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"The entire people saw the thunder and the flames, the sound of the shofar and the smoking mountain; the people saw and trembled and stood from afar.  They said to Moses, "You speak to us and we shall hear; let God not speak to us lest we die."  Moses said to the people, "Do not fear, for in order to elevate you has God come; so that awe of Him shall be upon your faces, so that you shall not sin."

The belief that Elohim is the author of the laws is a distinctive feature of the Covenant Instructions.  Elsewhere in the ancient Near East, the laws of society were believed to be the products of human minds, with their promulgation sponsored by the deity, as in the case of the Code of Hammurabi.  In the Torah (starting with Exodus) the validity of the Instructions rests firmly on their divine authorship and on Moses' legitimacy as the intermediary conveying the rest of the details beyond the Ten Decrees, Blessings and Curses, to all the people present (Israel and the multitude of nations).  As a result, obedience to the Covenant - civil no less than ritual and moral - was seen as a religious duty, not only as an act of good citizenship.  The people asked Moses to hear the rest beyond the Ten Decrees heard by the people present.  Moses spent 40 days on Mt. Sinai receiving the rest from Elohim/YHWH.  The details of the rest of His instructions are largely found in the Instructions of judging by the Law - details in Leviticus of what was minor, what was significant to require restitution before declaring forgiveness, and what was considered a great evil and deserving of the death penalty.  These matters require study to understand, and if we live outside the Instructions of Elohim we should not consider ourselves to understand the gravity involved in establishing and living in a just and reasonable society. 

Many things are conveyed in the Law/Instruction/Teaching (Torah), such as ritual/Levitical Law, Temple Law, Civil Law, and even Law governing war, and the "least of the commandments" was the Law of the birds nest - environmental Law - which although least, contained a blessing from God similar to the blessing to honor ones parents - one of the Ten.  Many particulars of the "Law" are in Leviticus, particularly where God commands "and so he shall be forgiven" and includes what He declares just restitution or penalty.  As told by God, we are not to add to or decrease from the Instruction He gave, which would be to include more, or contain less, than what He declared just, and that what He declared just is certainly reasonable.  It's one thing to grasp the simplicity of the Instructions, and another to ensure justice is done to the standards given by God.  Our current judicial system is certainly no reflection of His justice - in spite of many Jews being involved with it.  I think they may have many problems understanding because they rejected "that prophet" and his Teachings.  God desires justice, but also desires we practice mercy as He said is proper.  We do disservice to God, ourselves and mankind whenever His decree is rejected or ignored, or we choose to remain ignorant of His ways. We haven't taken time to observe what He said.  We need to double check if what someone told us is true to God, or if anyone has led us away from His longstanding pathway of life, and to life everlasting. (According to the teachings of Jesus in Matthew, the law was not set aside, loosened, or done away with.  Jesus affirmed the Law to the letter, as given at Mount Sinai.)

"And what does God require of thee, O man, but to live justly, love mercy and walk humbly with thy God."




"V" record of the Decrees, as of March, 2021, "The Valediction of Moses published. ("(1)" numbering is added)

..."Be careful, lest you forget and make for yourselves a carving or image in the form of any figure that is in the heavens above or upon the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth.  For my anger would then burn against you, and I would eradicate you swiftly from upon this good land.  Know today and keep his decrees and commandments, so that it may go well for you and so that you may live long upon the land that Elohim, your god is giving you.  Listen, Israel: Elohim, our god, is a single god.  So love Elohim, your god, with all your heart and all your soul, very much, and keep these proclamations that I command you today upon your heart.  Teach them to all your children and recite them when you sit at home, when you go on your way, when you lie down, and when you rise.  Tie them as a declaration upon your arm, and they shall serve as an affirmation between your   eyes.  Inscribe them upon the posts of your home and gate.  For Elohim made a pact with you at Horeb on the day of the assembly.  I stood between Elohim and you at this time - for you were afraid on account of the fire and did not climb the mountain - to tell you the word of your god, as follows:

(1) I am Elohim, your god, who freed you from the land of Egypt, from the slave-house.  You shall not have any other gods.  You shall not make a carving or any image that is in the heavens above or the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourselves before them, and you shall not serve them.  I am Elohim, your god.

(2) Sanctify the seventh day and rest on it.  For in six days I made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and I rested on the seventh day.  Therefore you too shall rest, along with your livestock and all that you have.  I am Elohim, your god.

(3)  Honor your father and your mother.  I am Elohim, your god.

(4) You shall not commit adultery with the wife of your fellow.  I am Elohim, your god.

(5) You shall not steal the wealth of your brother.  I am Elohim, your god.

(6) You shall not swear in my name falsely, for I shall avenge the transgression of the fathers against the sons, grandsons, and great grandsons for those who bear my name falsely.  I am Elohim, your god.

(7) You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment.  I am Elohim, your god.

(8) You shall not desire the wife of your fellow, his male slave, his female slave, or anything that is his.  I am Elohim, your god.

(9) You shall not hate your brother in your heart.  I am Elohim, your god.

(10) It is these ten pronouncements that Elohim uttered to you upon the mountain from amid the fire."

"Blessed is the man who has Elohim as his god, and who prostrates himself only to him, and who serves him alone." 

"Blessed is the man who sanctifies the seventh day and rests on it." 

"Blessed is he who honors his father and his mother."

"Blessed is the man who does not avenge or exact retribution for the soul of his brother."

"Blessed is the man who does not defile the wife of his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not cheat his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not swear in my name falsely."

"Blessed is the man who does not deceive or lie to his fellow."

"Blessed is he who does not lust after anyone belonging to his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who loves his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who upholds all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."

"Cursed is the man who does a carving or a casting, the handiwork of a craftsman."

"Cursed is the man who does work on the seventh day."

"Cursed is he who disgraces his father and mother."

"Cursed is he who strikes down his fellow in secret."

 "Cursed is the man who approaches any of his kin, or who commits adultery with the wife of his fellow, or who copulates with any animal." (see Leviticus 18 for the full definition.)

 "Cursed is he who moves the boundary marker of his fellow." 

 "Cursed is the man who swears falsely in my name."

 "Cursed is he who takes a bribe to give false judgment against his comrade."

 "Cursed is the man who desires and lusts after the wife of his fellow, his daughter, his female slave, or anything that is his."

"Cursed is the man who hates his brother in his heart."

"Cursed is the man who does not uphold all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."


Elohim/YHWH brought all out of Egypt who desired to believe and serve Him, and thereby to be blessed by Him, (See that those of the multitude of nations who came to believe in Him and Moses due to observing He did as Moses said He would for those who were doing as He commanded the people to do to be under His protection.) to serve Him, both Israel and the multitude of nations were led and preserved by Him to Mount Sinai.  Keeping His Covenant as given is to "serve God and keep His Commandments (Covenant.)"  All the people were present together at Mount Sinai when the Covenant was spoken by Elohim and ratified by them that day!  That was the day Elohim spoke of to bless all the nations through the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.   

It is very interesting to note the differences between the Covenant record in "V" and the record we have in our currently published Bibles.  There are many differences, starting with the outline given by Elohim in "1" and "2".  Where in "V" do we find Elohim calling some to be His "enemies", as some current translations tell?  Who are the enemies of God - what did He say?  What did He say via the Prophets sent to Israel, or the records of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Jonah, where a prophet was speaking to foreigners, not Israel? 

Evidence of "V" as compared to our texts will show many reasons to observe "V" as the Decree/Standard/Covenant He gave at Mount Sinai, which were evidently altered by those near the time of Ezekiel, and Ezekiel can also be observed to be out of chronological order, which can certainly effect seeing why Ezekiel was altered - to shift the rebuilding of the Temple in Ezekiel from the days after the Babylonian Captivity and their return, to a time thousands of years in the future.  It sure looks to me the matter is that they did not rebuild as God had instructed through Ezekiel, so they "kicked the can" down the road to some unknown date they could pretend to support? or feign hope in?  That is between them and Elohim, but the historical evidence of what has happened to Israel since  seems to show ample evidence this may well be the case. 

Was the Ark of the Covenant hidden so no one would discover "they" altered the Covenant written in stone?  (I'm not speaking of our everyday Judaic here, but of their leadership that has developed into what we can observe today as "Orthodox Judaism" and their "Oral Torah(s)" guidance from their "sages of blessed memory" from Babylon forward)  We have the "Code of Hammurabi" stone, why not the records of the stone tablets written on by Elohim? For that matter, why have we not found record of them all over ancient Israel, to have been written on their doorposts and gates, or anywhere else?!


See the end of Genesis where the patriarch is pronouncing prophecy to his sons, as to whether their prophecy was true - what would become of them in the end.  Also read "The Song of Moses," and see if Elohim is done with them, or not?  Was Moses a true prophet of Elohim, or not?  How has Elohim not been true to His word?

Regarding the current account and "enemies" of God, the seventh, eighth, and tenth are where we find Elohim stating very important Standards/Teachings/Commandments:

(7) You shall not swear in my name falsely, for I shall avenge the transgression of the fathers against the sons, grandsons, and great grandsons for those who bear my name falsely.  I am Elohim, your god.

(8) You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment.  I am Elohim, your god.

 (10) You shall not hate your brother in your heart.  I am Elohim, your god.

If Joshua (Jesus) was falsely condemned - any action against his accusers could well be Elohim being true to His Covenant as given, not that those who altered His Covenant are blessed to continue in unrepented errors and teaching their children to add evil to evil, or injustice to injustice.  Which other religion teaches hatred against Jesus?  Which other religion teaches anyone not belonging to a certain genealogy (Jews) are no more than an animal with no soul or God-given sense? ("The Law of the Tent" in the "Oral Torah") See "The Trial of the Ages" statements of why Orthodox Judaism believes Jesus to be the greatest false prophet in the history of Israel:

"All the Prophets foretold that the Messiah would redeem the Jews, help them, gather in the exiles and support their observance of the commandments.  But he (Jesus) caused Jewry to be put to the swordto be scattered and to be degradedhe tampered with the Torah and its laws; and he misled most of the world to serve something other than God" (Hil. Melachim 11:4)."  [As we should observe this day, they are the ones who tampered with the Torah - not Jesus.]

