptist taught - to do good by sharing our abundance with those in need.


What about the parable of Jesus about the two sons the father asked to work in the vineyard?  One said he would - but didn't.  The other said he wouldn't, but did.  Jesus asked which had done the will of the father - it was the one who did what the father asked, even though he said he wouldn't.  This, however, is a small characteriture of the whole picture given mankind that Judaism took away 3000 years ago when they altered the records of the Covenant of Elohim as ratified between Elohim, the children of Israel, and the multitude of nationalities who were slaves in Egypt that were also freed by Elohim to have the opportunity to be blessed by Him.  Look at Exodus carefully.  Although altered, the records prove this is fact, and that they were still together upon entry into the Land when the "Covenant" was "renewed" by Joshua 1.  Jesus (Joshua 2) was renewing the same Covenant - which was lost until March of 2021 when THE VALEDICTION OF MOSES, by Idan Dershowitz was published - providing compelling evidence that Jesus' teachings matched the unaltered everlasting Covenant of YHWH/Elohim. [Dershowitz translated and commented on the Covenant, I merely noted the teachings of Jesus in Matthew run parallel to the same Covenant Standards, having studied Jesus' teachings for decades as a Christian.]  Recently I heard of an ancient papyrus found in Egypt that claimed when Isreal left Egypt, they took all the gold and all the slaves.  Elohim was freeing mankind to love and serve Him and  be blessed by Him - but fallen Israel has been corrupted at the core due to inheriting lies from their fathers, and we have also inherited some of their "fathers" perversions about what God said.  Christians who think the Covenant Law based on equality and morality has passed away, or was nullified by Jesus (Joshua 2) death on the cross, have unwittingly rejected the knowledge given by Elohim to bless us - and have placed themselves in the direct pathway of His Curses - see the unaltered Covenant.  See the words of God.  Jesus said to believe the words of God and live our lives in observing them to the least of the letter as given.  Paul taught against God and His words of life.  Jesus said the "lawless" will be told "Depart from me, I never knew you."  God said; "Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you."  These words are still true - even though corrupted and ingnored by most.  Should anyone have told you the "Law" is "613 Commandments" - that is absolutely not true, as Eloihm said it is the Ten Decree Covenant Standards as He gave them.  We've had perverted records that many have done the best they could to observe - this is well and good - but since we now have compelling good reason to know the Covenant of Elohim that has not been available for 3000 years, as His judgements state, we must repent to serve Him according to the renewed standards, and those Standards and the Standards taught by Joshua 2 (Jesus) in the corrected Hebrew Gospel of Matthew



What I've noted is a starting point that needs to be studied, and if there are any key elements or any minor elements that can be disproven by honest scholarship - we must always be willing to repent to the real and substantiated truth.  This reminds me of an LDS author who was writing about the truth of Mormon origins, and the LDS Church put him on "trial" to excommunicate him.  Shortly before his "Trial" he gave an interview on television.  When asked about what he'd written and if he was going to recant what he had written so he might maintain his status in the LDS community, his reply was priceless:  "I don't know how to repent of the truth."  I feel the same way about what I'm writing herein.  May God bless Grant Palmer for seeking truth - he found what he was looking for;  "Seek, and ye shall find."  Mine is the same task, but from another "We are the only true Church" - the Church of Christ, who claim to be "First Century Christians", but follow Paul - if they only knew!


However, I honestly believe what I've discovered, uncovered, and published is many times more valuable and true than anything written by Martin Luther, John Calvin, Alexander Cambell, Ellen White, or any Pope or Rabbi of record but Yehoshua (Jesus/Joshua 2). 




The contradictory accounts in the New Testament have deceived many, and in many directions!!!  How many different "Christian" groups are there now?  It used to be 15,000 different faith fellowships.  How is this doing the will of God or Jesus?   Really, what can justify such division, and don't quote Paul that we are different organs in the same body - as Paul also said love does not have conditions ( 1 Corintians 13), and Paul also said the Law was a curse, and not a blessing, and that the letter of the Law caused death rather than life, and Paul also said the Law came by angels who are no God (Romans and Galatians) - all of these are in defiance to the testimony of everyone else in the entire Bible!   According to Jesus, both good and evil are known by their fruits, just as the words of Elohim in the Covenant said.