"After that there arose a new sect which combined the two methods, namely, conquest and controversy, into one, because it believed that this procedure would be more effective in wiping out every trace of the Jewish nation and religion. It, therefore, resolved to lay claim to prophecy and to found a new faith, contrary to our Divine religion, and to contend that it was equally God-given. Thereby it hoped to raise doubts and to create confusion, since one is opposed to the other and both supposedly emanate from a Divine source, which would lead to the destruction of both religions. For such is the remarkable plan contrived by a man who is envious and querulous. He will strive to kill his enemy and to save his own life, but when he finds it impossible to attain his objective, he will devise a scheme whereby they both will be slain."

"The first one to have adopted this plan was Jesus the Nazarene, may his bones be ground to dust." (Quotes from Wikipedia, as of June 2020.)   

[Those are the long-standing confession of evil minds, as they accused Jesus of what they had done, and in their demanding all Jews submit to their rulings, rather than simply to hear and obey God and be faithful to the Covenant as given by Elohim.]

Returning to the Covenant as given in "V"; there were three important matters that the people were to be taught: "The Covenant Statements of Elohim", "the blessings" and "the curses".  As we can see in the narrative of Elohim, the Decree included all three, not only "The Ten Commandments."   Warnings of the prophets tell of the evils *curses" Israel was guilty of at any particular time when Elohim sent them to call Israel to repentance.  One main evidence that proves the validity of "V" is how closely the Prophets warnings match the "V" account, as opposed to the account in current publications from both Jews and Christians.  Many things were evidently altered in the days of Ezekiel, as Deuteronomy changed from about five pages to thirty-four chapters.  One could reasonably deduce other matters may have been altered in the other "Books of Moses" in the Torah.  Thank Elohim for the Teachings of Jesus in Matthew to provide us greater light to the matter so we might be able to "Restore!" (Isaiah 42:23) what was taken from mankind of the Instruction of Elohim Almighty to mankind that was perverted and stolen from us by corrupted Judaism, who was in direct rebellion against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - and indeed of the entire heavens and earth!  The outline of life given by Elohim is He is our only God, and that we are to serve Him only.  As told through the prophets, we are to "cease evil, and learn to do good," (Isaiah 1) and that we are to "do no evil." 

This is where "The blessings and the curses" come into play for our benefit.  If we are to first repent to "do no evil", the basic outline of good and evil are given in the " blessings and curses "- pay close attention to what Elohim said is blessed, and pay close attention to what Elohim said is cursed (evil?).  These are His everlasting instructions..  Each of those statements are easily seen and understood by anyone with a mind to serve Elohim and live justly with their fellow humanity.  Rather than pretending the ultimate unforgivable sin is "blasphemy against the Holy Ghost", we need to realize that account in Matthew must have been added to foster prohibition from daring to compare the words of God to the doctrines taught by Paul - perhaps the greatest liar in human history, if the Standard for judgment are the Teachings and Covenant of Elohim.  God said who is cursed.  God said who is blessed.  It's that simple, and you should not need to rely on a Pope, Priest or an Orthodox Rabbi to understand what God said.  Jesus is evidently "that prophet" spoken of by Moses in Deuteronomy 18, as we should also be able to see that Jesus (Joshua/Y'shua) was teaching us to repent to serve God and keep His Covenant as given.  He was renewing the Covenant to mankind and Israel, and his hope was that at some future time they would again say: "Blessed is he who comes in the name of Elohim/YHWH." Regarding Isaiah 53 and the reason he was unjustly killed, it was to fulfill prophecy - that he bore the iniquity of Israel - he bore upon himself their rebellion against Elohim Almighty from the corrupted leadership in Jerusalem at that time.  The people were turning to Elohim and hearing His Teachings via Joshua (Jesus), and the corrupted leadership had him executed on false charges in an effort to maintain their status over the people and in partnership with Rome.  God prevailed, as He raised Joshua from the dead, and he ascended to the throne on the right hand of the Power on High - in accord with what Daniel foretold, and according to the deleted prophecy in Isaiah that he would see the light of life again.

Since Joshua (Jesus) was teaching what God and the prophets had told, it was surely unjust and to their own demise that they rejected, falsely condemned, and crucified Jesus.  God raised him from the dead, and the disciples testified he ascended to heaven, as foretold by Daniel, to "sit on the throne on the right hand of the Power on High."  And as  Psalm 110:1 says, "The LORD (Elohim/YHWH) sayeth unto my lord:  Sit thou at My right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool."  Elohim has been faithful to His word, and so will continue to remain faithful to it - but not to those who dared alter His Covenant, and then teach not doing as He had told them to live, but instead filter the Scripture through musings of wayward Rabbi, whom Moses,  Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah, Micah, Isaiah and Zechariah would surely have warned us to ignore.  (See who God said to hear: Deut. 4, 12, 13, 18)) Had Orthodox Judaism been teaching and living as Elohim commanded, they would have a long history of testifying to the nations of the great wisdom and source of blessings they (and we) had received from Elohim in the Covenant. 

Christians have been stumbling around teaching Paul, but where is the record that Judaism has been famous to be faithful to Elohim and being the shining beacon of hope and trust and faithfulness to Elohim, the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob????  Adding  false charges against Jesus is not going to validate their first charges made against him.  Their charges can be proven to be lies against Jesus and God then, as they can also be proven so today - if our judgment is based on the Covenant Standards given by God at Sinai!  See "V" - all have been led away from the Standard given by Elohim!  Let's get back on track and observe the "Covenant", and "the blessings and the curses," as they also find harmony with the teachings of Joshua (Jesus) in Matthew, when we have the courage to realize "our" accounts were altered in the First Century.  Carefully note how these fit to the Ten Commandments account in "V".  One can also observe the charges against Israel by the Prophets were much more in keeping to "V" than our current Bibles tell us.

"Blessed is the man who has Elohim as his god, and who prostrates himself only to him, and who serves him alone." 

"Blessed is the man who sanctifies the seventh day and rests on it." 

"Blessed is he who honors his father and his mother."

"Blessed is the man who does not avenge or exact retribution for the soul of his brother."

"Blessed is the man who does not defile the wife of his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not cheat his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not swear in my name falsely."

"Blessed is the man who does not deceive or lie to his fellow."

"Blessed is he who does not lust after anyone belonging to his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who loves his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who upholds all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."


"See if you truly heed the voice of your god, taking care to do all his commandments, then all of these blessings will befall you: Blessed are you in the city, blessed are you in the fields, blessed are your firstling and your remnant.  Blessed are the fruit of your loins and the fruit of your land, and the wombs of your cattle and the bellies of your sheep.  Blessed are you in your coming, and blessed are you in your going.  Elohim will set your enemies - defeated- before you.  Elohim will order blessing upon all your handwork.  Elohim will establish you as a holy people; all the peoples of the land will behold and fear you.  Elohim will open the heavens for you, to give rain for your land in its season.  You will lend to many nations, you will not borrow.  You will be only on top, you will not be on bottom.  Elohim will make you abound only in goodness upon the good land that Elohim, god of your fathers, is giving you."

Pay very close attention to the decrees of Elohim.  If He is true to His word, it should be easily seen Israel has not been faithful to Him for a long, long time, and current efforts by Zionist Orthodox Judaism will likely meet the most harsh judgment from Elohim as has ever been meted out on the earth!!  If God said they would become a byword amongst the nations - I would suspect He is the One who caused these things, because that is what He said He would do, so why do they blame Jesus and his disciples?????  Why not blame God for doing as He said He would?  By claiming Jesus did this, do they believe Jesus is God?

"Cursed is the man who does a carving or a casting, the handiwork of a craftsman."

"Cursed is the man who does work on the seventh day."

"Cursed is he who disgraces his father and mother."

"Cursed is he who strikes down his fellow in secret."

"Cursed is the man who approaches any of his kin, or who commits adultery with the wife of his fellow, or who copulates with any animal." (see Leviticus 18 for the full definition.)

"Cursed is he who moves the boundary marker of his fellow." 

"Cursed is the man who swears falsely in my name."

"Cursed is he who takes a bribe to give false judgment against his comrade."

"Cursed is the man who desires and lusts after the wife of his fellow, his daughter, his female slave, or anything that is his."

"Cursed is the man who hates his brother in his heart."

"Cursed is the man who does not uphold all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."

"If you do not heed the voice of Elohim, taking care to do all his commandments and decrees, then all of these curses will befall you: Cursed are you in the city, cursed are you in the field, cursed are your firstling and your remnant.  Cursed are the fruit of your loins and the fruit of your land, the wombs of your cattle and the bellies of your sheep.  Cursed are you in your coming, and cursed are you in your going.  Elohim will set you - defeated- before your enemies.  Elohim will cast the execration upon all your handiwork.  Elohim will make you an epitaph, a proverb, and a saying among all the nations of the land.  Elohim will stop up the heavens.  The stranger settled in your midst will rise higher and higher; you will descend lower and lower.  He will lend to you; you will not lend to him.  Elohimn will demolish and eradicate you from the land that you are going into to possess....."

"Be strong and resolute, do not fear and do not panic.  For Elohim, your god - he is the one who walks alongside you.  He will not let go of you, he will not abandon you.  Now write down this teaching, so that this teaching may be a witness before you, since it will not be forgotten from the mouths of your descendants, for I know the schemes that you devise."   These are the words that Moses instructed all the children of Israel according to the order of YHWH on the plains of Moab before his death. 

It looks to me that Elohim knew what I'm bringing up today would certainly happen in the course of the history of Israel, and the history of mankind upon the earth.  Those are the words Elohim gave to Moses - not the "Oral Torah's" of Orthodox Judaism and Zionists who have defied every Standard given by Elohim to then proclaim: "I did it my way."  Learn some lessons from history - who invented Communism, as it defies every Commandment given by Elohim.

Malichi 3:16 - 18, Dead Sea Scrolls Bible:

"Then those who feared the LORD spoke one to another, and the LORD listened, and heard, and a book of remembrance was written before him, for those who feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.  So that they shall be mine, says the LORD of hosts, even my own possession, in the day that I makeand I will spare them, as a man spares his own son that serves him.  Then you will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves God and the one who serves him not."

We must use the unaltered words of Elohim to know these things.  Believing those who lie against God will be like following the blind leaders into the ditch. 



1917 Jewish Publication Society: JPS Tanakh 1917, Psalm 2:

1Why are the nations in an uproar?

And why do the peoples mutter in vain?

2The kings of the earth stand up,

And the rulers take counsel together,

Against the LORD, and against His anointed:

3‘Let us break their bands asunder,

And cast away their cords from us.'


4He that sitteth in heaven laugheth,

The Lord hath them in derision.

5Then will He speak unto them in His wrath,

And affright them in His sore displeasure:

6‘Truly it is I that have established My king

Upon Zion, My holy mountain.'


7I will tell of the decree:

The LORD said unto me: ‘Thou art My son,

This day have I begotten thee.   ((Quote of the voice from heaven at Jesus' baptism?))

8Ask of Me, and I will give the nations for thine inheritance,

And the ends of the earth for thy possession.

9Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron;

Thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.'

10Now therefore, O ye kings, be wise;

Be admonished, ye judges of the earth.

11Serve the LORD (Elohim/YHWH) with fear,

And rejoice with trembling.

12Do homage in purity, lest He be angry, and ye perish in the way,

When suddenly His wrath is kindled.

Happy are all they that take refuge in Him."

 [[[does not say "kiss the son"]]]

(Jesus taught to serve Elohim alone.  Jesus (Joshua) never taught to worship himself, but to repent to do the will of Elohim faithfully, as Elohim decreed, not as the Pharisees and Sages demanded of the Jews of his day, or what has further developed via many "Oral Torah" requirements in Orthodox Judaism.)  Proof Jesus was teaching the Covenant is the "greatest commandment" was the first, and the last of the blessings is to be compared and conjoined to it - loving Elohim first, and loving our fellow as ourselves.  To keep the Covenant requires our love for God to be reflected in our love for our fellow mankind.



What I am sharing here proves most of the New Testament is a fabrication that has led millions away from the provable Truth - Truth being defined as the words of God in the Torah, Psalms and Prophets.  God said the "Ten Declarations" are the Covenant, and the Covenant tablets of stone were placed in the Ark of the Covenant, and the Mercy Seat was the lid of the Ark of the Covenant that both protected the tablets and symbolized the Mercy Seat: that the Mercy of God covers those who keep the Covenant as He had written it..  If there were angels facing the Ark from either end, this signifies that Elohim gives His angels charge to look over those who are faithful to the Covenant Truth and Mercy of Elohim.

Who is the enemy of mankind but those who have perverted the Teachings of God and have killed those who tried to speak up about what God really said?  It started with Satan, the Serpent in Eden, and it has continued through Orthodox Judaisms demonic leadership (see the charges against Judaism leadership as found in the major prophets - this is what they said, and what Jesus said; I'm merely pointing this Scriptural point out).  The Catholic Church has like fruits, to kill those who dared speak up to try to warn people the Church was evil and lying - such as the early history of Christianity.   I have little doubt Paul was a plant of Rome, via corrupted Judaistic Pharisee  leadership, sent and fostered to obliterate the REAL truth of Elohim to mankind.  Anyone with eyes to see, anyone with ears to hear - look at 2 Timothy 4 and see that Paul himself was defeated in a trial that took place (Revelation 2?) and that EVERYONE abandoned him thereafter but Luke!!!  Paul stood out as a rejected liar against God and Jesus by the First Century Church!!!  Citing Paul's writings in any way was only resurrected by the Roman Church, those who resurrected his lies against God and Jesus, and who also denounced anyone who dared speak the truth of God to be a "Heretic!"  Believe it or not, my own brother, a Church of Christ preacher, called me a "heretic" for not believing the lies of Paul - Jesus was a the literal "Son of God" *per Paul's teachings), that Jesus was a "sacrifice for sin" (per the teachings of Paul that cast the blessed Teachings of God aside to facilitate his lies), or to dare realize Paul was not one of the apostles of Jesus.  So it is when you dare speak the truth - your own families may become against you and Jesus - just as Jesus foretold in Matthew!

The time has come to awaken or to perish.  The choice is yours to make for yourself, but Elohim said to "Choose life, that ye may live!" 

God warned us, Jesus warned the Jews, and we have inherited lies from our "fathers" of faith.  Unless you repent of lies against God, you are siding with Satan and those who seek to destroy mankind from the face of the earth.  Paul was nothing but a liar, and for all his flowery remarks, he taught doing the opposite of what God, the Prophets and Jesus taught!  Mark, Luke and John all testify against the Original Jesus.  Paul hated God so much that he said the Covenant (Law) was not  given by Elohim, but came as a curse via lowly angels.  So, if you hate God, choose to believe the lies of Paul and Satan, but know Elohim will be true to His unaltered words of life.   

Cease evil and learn to do good; do no evil - this must begin by renewing your mind through repenting to live by the words God and Jesus spoke - not Paul or other "New Testament" books beyond Matthew, and even Matthew was altered.  Wake up!!

What sane and reasonable person cannot recognize the Teachings of Elohim and Jesus (Joshua) are for our good? Can you consider a world where you have no fear of your property being stolen, or a world where you have no fear of someone lying, injuring, murdering or plotting against you to take what you have, or defame your character?  If we all desire to live together in peace, how can we support the murder of the innocent, the theft of property or a good name - let alone believe the lies of those who only stir up mire and muddy the waters of life and good will amongst mankind!?  Can we imagine a world where people don't lie about others, but only truth and justice prevail?  How much evil would be prevented if those who falsely charge another were to be guilty of the crimes they accused the other person of doing? (This is in the "Law" as given by Elohim, but Judaism has been king of false accusations since they got away with it in having Jesus killed, only to be compounded by declaring themselves blessed and justified for having done so!)  

Protection of the innocent from attacks at all levels would certainly have a great impact on everyone.  If we all paid attention to the Teachings of God, it is likely that even gossiping would be a thing of the past!  Those simple Teachings and Commandments of God, 10 just, perfectly reasonable and doable Teachings, when understood by the breadth and depth given to them by God and the Prophets of the Holy Scripture would likely put most religious institutions out of business unless they abandon telling lies about God and His Instructions in Righteousness, Justice and Mercy.  And what of those who had to steal a loaf of bread to survive?  The Commandment, as given, was not to steal the wealth of another - and who can  honestly say stealing a loaf of bread is to be worthily punished by making them a slave - to then steal their God given life and life's work for yourself?  Such a thought was justified at one time.  See the writings of Michael Hoffman about the history of white slavery.  This is the root of the meaning of "kidnapping."  In his writings one can also observe that usery (lending money at interest) was considered a capitol crime until the Roman Church partnered in banking interests with some wealthy Jews of historical fame.  The Covenant Decrees are not a "living document" to be re interpreted by each generation, the Covenant as given by Elohim was to be taught to each successive generation - and it has not been so taught for 3000 years or so.  Hear the matter out - see if it doesn't make sense.  The Covenant is not a "living document", but a Covenant to live by, and thereby be blessed by Elohim.

Upon close observation, there is no commandment that is too hard to understand or do.  Why have Christians believed the reports of Paul that the "Law" was too hard to keep, and that no one can be "saved" who seeks to do the will of God as He gave it in the Everlasting Covenant ratified at Sinai?  If we set His Standards aside, what is to become of us as individuals or a society at large?  Look around today and observe how much evil is multiplying because of "lawlessness" as defined by God.    Are we to believe it is now OK to lie, because some Rabbi twirled a chicken, or we believe Jesus died for our sins, as the "once for all" sacrifice for sin?  (the big lie) - that we are incapable or excused from doing what is right in the eyes of God and fellow humans?  How can this be true if the only record from Jesus' disciples has no such account in it?  Who, then, told us so?  The idea is conveyed no where in all the unaltered Law or Prophets or Psalms or the gospel account written by the disciples of Joshua (Jesus)!  

Is it now justifiable to lie against God and say what He has spoken is ineffective to accomplish what He said His Teachings are able to accomplish in anyone who will observe His Covenant to live just and reasonable lives - to live according to His Covenant?   To observe His Covenant to do them?  Which one of the Ten Teachings is unreasonable?  Which is too hard to do? Really - can anyone prove they are impossible? or unreasonable? or unjust? or given as a curse?!!!  Such thoughts are demon inspired lies against Elohim and His anointed one.

Which was Paul incapable to do, that he said he was not able to keep the Teachings of God given through Moses, which was the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham to bless those of all nations through his offspring?  There is no other record of history that God has revealed Himself and the Standards (conditions He gave in the Covenant) that show they are from Him and are certainly able to accomplish that for which He gave them.   There are no "spiritual mysteries" involved, and those Teachings of God remain true to this day, but few study them to see how beautiful they really are, or that they inter-relate to also provide us the wisdom needed to know the difference between those who serve God and those who say they do, but are His enemies and in rebellion against Him and His anointed one. 

As Jesus taught: "By their fruits ye shall know them." The "fruits" are living by His Covenant, those are the "fruits God is due" from those who serve Him as the One True God.  Worship of God is doing the 10 Decrees.  He called Israel and the multitude out of Egypt to serve Him, which is what the Covenant is.

The "Covenant," according to God and Moses, is the Ten Decrees and the "blessings and the curses", not the "613 Commandments" invented by a Jewish Rabbi in the 1200's, nor is there any truth of God to be found in the Rabbinical Decree of the "Seven Noahite Laws."  Both of these defy what God and Moses said.  