How many realize when they follow Paul, they are following one who spoke against God, the Covenant, the People of Israel, all mankind, and Jesus himself???  This is true if you would only look for the truth by trusting those God said we are to hear.  See Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13, and 18.  Paul failed these tests of God.  This study has been a long journey, which is not completed to date, but one that is seeking true foundations to build our life upon that is justified, reasonable, knowable, and historical - not an invention.


The best researched study about Paul that I've been able to find is the book 'Jesus' Words Only."  The author has a website and a YouTube channel.  He is far more educated and the bredth of his studies is much broader than mine, as I've been focused to the Dead Sea Scrolls and internal evidences easily seen in our current New Testament.

Early Church Views (  


One telling alteration to the Covenant was "Thou shalt not steal."  This was the basis that gave some "justification" to slavery in Western civilization.  It is what gave us the term "kidnapping."  Children caught stealing bread to survive were taken as slaves and made the property of others - after all, God said "Thou shalt not steal."  This was used by certain rich Jews, Christians, and Muslims to steal the lives and work of others for their own benefit, and there was Jewish Rabbi support for this practice from Europe to the Americas - historical records prove this is true.  Everyone should read "THE SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLACKS AND JEWS", published by N.O.I.  What does this have to do with the "Law" or "Covenant"?  According to "V" it said:  "You shall not steal the wealth of thy brother.  I am Elohim thy god."  Was that loaf of bread the rich man's "wealth"?  No.  There are several accounts of slave history, and this practice preceded the Queen taking children for her entertainment.



The Law/Covenant was given to preserve and sustain life as it was meant to be lived, which is to also be aware of the needs of others and help sustain them through times of need.  If those wealthy Jews had any sense they were to be examples of the love and wisdom of God - they only proved how far the Rabbi had led them to the pit of eternal destruction because of their greed and hatred and prejudice towards their fellow mankind - spitting in the face of God by how they viewed and treated their fellow man.  Jesus, nor any true prophet of God, ever said to treat their fellow mankind in such wicked ways.  As the Curses state, they sink lower and lower - which is why they falsely accused Jesus, and then his disciples - Zionist Orthodox Judaism believe they must destroy Christianity from the face of the earth - their words - not mine!  They also believe whatever they can imagine someone might do to them then makes them justified to retaliate upon them due to their imaginations - not facts.  So don't believe them when they say they have "intellegence" of this or that, as they then go to attack and kill innocent men, women and children - just because they imagine ...  Where did Elohim ever say this is "The Holy Way"?  Indeed - as He said - they sink lower and lower, cursing themselves and their children and grandchildren because they do it in the NAME of their God 'HASHEM'????  HE is their judge, and HE is just - and Isaiah 42 ends with them being burned and not  know why....  They should reconsider Elohim is doing to them exactly as He said He would in the Covenant if they became wicked - see the "Curses" of the Ten Decree Covenant.  This is not said towards those who do serve Elohim according to His Blessed Teachings - but towards those who defy His Teachings to follow the teachings of their Oral Torah's.  (See:  Judaism Discovered, by Michael Hoffman)



The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947, yet the Religious establishments from Rome to Judaism have been suppressing their truth from us!  It's time to break free from all the lies we've been told are truth!



(30) Baigent's "Dead Sea Scrolls Deception" 1991 Revisited. Then 1992 Reveal of Spouter of Lies vs Ebion. - YouTube   




Are we like an abused child who thinks their abuse is normal and no one ever told them to go to the authorities if they think something is wrong?  Are we like the abused spouse who thinks they deserve to be abused - it's their fault, they must deserve it?  What was the first thing Elohim said about sin, to Cain, after the "fall"?  



"Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven.  Sin rests at the door, it's desire is towards you, yet you can conquer it." (Paraphrase of the Stone Edition Hebrew to English - quoted elsewhere on site) (NO FALL OF MAN IN EDEN)



Jeremiah 6:6 - 39; Thus says Elohim:  Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls.  But they said, "We will not walk in it."  Also I set watchmen over you, saying, 'Listen to the sound of the trumpet!"  But they said, "We will not listen."  Therefore hear, you nations, and know, O congregation, what is among them.  Hear; O earth!  Behold, I will certainly bring clamity on this people - the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not heeded My words nor My law, but rejected it.  For what purpose to Me comes frankincense from Sheba, and sweet cane from a far country?  Your burnt offerings are not acceptable, nor your sacrifices sweet to Me."

Therefore thus says Jehovah:  Behold, a people comes from the north country, a great nation will be raised from the farthest parts of the earth.  They will lay hold on bow and spear; they are cruel and have no mercy; their voice roars like the sea; and they ride on horses, as men of war set in array against you, O daughter of Zion.

We have heard the report of it; our hands grow feeble.  Anguish has taken hold of us, pain as of a woman in labor.  Do not go out into the field, nor walk by the way, because of the sword of the enemy, fear is on every side.  O daughter of my people, dress in sackcloth and roll about in ashes!  Make mourning as for an only son, most bitter lamentation; for the plunderer will suddenly come upon us.  (they rejected Jesus/Joshua 2 and were totally destroyed and scattered to the nations)

I have set you as an assayer and a fortress among My people, that you may know and test their way.  They are all stubborn rebels, walking as slanderers.  They are bronze and iron, they are all corrupters; the bellows blow fiercely, the lead is consumed by the fire; the smelter refines in vain, for the wicked are not drawn off.  People will call them rejected silver; because Elohim has rejected them.  (following chapters deal with trusting in lying words - which THE VALEDICTION OF MOSES proves they even altered the spoken words of Elohim at Sinai!!! 





"Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven."



Let's return to the account in Genesis.  Realize it was Satan who fell, and he has been trying to convince us we are not capable of what God said we are capable of.  It's time to rebell against that lie of Satan!  Return to God so He can bless you!  Do His will and see if He blesses you as He said He would!  "Choose life that ye might live!!!" Had not Elohim told Cain:  "Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven?  We can also read Enoch to discern it says it was written for the last generation of man.  Even if it has been altered - this truth is easily discerned: who were the fallen ones that God said He would not forgive - this is why they hate mankind and seek to destroy mankind and seek to cast the cords away from them - regarding God and His anointed one - see Psalm 2:



"Why do nations gather, and regimes talk in vain?  The kings of the earth take their stand and the princes conspire secretly, against Elohim and His anointed.  "Let us cut their cords and let us cast off their ropes from ourselves." He Who sits in heaven will laugh, Elohim will mock them.  Then He will speak to them in His anger, and in His wrath He will terrify them: "I Myself have anointed My king, over Zion, My holy mountain!" I am obliged to proclaim that Yehowah said to me, "You are My son, I have begotten you this day." [spoken from heaven at the baptism of Jesus by John the baptist - note the Pslam - Elohim declared Jesus to be His Anointed King when saying "I have begotten you this day".]  "Ask of Me and I will make nations your inheritance, and the ends of the earth your possession.  You will smash them with an iron rod; you will shatter them like a potter's vessel."  And now, O kings, be wise; be disciplined, O judges of the earth.  Serve Elohim with awe that you may rejoice when there is trembling.  Yearn for purity, lest He grow wrathful and your way be doomed, for in a brief moment His anger will blaze; praiseworthy are all who trust in Him. "    Did not say "kiss the son".