Jesus understood what God was saying, and through his teachings in Matthew we can, should, and must observe the context of every Teaching of Jesus is the Everlasting Covenant of God, as ratified between God and all who choose life, of all nations, not just Jews, as they pretend.  The narrative of the Hebrew Scripture proves the "multitude of nations" ratified the Covenant when given, and were also present when the Covenant was "renewed" upon entry into the Land.  Judaism abandoned God and were following Rabbi's and Sages of the Ages. Proof of this existing to this day can be observed in their current understanding of their history to begin with the "rabbinical age" about 300 BC, rather than when God ratified the Covenant at Sinai.  Jesus (Joshua 2) was also renewing the Covenant is for men of all nations who choose to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  

Even though the World Bank and FED, who trade our birth certificate as a commodity, and thereby claim to possess our soul, and that you are nothing but a "monster" (Per Jordon Maxwell in discussion of symbolism, the FED, and Maratime Law), that piece of paper is not your soul, no matter what they think.  What if some think they can loan money to others without interest, based on the Teachings of God in the Torah, but they are establishing the money upon the value of pretending to sell the souls of the Gentiles on the open market (note birth certificates have a red serial number and the name is all capital letters (Corporation), and then take the money generated falsely on presumed possession of others souls: how is that different than considering them to be a slave to be possessed, traded and sold? - it's just hidden.  All souls belong to God, not the FED or World Bank.  This really isn't about that, but I'd be remiss to not say anything about it.  (See "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" volume 1, and "Planet Rothschild" by M.S.King; I believe the interviews with Jordan Maxwell have been deleted from the internet by the thought police.)  Perhaps the best book to show historical evidence of the plans and perversions spoken of herein, regarding finances and loans and banks is: "The Synagogue of Satan", by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.  While the title is a bold statement based from a passage in Revelation, it is a well researched historical timeline account that shows Jewish Bankers ploys to possess the world for themselves as they seek the destruction of the rest of humanity - particularly Christians - as they plan to impose rule over the world and the "Seven Noahide Laws" upon mankind.  Few realize their hatred towards God, Jesus and Christians - particularly Evangelical Christians who have been deluded by Paul...  We need to know who is a fellow from who are the wolves - stop being willfully ignorant of Elohim or Yehoshua (Joshua/Jesus).  Yehoshua means the salvation of YHWH, not that Jesus was saying or teaching he was God incarnate or a demigod.  Jesus taught doing the will of God as God gave it, not as "Judaism" or "Christianity" twisted His words of life.

YHWH declared the souls of all men are His possession - not the possession of liars and satans.  Do you desire to be freed from the prison houses of lies, to then serve the One True God, and experience all that He offers you?  Learn from God.  Pay close attention to His Instruction that you become wise and abandon lies against Him.  One of the main purposes of the founders of the United States of America goes back to the founders from the Colonies - that of religious freedom - to be able to choose to serve God according to your own conscience, not by the Decree of the "Church State" as it existed from Rome to England.  If we have been free to worship God, why seek to be in submission to those who falsely accused Jesus, and then had Rome participate with them in his execution???  (The "Orthodox Judaism Rabbi who evolved to have codified their "oral torah" as superior to the Everlasting Covenant of Elohim.  Consider how long they have fostered the altered Covenant (3000 years?). 

To know "the" truth requires understanding of foundations, as religious builders abandoned the foundations about 2000 years ago, but the plans still exist, so long as we are willing to revisit the Teachings of God and Jesus from the most original records and ignore the dirt piled upon them by those who chose to defy God and His Instructions - study will require use of both the Hebrew Scripture and the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, because both Christians and Jews have altered their respective accounts. The task is to dig down through the dirt to build our lives on the Rock foundation of the Teachings of Elohim  and  the Elohim inspired teachings of Jesus (account in Matthew that he was begotten of Elohim at his baptism),

The Matthew account of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness establishes core principles for an orderly foundation to build one's life on obedience to God through understanding and living as God Instructed.  I was also misled about that account, as though it was only given to show Jesus was "tempted in like manner with all things that are common to the temptations of all mankind."  Rather than being about "temptations," the account was given to provide guidance when approaching the Scripture, and to not pit the words or blessings of God against Himself, or ourselves, that we are to seek the pathway He gave to "know the truth" and for it to be our light for our pathway in life.  The salvation and blessing of God is based on living by the reasonable, reliable, and just standards given by God.  God is the Teacher and Redeemer;  there is no other (Isaiah 43).  Jesus made no claim to be God incarnate, and we can know this because the record of his chosen disciples (Matthew) tells of no such thing, especially noting the Hebrew Matthew account before it was altered in the Greek account to make it appear less contradictory to the additional gospel accounts of Mark, Luke and John.  We are far better off to observe the depths of Matthew than to muse against it. Matthew may well prove the other gospels are not worthy of study or belief.  Matthew may also prove the rest of the New Testament is nonsense and the source of divisions between those who believe in God and Jesus!  Have we all inherited lies from our fathers?  Do we love Truth enough to believe God and abandon those who try to tell us lies against Him?  ( *2 Corinthians 3: 6-17) The Prophets in the Hebrew Scripture gave much clarity to basic principles, but the Teachings of Jesus were given for those of all nations and have more breadth and depth than anyone since Moses.  Perhaps the greatest thing we can gain from Jesus' teachings is the proper and blessed relationship between a man and his Maker, which requires proper relationship between himself and other men to be a reflection of his relationship to the One True God.  Did God,  who made man in His image, who said upon man being placed upon the earth to be "very good", would mankind need  to rule and subdue the earth with truth, justice, and mercy?  This is the basic core message of the Ten Commandments.  Is this why Jesus placed the "Greatest Commandment" (Thou shalt love the Lord they God, and Him only thou shalt serve) as indivisible from "love your neighbor as yourself" to be "like unto the first Commandment"?  Jesus was showing us that the first commandment cannot be separated from the blessings and the curses, because loving our fellow is the last of the Blessings, and "hating your fellow in your heart" is violation of the 10th commandment that was deleted by unfaithful priests and scribes in the days near Ezekiel.  While Matthew 19:6 discusses marriage, the first principle teaching about not dividing what God has joined together is the "Ten Decrees" given by God and ratified by all present at Mount Sinai.  The Teachings in those Decrees of God were given that we might choose life and live!  And they are the most misrepresented words of God in all the Christian "Bibles" that have ever been printed and read by millions of people!  They are also the most misrepresented words in all the Orthodox Judaism Talmud or writings of their "Sages of the Ages."  Let's all stop the nonsense and face the same words of God as He joined them all together into the "Everlasting Covenant." (Psalm 119)  It is still a false claim to say Jesus taught against the Covenant Law of God, and Matthew proves the context of all his teachings is the Covenant, as given by God.

"(2 Corintians 3: 6-17: (6) Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. (7) But if the ministration of death, written and engraven in stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not stedfastly behold the face of Moses for the glory of his countenance; which glory was to be done away: (8) How shall not the ministration of the spirit be rather glorious? (9) For if the ministration of condemnation be glory, much more doth the ministration of righteousness exceed in glory. (10) For even that which was made glorious had no glory in this respect, by reason of the glory that excelleth. (11) For if that which is done away was glorious, much more that which remaineth is glorious. (12) Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech: (13) And not as Moses, which put a vail over his face, that the children of Israel could not stedfastly look to the end of that which is abolished: (14) But their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ. (15) But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the vail is upon their heart. (16) Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, the vail shall be taken away. (17) Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. (ASV)"(one famous lie of Saul)

The record of Matthew will prove the other gospels to be what they are.  When alterations are found they expose errors, both great and small, and we should never fear to trust the Teachings God gave to know and live by.  God gave His Teachings to elevate us - not to curse or condemn us.  Yes, there is the matter of the blessings and the curses - and it relates solely upon who will accept His Instructions to do them by making them the Standard to live by - as opposed to those who will not honor the Words of God in the Everlasting Covenant.  The matter, according to God, is who will make His instruction to be their standard of life and faith - God given Decrees to live by.  God is the one who promised blessing and kindness towards those who observe His word, and He is also the one who said those who reject His Instruction are cursed. 


Exodus 20: 1-7; "‘God spoke all these statements, saying: "I the LORD am your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage:  You shall have no other gods besides Me.  You shall not make yourself a sculptured image nor any likeness of that which is in the heavens above, or on the earth below or in the water beneath the earth.  You shall not bow down to them or serve them. For I the LORD your God  am an impassioned God, visiting the guilt of the parents upon the children, upon the third and upon the fourth generations, of those that reject Me; but showing kindness to the thousandth generation to those who love Me and keep My commandments.  You shall not swear falsely by the name of the LORD your God; for the LORD will not clear one who swears falsely by His name."( from ETZ HAYIM edition of the Torah)


Exodus 20: 1-7: Stone Edition by Artscroll; "God spoke all these statements, saying: "I am HASHEM, your God, Who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery.  You shall not recognize the gods of others in My presence.  You shall not make yourself a carved image nor any likeness of that which is in the heavens above or on the earth below or in the water beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourself to them nor worship them, for I am HASHEM, your God - a jealous God, Who visits the sin of fathers upon children to the third and fourth generations, for My enemies; but Who shows kindness for thousands (of generations) to those who love Me and observe My commandments.  You shall not take the Name of HASHEM, your God, in vain, for HASHEM will not absolve anyone who takes His Name in vain."

***Note a slight variation between the two translations - Stone Edition: "for my enemies;" and "of those that reject Me" in ETZ HYIM.  Since both are using the same Hebrew Text - it seems safe to understand that those who reject the Instruction and Covenant of God are those who are His enemies?  Carefully note the differences between what we have compared to "V."

"Valediction of Moses" account: (1)"I am Elohim, your god, who freed you from the land of Egypt, from the slave-house.  (2) You shall not have any other gods.  You shall not make a carving or any image that is in the heavens above or the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourselves before them, and you shall not serve them.  I am Elohim, your god."

 Is mankind incapable to repent of lies against Elohim and His anointed one?  (Psalm 2) 

God repeatedly gave simple instructions.  His Teachings are not too hard to understand, or too hard to do.  This is what God said in Deuteronomy 30: 11-20.  The fact is that God said it is no "mystery" at all.  Read the word of God and know the truth that will set you free to serve the One True God and see if He doesn't bless you as He said He will.