Recall the Covenant, Decrees, Blessings, and Curses.  Those are the Standard given by Elohim for all humanity that choose to be blessed by Him, and "choose life that we may live."  Rejecting the same as the Standard whereby we choose life, will result in the opposite of choosing life, but to choose death.  Those Standards are the ones spoken of in the Psalms.  We need to take courage that God will be true to those words of life that provide us with the same wisdom and encouragement that was expressed by David and other godly men in the Psalms.  It is  the reason for the hope that needs to be within us as we face there perilous times.  Familiarize yourself with the Covenant Standards as you also gain hope and wisdom from the Psalms and the Teachings of Jesus in Matthew.  Carefully note the words of God in Isaiah 56 about those who serve Him alone and grasp His covenant tightly; this was given through Isaiah to prove Orthodox Judaism is wrong to say they have to keep 613 Commandments and all others are to keep the "Seven Noahide Laws" - both are disproven by the Covenant and Isaiah 56.  This proves the "Oral Torah's" of Jewish Sages and Rabbi are in gross error against Elohim and their fellow mankind.  Orthodox Judaism must repent of their lies to be forgiven by Elohim!


The simple and ancient proof and truth is that man was created in the image of God, not Satan or the Serpent.  There was no "Fall" of mankind, as Elohim told Cain, after the "Fall" that he was capable and responsible to "improve himself" so that sin would not reign over him, and that if he "improved himself" he would be forgiven.  This is the same message compatable with the Noah account, the Abraham account, and all the accounts of God dealing with mankind from Egypt to Mount Sinai, through all the Prophets, and through the teachings of Jesus in Matthew.  Exodus tells the story of the giving of the "Law", but immediatley follows with texts that do not flow with the narrative and deal with such things as slavery.  Given proof that Deuteronomy was altered - I have no doubt Exodus is not correct in this matter.  If Elohim said they were brought out of the "slave house" of Egypt - and the Covenant Law was one law for everyone - I highly doubt He only freed the children of Abraham and those who were slaves in Egypt were to then be the slaves of the children of Abraham.   Given treatment of slaves by Jews in the history of the United States of America - they were treated worse than animals - something Elohim would absolutely condemn them for then, as now.  Pretending to enslave people by trickery of the Federal Reserve and Birth Cirtificates is no less evil than what their "fathers" had done - but it is not common knowledge.

Alterations of Scriptures and faked scriptures have been the pox of Judaism (3000 years ago and 1300 years ago), and Christianity through partnership of Rome and Judaism since Jesus ascended to the throne on the right hand of God, as foretold in Daniel, according to the trial of Jesus account in Matthew.  Other foretellings are Pslam 2, regarding God declaring Jesus begotten of God at his baptism, and in Psalm 22 regarding the crucifiction account - although the Psalm is a bit altered between the Hebrew and Christian versions/translations/mistranslations. 

Jesus taught the need to abandon evil, do no evil, and be faithful to the One True God, our Father in Heaven, as we are also considerate of our fellow mankind and the equality of mankind being based on our being created in the image of Elohim.  Jesus never taught his blood was a sacrifice for sin, nor did he teach salvation by faith alone or grace alone.  Jesus did not teach a single smidgen of his righteousness is going to be imputed or accounted to ANYONE else but himself!  Read the unaltered Hebrew Matthew and see that all these things are the "truth" he taught of the Doctrine of God.  We all must abandon evil - of which belief in lies about God or Jesus is certainly an evil to repent of.  Rome foisted lies upon us by altering the Hebrew Scripture, altering the Hebrew Matthew, and inserting books into the "Christian" Canon that are not true to God or the Everlasting Covenant or the Teachings of Jesus in Matthew.  How dull we were to have not seen or considered this before!!!!


Additionally, Dear reader, whether you realize it or not, there is no such thing as Judeo/Christian values.  How so?  Because Judaism, especially Zionist Orthodox Judaism, believes they will not be forgiven by God until they rid the earth of Christianity.  See the link titled: "Trial of the Ages".  The early protestants knew more about Judaism in 1400 than all the Christian "scholars" of today.  Do youself a favor and stop listening to those who have been deceived and are deceiving you.  They teach the Scripture mainly as taught by their Rabbi's opinions in their Oral Torah's.

After you finish reading this, please get a copy of "Judaism Discovered"," From its own texts";" A Study of the Anti-Bibical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit" by Michael Hoffman, published 2008.  See:  



Rabbi Singer claimed there are Greek language mechanisms in Matthew to show it was not originally in Hebrew.  George Howard, who translated the Hebrew Matthew pointed out enough evidence that I must say I find the thoughts presented by Howard to be far more valid than Singer's, as Singer offered no specifics - just claims that were unsupported - beware those who cannot justify their possition from facts and from the most ancient Hebrew texts.  Pharisee Rabbi had much to do with the further alterations of the Hebrew Scripture about 900 CE (Masoretic Text).




The greatest question for Christians: Is there any Church that is "True", when the Roman Church destroyed early manuscript evidence and went around killing as many non-compliant Christians as they could for hundreds of years, and now we just take their word that what they gave us is truth?  Why were some burned at the stake for daring to translate scriptures into a language the people could understand?  God said everyone is to be taught the Covenant Standards at least every seven years, but this has not been the focus of  churches or Synagogues for over a thousand years!


Regarding Orthodox Judaism: Where is the ancient evidence that Jesus (Joshua) was guilty of the crime of blasphemy that he was charged with?  And why have their charges against Jesus multiplied four-fold in the last 2000 years?  Why have they switched tactics and charges?  Why would Rabbi Shem Tob record the Hebrew Matthew for evidence about Christianity, when now the rabbi, such as Tovia Singer, claim Mark is the oldest gospel account - not Matthew.  Is he daring to disagree with one of the "sages of the ages" rabbi, because he sees additional fodder against Jesus by claiming Mark came first? 



Be advised that the charge of "Anti Semite!" has been used far too much.  What is a "Semite"?  What is "Anti-Semite"?  What Christian is "Anti-Abraham" or "anti-Moses"?  None.  What sect of Judaism is seen by their Zionist Orthodox Judaism to be a condemned as the Gentiles/Christians?  The sect that is against Zioinism and based in Monsey, N.Y.  There have been anti-Zionist Jews (Semites?) for well over 100 years, dating back to the 1800's.  Old Judaism believed they had to keep the Covenant - not the Talmud Oral Torah writings of the Pharisee Rabbi.  The Rabbi didn't come into effect until the virtual destruction of the function of Priests to have been a functional unit -long passed away before Jesus came on the scene.  Fact can be seen in study of the HGOM that Jesus was teaching to keep the Covenant to the letter - he never took away from it or demanded abrigation of any  part of it - unless it was to return from what was altered to what Elohim had said in the first place that the Rabbi denied.  This is why they killed him?  Was Jesus a "Semite"?  No Christian who loves Jesus should be considered 'anti-semite.'  If you want to read from an anti-Semite, read some of the early works of Martin Luther about "Jews".  Then read the Prophets words in their own "Scripture" and see the words of their prophets to them were hardly worse than anything written by Martin Luther.  Were their own prophets "anti-semites"???


All who love God and keep His Covenant will realize who has cursed themselves, as compared to who has been blessed by Elohim - as both are dependent of keeping to Elohim and the Covenant and through their good will towards God and their fellow mankind - as there is but one race - the human race - involved with the Covenant Standards defining good and evil, who is blessed, versus who is cursed.  The only advantage in the Covenant to Jews is based on God giving them the Land of promise if they remained faithful to the Covenant given at Sinai - which they repeatedly failed to do - so they were banished by the Roman Empire and the Temple was completely destroyed - as Elohim said He would do.



As Elohim instructed us all:  "Choose life that Ye may live!"


Why do churches castigate and show "the left foot of fellowship" to those who prove churches are teaching the opposite of what was taught by Elohim, all the Prophets, and the very one they call their "Lord" and part of their "god-head"?  (Sacrifice for sin, versus, our being capable and responsible to improve ourselves and do no evil - as defined by Elohim.)