"For this commandment I give you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach.   It is not in heaven, that you would need to ask, "Who will ascend into heaven to get it for us and proclaim it, that we may obey it?"   And it is not beyond the sea, that you would need to ask, "Who will cross the sea to get it for us and proclaim it, that we may obey it?"   But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, so that you may obey it.   See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, as well as death and disaster.   For I am commanding you today to love Elohim your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commandments, statutes, and ordinances, so that you may live and increase, and Elohim your God may bless you in the land you are entering to possess.   But if your heart turns away and you do not listen, but are drawn away to bow down to other gods and worship them,   I declare to you today that you will surely perish; you shall not prolong your days in the land you are crossing the Jordan to possess.   I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you today that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. So choose life, so that you and your descendants may live,   and that you may love Elohim your God, obey Him, and hold fast to Him. For He is your life, and He will prolong your life in the land Elohim swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

God never expected or demanded perfection as told by Paul in: "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."  Throughout the Torah we are told of His abundant forgiveness and kindness towards those who wholeheartedly repent to do His will - to abandon evil and learn to do good.   This is the message of Isaiah 1, where God said: "Come, let us reason together"!  The message of Elohim has been consistent from the beginning of the Hebrew Scriptures, but men have altered His words of life!

What kind of God will not forgive anyone unless He had His only Son slain as a sacrifice so He could see the blood of His Son covering the persons who are His enemies to see them as part (or extension) of His Son? This may be a frightful thought for many Christians to consider but let's do a reality check to see if that belief has any foundation in the Teachings, Decrees or Justice as given by Elohim, or if it was taught as a foundational principle by Jesus in Matthew.

What reasonable and sane person would not be willing to forgive someone unless they killed their own son to forgive someone who had wronged them?    Wouldn't this be nonsense, and dare we say evil?!  Is Elohim unable to forgive without taking life?! We need to face the fact that the book of "Hebrews" testifies against Elohim, the Covenant, and even the mercy and goodness of God.

Isaiah chapter one proves that living uprightly by His Teachings about justice and righteousness must precede our worship or sacrifice to Him, or our prayers for His blessing our lives, or requests to Him in prayer.  The truth is plainly told through the prophet Ezekiel in chapter eighteen, which says nothing about blood sacrifice being required by God to forgive, but that repenting and faithfulness to doing what He said is good is required.  It always has been!  I have found no word of God that foretells killing Himself or His direct offspring so He will forgive His enemies of their sins against Him!  Neither did Jesus indicate any such reason for why he was to be crucified!  No, in Matthew the reason he was unjustly put to death was to fulfill prophecy in Scripture - not to provide blood atonement to the enemies of God. Jesus, in his death, bore the iniquity of the injustice and lawlessness of the leadership in Israel of his time on earth.  In crucifying Jesus, they were fulfilling Isaiah 53!  Jesus (Joshua) bore the deeds of their rejection of the words God had given him to teach to Israel and mankind - saying to serve and obey Elohim, not corrupted men.

As for the account of God commanding Abraham about Isaac: God stayed Abraham's hand because He did not desire human sacrifice ; it was one of the tests God put Abraham through to see if he would be faithful and obedient, not a foreshadowing to prove Jesus' shed blood on the cross was the slain "lamb of God."  After having read some in the Hebrew account translated into English, it could be the passage was mistranslated and that God called for Abraham to take Isaac to the mountain to make a sacrificial offering to God, not to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to God.  The viewpoint I share certainly fits with the statement of God to Israel regarding the practice of child sacrifice to Moloch or Baal: God said when corrupted Israel did this that such a thing had never entered His mind and that it was an abomination!  Think about this and see if you can disprove it by the unaltered Hebrew Scripture account. (Dead Sea Scrolls Bible and the Hebrew Scripture)

Let's review what God says in Isaiah chapter one, and in Ezekiel chapter eighteen:

Isaiah 1:

The vision of Isaiah son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem, in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah:  Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth, for Elohim has spoken: "Children have I raised and exalted, but they have rebelled against Me.  An ox knows his owner, and a donkey his master's trough; but Israel does not know, My people does not comprehend."

Woe! (They are) a sinful nation, a people weighed down by iniquity, evil offspring, destructive children!  They have forsaken Elohim; they have angered the Holy One of Israel, and have turned their back (to Him).  For what have you been smitten, since you continue to act perversely?  Each head (is smitten) with sickness; each heart (with) infirmity.  From the sole of the foot to the head, nothing in him is whole; (only) injury, bruise, and festering wound: They have not been treated and they have not been bandaged, and (the wound) has not been softened with oil.  Your country is desolate; your cities are burned with fire; as for your land - strangers consume its (yield) in your presence; it is desolate as if overturned by foreigners.  The daughter of Zion is left like a booth in a vineyard, like a shed in a field of gourds, like a city besieged.  Had not Elohim, Master of Legions, left us a trace of a remnant, we would have been like Sodom; we would have resembled Gomorrah! 

Hear the word of Elohim, O chiefs of Sodom, give ear to the teaching of our God, O people of Gomorrah:

Why do I need your numerous sacrifices? Says Elohim.  I am sated with elevation-offerings of rams and the fat of fatlings; the blood of bulls, sheep and goats I do not desire.  When you come to appear before Me, who sought this from your hand, to trample My Courtyards?  Bring your worthless meal-offering no longer; it is incense of abomination to Me.  (As for) the New Moon and Sabbath, and your calling of convocations, I cannot abide your appointed times; they have become a burden upon Me; I am weary of bearing (them).  When you spread your hands (in prayer), I will hide My eyes from you; even if you were to intensify your prayer, I will not listen; your hands are replete with blood.  Wash yourselves, purify yourselves, remove the evil of your deeds from before My eyes; cease doing evil.  Learn to do good, seek justice, vindicate the victim, render justice to the orphan, take up the grievance of the widow." (Note how this fits with the "great commission of Matthew and the sermon of Peter on Pentecost: hear, believe, repent, be baptized, grow in the will of God as taught by Jesus - to keep whatsoever his disciples said he had first taught them, which certainly taught the proper interpretation and application of the Law.)

Come, now, let us reason together, says Elohim.  If your sins are like scarlet they will become white as snow; if they have become red as crimson, they will become (white) as wool.  If you are willing and obey, you will eat the goodness of the land.  But if you refuse and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword - for the mouth of Elohim has spoken.

How the faithful city has become a harlot! - she had been full of justice, righteousness lodged in her, but now murderers!  Your silver has become dross, your heady wine diluted with water.  Your princes are rebellious and associates of thieves; each of them loves bribery and pursues payments.  They do not render justice to the orphan; the grievance of the widow does not come to them.

Therefore - the word of the Lord, Elohim, Master of Legions, Mighty One of Israel: Oh, I shall be relieved of My adversaries, and I shall avenge Myself of My enemies!  I will turn My hand against you, until I refine your dross as with lye and I remove all your base metal.  Then I will restore your judges as at first, and your counselors as at the beginning; after that you will be called "City of Righteousness, Faithful City."  Zion will be redeemed through justice, and those who return to her through righteousness; but calamity (awaits) rebels and sinners together, and those who forsake Elohim will perish; for they will become ashamed of the idolatrous elms that you desired, and you will be embarrassed over the gardens that you chose.  For you will be like an elm tree with withered leaves, and like a garden without water.  The mighty will be like flax and its maker like a spark; and the two of them will burn together, with no one to extinguish it."

(SE - "HASHEM" replaced with Elohim as "HASHEM" means "The NAME"

(Note that proper living precedes acceptable worship - God desires our living justly and righteously - not blood sacrifices.  Also recall who God said are unjust or cursed in the Decrees and the blessings and the curses.  Most important to the "Christian" beliefs from Paul - God does not absolve those who are His enemies - even if they are Israel!)

Ezekiel 18:

"The word of Elohim came to me, saying:

Why do you relate this parable upon the land of Israel, saying, ‘The fathers eat sour grapes, but the teeth of the sons are set on edge!'  As I live - the word of the Lord YHWH/ELOHIM - (I swear) that there will no longer be anyone among you who uses this parable in Israel.  Behold, all souls are Mine; like the soul of the father, so the soul of the son, they are Mine.  The soul that sins - it shall die.

If a man is righteous and practices justice and righteousness; he does not partake of idolatrous sacrifices upon the mountains (or twirl chickens?); does not lift his eyes towards the idols of the House of Israel; does not defile his neighbor's wife nor approach an impure woman; does not oppress any man; returns collateral for a debt; does not rob any loot; gives his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with clothing; does not give loans with usury nor take interest; withholds his hand from corruption; executes true justice between man and man; goes according to My decrees and observes My ordinances to practice truth - he is a righteous man; he shall surely live - the word of the Lord, YHWH/ELOHIM.

If he begets a violent son, who sheds blood, who does any of these sins to his brother, who does not do all these good deeds: for he even partakes of idolatrous sacrifices upon the mountains; defiles his neighbor's wife; oppresses the poor and the needy; robs loot; does not return collateral; lifts his eyes towards the idols; commits abomination; gives loans with usury and takes interest - should he live?  He shall not live!  He has committed all these abominations; he shall surely die and his blood will be upon himself.

Then if he begets a son who sees all the sins of his father that he had done; he sees, but does not do (acts) like them;: He does not partake of idolatrous sacrifices upon the mountains; does not lift his eyes towards the idols of the House of Israel; does not defile his neighbor's wife; does not oppress any man; does not keep collateral, does not rob any loot; gives his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with clothing; withholds his hand from harming the poor; does not take usury or interest; obeys My ordinance and follows My decrees - he shall not doe for his father's iniquity; he shall surely live.

His father, because he has cruelly oppressed others, has robbed loot from his brother and did that which is not good among his people - behold, he died for his sin.  Yet you say, ‘Why did the son not bear the iniquity of the father?'  But the son performed justice and righteousness, and observed all My decrees and performed them; he should surely live!  The soul that sins it shall die!  A son shall not bear the iniquity of his father and a father shall not bear the iniquity of his son; the righteousness of the righteous person shall be upon him and the wickedness of the wicked person shall be upon him.