From personal observation and experience, if Jesus himself went to any church today and taught, or expressed belief in what he taught in Matthew - he would be resoundingly rejected by all the leadership as a legalistic Judaiser.  It is absolutly sickening to see the evils taught today in the NAME of Elohim - the Father in heaven. Since Christians don't teach what Jesus did in Matthew - the unadulterated Doctrine of God - they should not expect to be heirs of the blessings of Elohim that He Covenanted with those to whom He is their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses and Joshua 2 *Jesus.  And since Judaism cannot see the Teachings of Elohim are different than their "Sages of the Ages" that they believe outsmarted God Himself.... their folly to follow the ways of the Rabbi has led them deeper into the pit of ignorance and bigotry than was the case of their forfathers, such as Hillel.


Many Christians believe the end times will be a time of great deceit, and I must say the world has never had as much deceit in play at one time as we face today.  I have also come to believe the evidence is people are prone to believe the lies because they have not been taught to think properly so that they might be able to know and thereby distinguish truth from lies.  My opinion is this is the most likely cause of the ignorance - the failure of all three major Abrahamic faiths (Jews, Christians, Islam) have not been told the unaltered truth by those in leadership of their respective faiths.  It is not a recently caused problem though, and recent evidence from "The Valediction of Moses" (proto-Deutoronomy) gives compelling internal evidence that Judaism altered the Covenant of Elohim 3000 years ago.  Christians inherited altered Scripture, and then further altered their accounts (see "Let's Get Biblical" by Tovia Singer) of the Hebrew Scripture because they failed to consider the instructions of God to know who tells the truth , from those who do not.  It is those Instructions given by God that are completely reliable to use to correct our misunderstanding, and then restore what has been stolen from us - we need to "Restore!" the truth of God as foretold in Isaiah 42.  Indeed - who will dare to do as Elohim/YHWH taught mankind?

Interview of Craig Winn on Jeff Rense (audio on youtube): 



Reportedly, from Craig Winn, after he presented his direct evidence to the lead scholars and head of Liberty University: they agreed with Craig about the alterations of  our current Scriptures, but do not expose the truth for fear that they will loose financial support for their ministries and university.  Is that putting money above the Instruction and Teachings of God, the prophets, and Jesus - as they were first given? 

If you care about God, truth, and humanity - you've come to the right place to start your investigation to learn the real truth that liars and satans have been trying to prevent mankind from knowing - as it will set them free of the prison houses and caves they have been living in for centuries.  As a prophet, and the most likely "that prophet" of Deuteronomy 18, Jesus primary mission was to call Israel to repent of their following "Rabbi" and alterations to their "Scripture", and they killed him for telling people the truth.  Judaism has tried to destroy Christianity since its inception, and their perversions of the Instructions of Elohim have only multiplied since the days of Jesus, and are codified in their "oral torah's", which defy the Covenant of Elohim and display their hatred of themselves and mankind thereafter.  See: "The Strange Gods of Judaism" if you desire to see and understand what has been going on for centuries.


The proverbial groydian knot cannot be untied - we must seek the know the original and unaltered words of God, the Prophets, and Jesus (Yehoshua/Yeshua/Joshua).  Rather than untie it, we need to realize at all levels inside that give it strength in causing problems are based on the intertwining lies against human nature to cause both corruption and fear.  Only by "soaking" the knot in the completely penetrating truth of the Teachings given by Elohim can we allow that which has been corrupted to loosen from our minds and lives as we turn to observe and do what is patently right in the eyes of anyone of good character.  This is because there is no nonsense or mystery involved with the Truth as given by Elohim.  We cannot rid ourselves of the lies piled upon humanity for thousands of years by continuing in the "faith of our fathers", but all that remains that is good will survive doing what is right in the eyes of God and any mankind of good will  towards God and their fellow humanity that is willing to repent to believe God and reject evil - especially evils done in the name of God.




If Elohim told Cain forgiveness and elevation between God and our fellow man is done by our own improving ourselves - that we are capable, that this is our personal responsibility -  why would He teach differently - if He is the same God as who created mankind and spoke to mankind from the beginniing?  God does not defy Himself or His words of life.   I believe we have been confused by lies from Jews - Zionist Judaism, the Oral Torah, and the fake apostle Paul, and other spurious books put upon us upon threat of life to lie against Elohim, themselves, and their fellow men.



Decide if you believe Elohim and Jesus - or not.  This is what life is about - who we choose to become.     


See other site links:  The Gospel and the Law, Compairing our account to what came before, The Hebrew Gospel, Trial of the Ages (false trial and conviction of Jesus), Proof Galatians and Romans should not be scripture, and the last link is One Disciple to Another, the Original Jesus.    


You can email me at: or   Comments and questions welcomed. 


Examples proving some key Christian Scriptures are altered or faked


 First we must realize our Bibles come to us historically - developed over time by both Judaism and Christianity - whether Orthodox or not.  Tendency to adding to and alterreing the texts is easly observed by study of Mormonism, which began about 1830.  It is easily observed that Judaism has had the same issues through an open and honest review of three different Jewish based Hebrew to English translations (JPS, Stone, Soncino) as compared to available texts and variations to the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible.  The Hebrew records are unaccounted for until Deuteronomy, and "V" shows massive alterations from what they were 3000 years ago.  So basically, we find fewer writings of Moses, the rest has no known background, then we have the Prophets and Psalms, and the DSSB does not match them completely.  If we understand the "V" Standards and how they interrelate, these will guide us through the rest of the accounts. 

Next are the Christian records, commonly called the New Testament.  This is a link to a chart developed by study by some independent Christian scholars noting the historical development of the New Testament Canon:


New Testament Canon through the ages.docx


It was shared with the permission of the site where I found it years ago, but I haven't seen it anywhere else.  It's important that we realize the evidence, as we should also be mindful of other findings of textual alterations.  One example is the work of the author of "Jesus' Words Only" and his YouTube channel and website.  We do havc some important differences, mainly that I believc the other gospel accounts should be set aside due to teachings that oppose the teachings of Jesus in Matthew - which was reported to have been in the disciples native language - either Hebrew or Aramaic.  This is why, in the Hebrew account on site, with references, the Aramaic English New Testament Matthew was used when Shem-Tob cut various passages short - in the interest of the complete account.  There is some variation at the end - which we all have - but I wanted to remain as faithful to the unbiased by Rome beliefs as possible.  I don't believe the copy of Shem Tob was altered to interject falsehoods, as the text actually proves why he did not use it in the "great debate" he was preparing for at the time - likely because he didn't find any evidence Jesus was guilty of the charge of "Blasphemy" that his faith fathers had charged against him?  Only God knows, but if it were a Jewish account trying to convict Jesus - they failed on an epic scale!


Judaism altered their Scriptures about 900 CE, and a simple review of the DSSB of Isaiah shows hundreds of changes - possibly in attempt to remove prophecy that Christians were using to promote or defend their beliefs.  If your desire is to believe what Jesus taught his disciples, you will have to deny the accounts that have teachings that defy or oppose or neglect to teach the true Doctrine of Elohim as found in the AENT and Hebrew Matthew.  Perhaps an ancient account of Matthew may be found later that provides better evidence?  If so, in the interest of truth, we need to remain open to "improving ourselves" as Elohim told Cain, or Isaiah.  The plain truth is that confused and opposing "scripture" is what has divided us from eachother.  Without question you must rid your mind of any hope that you can trust Mark, Luke/Acts, John, or Saul/Paul to have told the inerrant truth.  Who believes lowly angels gave the Covenant Standards to us as a curse? that Elohim did not give it as a blessing? or that Jesus died so his blood would be a sin sacrifice given for the enemies of God? or that the righteousness of Jesus is accounted to anyone but himself?  If John is true, then every believer who has ever petitioned God in prayer and not received the answer they requested - has made God out to be a liar?  I don't want to burden you with too many of the faked ideals, but we should just let the plain truth of Elohim soak into us as we allow that which was not true to loosen from our hearts and minds as we seek to walk in the ways Elohim gave us to walk in - He has shown us what is good.





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