As for the wicked man, if he repents from all his sins that he committed, and he observes all My decrees and practices justice and righteousness, he shall surely live, he shall not die.  All his transgressions that he committed will not be remembered against him; he shall live because of the righteousness that he did.  Do I desire at all the death of the wicked man? - the word of the Lord YHWH/ELOHIM.  Is it not rather his return from his ways, that he might live?

And when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and practices corruption, shall he do like all the abominations that the wicked man did, and live?  All his righteousness that he had done will not be remembered because of his treachery with which he betrayed and because of his sin that he sinned.  Because of them, he shall die!

And if you should say, ‘The way of my Lord is not proper' - hear now, O House of Israel!  Is My way not proper?  Surely it is your ways that are not proper!  When the righteous man turns away from his righteousness and practices corruption, he shall die for them; for the corruption that he practiced he shall die.  And if the wicked man turns away from his wickedness that he did and performs justice and righteousness, he will cause his soul to live.  Because he contemplated and repented from all his transgressions that he did he shall surely live; he shall not die.  Yet the House of Israel says, ‘The way of my Lord is not proper.'  Are My ways not proper, O House of Israel?  Surely it is your ways that are not proper!   Therefore, I will judge you, each man according to his ways, O House of Israel - the word of the Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM.  Turn yourselves back and live!"

***"performs justice and righteousness" would be repentance and restitution as told by God in the Torah, which preceded when God said: "And so he shall be forgiven."

All the words of God are reasonable, just, dependable, and true; He will be faithful to uphold His word as given - but not the altered words, and certainly not the promises or teachings of corrupted men (Those who uphold the "oral torahs"). or a false apostle.  His faithfulness will be to uphold those who trust His Instructions to be their manner of life and conduct.  The fact is that God does not desire anyone perish, but has declared who loves Him, as well as who He deems cursed and wicked.   Considering that God is the same yesterday, today and forever - and that He will uphold His word - those who believe the love of God is unconditional had best repent and go to  both the Ten Decrees from  Mount Sinai, as well as the "The Blessings and the Curses" to see what Elohim really said and know that He has not altered His word.  No doubt false prophets and false accusers (satans) have tried to alter His word in an attempt to prevent us from knowing and believing it.  It is also likely Paul was foisted up to get us to believe in the "Church State" that those who fled to the New World sought to escape!!!  Open both of your eyes - open both of your ears - open your mind to the words of God:

"Valediction of Moses" account: (1)"I am Elohim, your god, who freed you from the land of Egypt, from the slave-house.  (2) You shall not have any other gods.  You shall not make a carving or any image that is in the heavens above or the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourselves before them, and you shall not serve them.  I am Elohim, your god."

The first "Teaching" of Jesus in Matthew comes from the temptation account and his response to Satan: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God", a quote from Deuteronomy 8:3.  Given the account in Genesis to contain words from God, these will tell us that Elohim said mankind is capable and responsible to improve himself, and that sin, if not repented of, can possess us and take over our lives - and that in turning to do what is right, there is forgiveness - elevation towards God.  It is a Christian fabrication that man became abjectly corrupted because of Adam and Eve eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.  What brought death was not partaking of the Tree of life.  What were His words to Cain in Genesis 4: 6-7?  It's appropriate to look at these again.

"And God said to Cain, "Why are you annoyed, and why has your countenance fallen?  Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven.  But if you do not improve yourself, sin rests at the door.  Its desire is toward you, yet you can conquer it." (Stone Edition)


Most Evangelical Christians believe the doctrine of Calvinism, which is one step removed from the Protestant Reformation by Luther, which was based primarily from the writings of Paul as found in the book of Romans and salvation by faith apart from works. Look carefully for support of this doctrine in the teachings of Jesus in Matthew:  It's nonexistent.  Neither is it found anywhere in the Holy Scriptures - those which were guarded from alteration by the Jews.


The Instructions of God are for us - not against us.


Man was created of the dust of the earth and the breath of life from Elohim.   Death is the final lesson of this life - but is not the end of all, as Elohim is the God of the living, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The soul that sins - it shall die. The essence of who we are - our soul - lives on beyond the body.   One place God spoke of the hereafter is the passage quoted from Micah - that God will spare those who are His in the Day that He will make to give each their just reward.  As God told Cain - in improving ourselves - there is elevation - we bring ourselves closer to God.  Being created in His image, we should reflect His character and goodness - we should reflect His justice and mercy - we should grow to understand His pathway and wisdom through living a just and reasonable life which  is what the Torah, Psalms, Prophets and the Teachings of Jesus (Yeshua) are totally about.  His commandment about the Sabbath is not just about the Seventh Day, but also that since we were created in His image, we therefore should "do likewise" to live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God and realize who He has blessed and who is cursed.  When we realize the Truth and Goodness of Elohim, there is no way we can bo back to claim God has left mankind without His Testimony about how to live life the way He created it to be.  Each day is created by God, and His word is everlasting - for this life and all that is to come - so long as the heavens and earth exist.  It could well be that the world to come is on this earth - once those who are evil are judged by God as was Sodom and Gomorrah and those not of God will be ashes under the feet of the saints - this may be the clearest we are told about what is to come, but we need to first ensure we place our trust in God, and according to Him - this requires distinguishing between "the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves God and the one who serves Him not."

"So that they shall be mine, says the LORD of hosts, even my own possession, in the day that I make; and I will spare them, as a man spares his own son that serves him.  Then you will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves God and the one who serves him not."


What is the meaning of "serves God?"  This is where we need to distinguish from the beginning - the creation of the heavens and the earth, and what the purpose and duty of man was given to be - nothing of the purpose of God has changed since then.  If man was created to conquer and subdue the earth - and man was created in the image of God - we should be doing those things by reflecting the character God built into our nature - not by defying what is just and right. 

Although we don't have a record of the original teachings taught to Adam, we can observe what was instructed by the manner of life that was lived by those recorded by Moses in the record from Adam through Jacob and the children of Israel.  Records of their lives were told to give information and instruction to us to observe carefully what those did who pleased God - the righteous - from those who did not - the wicked. 

In particular, the record of the life of Abraham provides many lessons we should observe carefully.  It is common Jewish understanding that Abraham passed a number of tests by God to prove himself faithful and worthy to be given the promise of God that through his descendants men of all nations would be blessed by God.  I've read some of the Jewish records, and they tend toward saying it was ten tests Abraham passed, but the lists are not the same, which should lead us to know it was not "ten", but the tests God gave him are in the record and certainly worthy of our study and understanding. I would urge some caution to think that every act of Abraham was a good example to follow.  One example is his repeatedly not telling others that Sarah was his wife.  Even others, as noted in the account, knew it was not right for Abraham to have deluded them from the truth that Sarah was his wife.  Yet God still blessed Abraham.  It would be reasonable to view this compared to some bad things done by David.  Both Abraham and David show that God is able to make men better as they grow in their faithful relationship to Him and trusting in His Instructions to then be blessed by God to become a better person - not that doing anything evil results in good. (Or that "white magic" spells are condoned by Elohim.  Those of Elohim will not petition the dead, demons, spirits, or practice the magic arts or any method of "divining" texts to gain hidden meanings.)  We must also blazingly note the Covenant Standards given by Elohim are not what we have been told for 3000 years!!!!  Wake up and learn the real truth.  Learn to become wise, which is known by carefully observing the Covenant to do it!!!

Let's examine the Ten Decrees in the accounts from the "Valediction of Moses" and compare it to the account in the Hebrew to English translation.  God said much more than the common "Ten Commandments" as taught to children - we need to keep the Word of God intact - not make a "cut and paste" shortened list from what He gave us to know.


Exodus 20: 1-14; "God spoke all these statements, saying: I am YHWH your God, who has taken (liberated) you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery.  (the children of Israel and a "multitude of nations" left Egypt together to serve the One True God and both were present at Mount Sinai)

"V"  1) I am Elohim, your god, who freed you from the land of Egypt, from the slave-house. 

The meaning of the texts is nearly identical, excepting that "Elohim" is used, rather than "YHWH."  In the "V" account "YHWH" is used sparingly, mainly at the beginning and the end of the account, and "Elohim" is the identifying name throughout the Ten Declarations and The Blessings and The Curses.  Elohim caused the exodus to take place for those who desired to believe, trust and serve Him - He liberated them, He did not force them to leave - it was their choice to believe and leave.

Currrent Hebrew translation to English:

"You shall have no other gods before Me (literally "upon my face").  You shall not make yourself a carved image nor any likeness of that which is in the heavens above, or on the earth below or in the water beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourself to them nor worship them, for I am YHWH your God - a jealous (zealous) God, who visits the sin of fathers upon children to the third and fourth generations of them that hate Me; but who shows kindness unto the thousandth generation of those who love Me and observe My commandments."  ("Trinity" doctrine is viewed by Jews to be the greatest sin against God.  Teaching Jesus to be "God manifest in the flesh" is to place the face of a mortal man upon the face of God - which is also prohibited in the First Decree.  Bowing down to Icons  or statues, or a cross and praying to them is also a violation of the First Decree - if God is believed.)

:V"   You shall not have any other gods.  You shall not make a carving or any image that is in the heavens above or the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourselves before them, and you shall not serve them.  I am Elohim, your god.

We can observe there are distinct differences between current texts and "V", and the overwhelming evidence is that "V" is the true account.  Differences will be pointed out throughout this comparison.  Again, we can note "YHWH" versus "Elohim", and that Moses chose to use "Elohim" in the account to be taught to everyone, and to have the NAME of God commonly known as "Elohim."  The plurality of El (god) to denote the Majesty of Elohim, as the Decree says He is a single god, not many gods that are "one in purpose" as some have imagined.  The Hebrew texts, from one end to the other testify there is only One God - and as "V" noted, he is a single God - not a plurality.  The "Trinity Doctrine" of Christianity it absolutely unsupported in all the Hebrew Scriptures - even though they were altered, they never testified as "Christians" have, and in Matthew, Jesus (*Joshua) never claimed to be "divine" or "pre-existant" or "co creator).  Fact is that the best of the Catholic scholars acknowledge there is no scriptural proof for the Trinity, and that it must be accepted by faith, based upon the decree of the Church and Pope - pretended authority of Peter - a total fabrication of fact in my humble opinion.  I know of no Christian that believes Jesus was praying to himself, or that he spoke to himself at his baptism.  Jesus taught doing the will of Elohim, who was referred to as "our father in heaven."  In saying "our", he was acknowledging the Father is the Creator of mankind, and that He blesses those who keep His Covenant as given.  Jesus, in Matthew, taught no other god than Elohim, and by his teachings, we can observe he was teaching to keep the Covenant as given by Elohim.  Study of Matthew will prove this is true - prepare to have your world-view rocked by truth.

Continuing the Hebrew to English account, we need to note a remarkable departure of fact between "V" and the current account.  I am leaving my previous comments on each Standard intact, so as to show the differences can affect what we believe God said:

"You shall not take the Name of YHWH, your God, in vain, for YHWH will not absolve (hold guiltless) anyone who takes His Name in vain."  (Due to this commandment it seems the command of Jesus about ‘blasphemy against the Holy Spirit' being the only ‘unforgivable sin" may be a fabrication in the NT Matthew.  The Hebrew of this commandment in English translation, according to Dennis Prager, is not to "carry" the NAME of God in vain.  A good example would be if one were representing a supervisor on a job site and be careless in their representation of what his standards are for the work, that would not be "carrying" the name of the boss faithfully.  Another could be if we elect someone to office who then turns against what they said they would be doing for us in their representing us in their capacity they were elected to fulfill - that would be carrying the authority we invested in them in vain.  It is with utmost care that if we claim the NAME of God - to be "My people" of God,  and then reject representing Him in our lives as He decreed we should.  Many examples are found in "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews", when slaves were treated in many evil ways - violating every Commandment YHWH had given them and considering themselves absolved because they believe Blacks were declared to be slaves by God, and that non Jews do not possess any more soul than an animal - which is certainly not true, as when Moses wife died, he married a black woman.  The book is certainly worth the read, as it exposes many things, and the evil thoughts that can be done in "the name of God" that defy the Standards of righteousness God said they must live by - and these things were largely due to their following Rabbi's teachings and interpretations, instead of simply hearing and doing what God obviously said.  If the Covenant is the Ten Teachings of YHWH, why have Christians chose to believe the writings of Paul, rather than God?  *The Protestant reformation was based on the writings of Paul - not the Teachings of YHWH or the teachings of Jesus, as told by his chosen witnesses, emissaries'.)

"V": Sanctify the seventh day and rest on it.  For in six days I made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and I rested on the seventh day.  Therefore you too shall rest, along with your livestock and all that you have.  I am Elohim, your god.

Here we can observe a remarkable difference between current Hebrew accounts, as compared to the Covenant in the time of Ezekiel.  How can it not be a valid question to ponder over this glaring discrepancy of what has been done to the Covenant of Elohim??  To alter the Teachings, if given by Elohim, can bring no good, if God is true.  Were His Instructions not good enough for them to do?  Were they ashamed of them for some reason?  Or, perhaps they came to view the Covenant as a "living document" that we have the option to revise our understanding to adopt it to the whims of each generation?  We either have  good directions from God, or not.  Given the hatred and bigotry of Orthdox Judaism against Jesus and his followers, an ape should be able to see they are in gross error, and given they are men, not apes, one can only conclude who they serve to be based on what they believe - and how this relates to the way they view others to not be equally created in the image of Elohim, or to lack a soul. (Law of the tent)  Historical mis treatment of blacks in slavery was based on the lie that they were animals, not of Adam?

"Remember to keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it.  Six days shall you work and accomplish all your work; but the seventh day is Sabbath to YHWH your God; you shall not do any work - you, your son, your daughter, your slave, your maidservant, your animal, and your covert within your gates - for in six days YHWH made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and He rested on the seventh day.  Therefore, YHWH blessed the Sabbath day and sanctified it." 

"V": "Sanctify the seventh day and rest on it.  For in six days I made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and I rested on the seventh day.  Therefore you too shall rest, along with your livestock and all that you have.  I am Elohim, your god."

Anyone can easily note that current editions show a longer version than "V".  One thing in common between the two accounts is to "sanctify" the seventh day.  Looking back into the account before the "Covenant" ("V" Pact) was ratified, did Elohim say what it meant to "sanctify" themselves in preparing to be visited by Elohim?  This was done as a two day preparation of setting themselves separate in preparation for the day.  But is this really the point?  They had sanctified themselves to receive His Teaching, and the Teaching about the Sabbath was given before the Ten Commandments, and before what Elohim said about sanctifying oneself.  In the Teaching, Elohim says to "sanctify" the day, not as a commandment to "sanctify" themselves.  The point, as made by Elohim, is that as He had worked to create, and then rested, that we also are to work, and then rest from our labor, and not only us, but all we have, noting living creatures, as all are blessed to have a day off to recuperate from work.  The Covenant is about justice and righteousness - knowing good from evil, and to preserve and bless our lives, not as a curse or a "placeholder until Jesus came."  Sanctify carries the meaning to be set-apart in the sense of purpose, in particular a religious purpose.  Those of the Covenant/Pact are to be set-apart to Elohim by holding onto the Covenant to keep it.  Isaiah 56 and 57 also speak to this sense and provide clarity of meaning - those who are blessed by Elohim are those who grasp Him and the Sabbath tightly and keep the Covenant as He gave it.  Those are the ones God said He will bless and preserve - not those who defy Him and His Covenant Instructions - which include understanding the Ten Teachings and the "Blessings" and the "Curses"   Those are the unalterable Teachings of Elohim/YHWH.  We can muse over the account in the wilderness of one who was stoned for breaking the Sabbath Standard of doing no work, and we can also note Elohim cast Israel from the Land for not keeping the Sabbath of giving the Land rest from "work" every "seventh" year. 

For anyone who doubts the Sabbath as given by Elohim, "From Sabbath to Sunday" was written by a Seventh Day Adventist member as a thesis to prove the change from the Sabbath day to Sunday was based completely upon Papal decree - not by any teachings of Elohim or Jesus.  The book proves this is the truth, so why do Christians imagine otherwise?  Dare I again bring up this perversion is because of the deceptions of Paul?

The simple matter is "do no work".  So how has Orthodox Judaism, through their "oral torah's" turned this into hundreds of pages of rabbinical teachings the "orthodox" Jew must keep?  As Jesus pointed out, they were heaping commandments of men upon the true Teachings of God, and that we need to simply and honestly keep the Instructions of God to follow likewise in His example.  Pay attention to the ways given by Elohim, not men.  Jesus was merely saying to obey God - not man.  And for this they killed him??

The Sabbath was mainly kept in the home, so Christians have no excuse to pretend they keep it by going to Church on Sunday, or that Sunday is "The Lord's Day" because Jesus resurrected from the dead on a Sunday.  Remember, in the Sermon on the Mount he taught to not even think he came to set anything of the Law or Prophets aside, or to loosen the requirements given by Elohim.  If you believe otherwise, someone has tricked you to disbelieve Elohim and Joshua (Jesus).  "The Lord's Day" has roots to the passage about the judgment day, the day of Elohim when all will give account of themselves, not "Sunday."  [Also note those who worked at the Temple, or when a child was circumcised]

"Honor your father and your mother, so that your days will be lengthened upon the land that YHWH, your God, gives you."

"V"   Honor your father and your mother.  I am Elohim, your god.

The "V" account is substantially the same, as language added in current editions can be observed from ancient sources to be included from the dialogue or the blessings and the curses.  The main thing missing is that each of the Commandment Standards are bracketed by "I am Elohim, your god."  The reason to keep the Teaching is because it was given by Elohim, and it is true, and it is the proper way to live life in a society that promotes life, truth, justice and mercy through recognizing what Elohim said is good from what is evil.

The most oppressive systems on earth are those that prohibit what Elohim has blessed.  Those most blessed are those who live by His Teachings.  God created man to be raised by parents who teach their children the reality of living justly in a unjust world, and to live justly in a world filled with justice - if the justice is based on the justice of Elohim.

Anyone should be able to see how ignoring the justice of Elohim has resulted in all manner of injustice today, as truth is spoken of as evil, and evil to be good.  Truth, as defined by Elohim, is as dead in the streets of America as it has been dead in the pulpits of Christianity - they defame Jesus and God by defaming what they taught is good and blessed.  "By your words you will be judged, and by your deeds you will be convicted." - Jesus. The justice of God is that those who have made false accusations are to be held guilty of what they falsely accused others of.

My father was a preacher in the Church of Christ and taught to honor the "Bible" as the words of God.  Yet later in life when I discovered the first evidence Christian Bibles altered the words of God and the Hebrew Scripture, rather than condoning I continue to search the matter out, his reply was "I wouldn't do that if I were you."  Why not, if the words of God might have been altered?  Why not investigate the matter as deeply as possible, as I was also taught the Serpent was cursed for having deceived Adam and Eve away from what Elohim had told them?  As I look back on my investigation to the most ancient of sources - it's chilling to realize we've all been deceived away from the foundational Teachings and Covenant of Elohim - both Jew and "gentile" - none of us possess the Scripture as it was given by Elohim, and the question is who dares believe Him today?

My own brother recently called me a heretic for belief in the teachings and words of Elohim and Joshua (Jesus), because I no longer believed lies against God.  So, if you are spoken of as evil for having testified truthfully of God and Joshua - know of His blessings to you, and of your sure reward of Elohim in the Day that He will make to reward each for how they lived their life, and whether they trusted in Him as their Redeemer and Savior and God.  See what Jesus said in the Beattitudes and know you are blessed as he said you would be.

Copied from the Hebrew Matthew, chapter 5:

9.       Blessed are those who pursue peace for they shall be called sons of God. Is. 26:12; Ps:122:8; 72:3-7.


10.   Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Ps.38:20; Is. 66:5


11.   Blessed are you when they persecute and revile you and say against you all kinds of evil for my sake, but speak falsely. Ps. 119:85-87; La. 3:22-23.


12.   Rejoice and be glad for your reward is very great in heaven, for thus they persecuted the prophets. Ps. 37; 89:19-29. [Review historical record in the entire OT to verify that God was calling them to repent and live righteously - according to His instruction.]


13.   At that time Jesus said to his disciples: You are salt in the world.  If the salt is neutralized in regard to its taste with what will it be salted?  It is fit for nothing but to b cast outside to be trampled under foot. Ps. 18; 37.


14.   You are light in the world.  A city built upon a hill cannot be hidden.


15.   They do not light a lamp to place it in a hidden place where it cannot shine; but they place it upon a lamp stand so that it might shine for all in the house.


16.   Thus let your light shine before every man to show them your good deeds which are praised and glorified before your Father who is in heaven. Ex. 10-20. [Consider the righteous until Abram were not "Jews" or "Israel", but men who feared God and lived circumspect lives in faithfulness to Him and teaching their children the pathways given by God.  It was not until Jesus (Yeshua) that we find the call to make disciples of His pathways as taught in Matthew - which was soon overshadowed and confused by alteration of and addition to what Christians call the "New Testament" - a term curiously used by the first heretic - Marcion.] [[All three Abrahamic faith divisions divide over who Jesus was - then further divisions were introduced by Saul/Paul and alterations to Matthew and putting three other gospel accounts after Matthew that disagree with the testimony of Jesus' disciples who had written Matthew in Hebrew before 40 CE.  The "Christian" "New Testament" is not the inerrant word of God.]]


17.   At that time Jesus said to his disciples: Do not think that I came to annul the Torah, but to fulfill it. Du. 4, 12, 13, 18, 34. Lev. Gen. Num. Ex. Nu. *Exodus 20; Is 42.


18.   Truly I say to you that until heaven and earth depart not one letter or dot shall be abolished from the Torah or the Prophets, because all will be fulfilled. [[Ps. 89; Torah established as an eternal and everlasting covenant - Genesis through Deuteronomy.  See the link on the Gospel and the Law and the link on how God said to know truth from lies.  The Core of the Torah are the Ten Declarations, the blessings, and the curses.  Realize that our current scriptures have been altered.  See "The Valediction of Moses" account of Deuteronomy.]].


19.   He who shall transgress one word of these commandments and shall teach others, shall be called a vain person in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever upholds and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.  [[If the "Commandments" were altered before Jesus' days, we may find it interesting to pay attention and see if the newly discovered Valediction of Moses account will bring more light to know Jesus taught according to the Covenant as originally given?  I find this very compelling evidence that his teachings were inspired Teachings of Elohim!]]


20.   At that time Jesus said to his disciples: Truly I say to you, if your righteousness is not greater than the Pharisees and the sages, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. [Jesus was not saying the Pharisees and Sages were righteous, as we see later his condemnation of their haughty and hypocritical lives and teachings.]



Current account we have: "You shall not kill; you shall not commit adultery; you shall not steal; you shall not bear false witness against your fellow (thy neighbor)."

As anyone can see below in the "V" account, this is a very shortened list that sounds basic and reasonable, but when viewed along with "V" we can see many departures between our current account and "V".  First is that "You shall not kill" is not placed before "you shall not commit adultery..."  Second is "you shall not kill" is absent, but certainly within the accounts of the Law in the rest of the Torah, but "V" finds closest association to justice - a system of justice that is not one taking revenge for the death of another, but rather the commandment was to not submit a false judgment - which would be related to a capitol crime punishment of the death penalty - as the closest link, thereby linking directly to the blessing of one who does not take revenge upon themselves to do.  Many crimes have been done in a fit of rage or passion, but many have also been done with forethought of malice - such as crucifying Jesus, but I really don't want to beat that drum all the time, as we are trying to notice the differences made in altering the Covenant given by Elohim. 

"V": You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment.  I am Elohim, your god." 

Although not in the original order of "V", this seems to be the closest fit to the curses, but I'm completely open to reasonable discussion or debate or reading other scholarship discussion this to ensure we are properly understanding the Instructions of Elohim.  I would be very interested to hear from anyone - whether Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or Christian scholarship among those willing to return harmony to the Teachings of God, so long as they are willing to admit all of our "Scriptures" have been altered, and of the need to rely heavily upon the most ancient evidences... and proof of what is right must not pit the words of God against Himself, or those of any nation who desire to grasp Him and His Covenant tightly, to observe and do it. (Isaiah 56, 57) and that Jesus was making the Torah honorable for men of all nations to observe.  (Isaiah 42).  How is this not a reasonable goal if he was a true prophet that people have altered his teachings or denied his teachings?  Too much of Matthew finds harmony with the Law and Prophets to ignore it.  No other book of Christian Scripture finds accord to the Teachings of God!

Needless to say, God will hold anyone accountable who has murdered another, stolen him as a slave, or who has caused the shortening of the life of another - but since the Torah also contains laws on war, to defend yourself, your family, or your people/nation from those seeking to destroy you is certainly condoned by Elohim as He already told Israel, He knew of their plans and warned them to do as He had instructed them - which we can see today is all but lost to the annuls of time because they followed those who altered His Covenant and turned to follow demons - that is the true history, and it can be verified by looking up where the "Star of David" came from - Egypt and Babylon dabbling in demons, as the symbol stands for one triangle being pointed up (man) and one pointed down (fallen angels), and the two working together to make the symbol of the six pointed star.)  There is no crime before God to rid the earth of the wicked when He says it is time to end evil on the earth - particularly evil leaders.  Only the evil would consider that a crime.  Search internet videos on "the star of remphan"

star of remphan - - Video Search Results (

Looking to the "blessings and the curses" should provide us some guidance when dealing with altered Standards given by Elohim to live by.  Look over the list of both to see what fits, and what doesn't.  See if my comments above about judgment and revenge fit - or not.  We also need to note if Elohim held the commandments as lessor and greater commandments, as have Orthodox Rabbi.  Two foundational matters are the basis of them being from Elohim - so they should provide adequate directions and match what Elohim had said through the Prophets of what Israel was guilty of that He was telling the prophets to tell them of their specific repentance needs to those of the time of each prophet, or to each half, whether sent to the Northern Kingdom or the Southern Kingdom (Israel or Judah)  If there is a gradation, it is what is a capitol offence from what is not.  All are equally important to do because this was the Instruction of God, Moses and the Prophets that keeping all the Covenant, the blessings and the curses - as given, and to not alter it to add or take away from what Elohim gave us at Mount Sinai!  This is absolutely laid out in the final Commandment, final Blessing and final Curse - that all given through Moses was to be in unity and not bifurcated apart or added to... they were to be the Everlasting Standard of Elohim.

"V": (8) You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment.  I am Elohim, your god.

Blessing: "Blessed is the man who does not avenge or exact retribution for the soul of his brother."

Curses: "Cursed is he who strikes down his fellow in secret."

Three closely related in the Ten Commandments are reasonably placed together because violation of one can easily lead to violation of another, but the point of this study is to observe the Teachings of Elohim as given through Moses, before they were altered near the time of Ezekiel.  Anyone should be able to look the "V" account over and see that they include far more instruction in righteousness.

Is the commandment about false judgement?  "You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment.  I am Elohim, your god." This would require we also understand the rules of witnesses given by Elohim, and their foundation is based from Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13 and 18.  More could be written on those rules, as this is one of the greatest sources of evil today - that liars get away with lies and the liars against humanity are our politicians and main stream  news media outlets and all who muzzle free speech, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, the WHO, CDC, CDC, and others who seek the destruction of mankind and who support Communists or perversion of justice (CIA, FBI, DOJ, Supreme Court, CDC, NIH, EPA, and Continuity of Government (which defies every commandment and principle given by Elohim).  Two Corporations run most of the businesses on earth - so much for those who nullified the laws about monopoly and banks gambling with investments, or to say banks own your money when you deposit it with them, or that those whose crops are contaminated by genetically altered crops by cross pollination then become the property of the one who contaminated the other!  Justice at the Supreme Court is dead - it no longer exists... they even denied looking at the evidence of election fraud, when everyone knew it took place but the ones lying about it, and they knew too, or why else not let the facts come out openly so all could see the claims of fraud were totally unsubstantiated?????   See who really controls us.  The justice of Elohim holds those who make false charges to what they accused the other of.  The inverse of this is that to deny justice by not hearing evidence and failing to prosecute crimes is as unjust as false charges.  The harshest justice of Elohim will be to those who stand in the stead of justice, but who deny justice - or who take bribes to judge unjustly - both will not be absolved.  (Per the Ten Decrees of God - those who are unjust who should have been providing justice are those who cannot and will not be forgiven.  In Ezekiel 18 He declares the good they did do will not be accounted to them.  God will not aid injustice - Satan does.  The same justice of Elohim awaits police officers who plant evidence to charge someone. If you are in the judicial system or law enforcement, you need to be aware that the Standard given by Elohim is forever established in Heaven, and though men have changed it, God has not.  So much for making slaves of poor white children because they stole a loaf of bread - or those who made fortunes in the slave trade or by deceitful business practices (House of Rothschild and others).

"V" (5) "You shall not commit adultery with the wife of your fellow.  I am Elohim, your god."

Many of the Decrees of Elohim are further defined in Leviticus, so we can avoid confusions caused by misunderstanding or mis applying what God taught.  Recall, the people feared to hear Elohim speak, so Moses spent time with Him on Mount Sinai and recorded more instruction than was spoken by Elohim to everyone present.  Leviticus 18 is the first place one should go to understand His defining of "adultery," as it includes more than the simplicity of this Standard/Decree.  Also note that Elohim said there is but one Law for everyone - not one for the Jews and one for everyone else, as pretended in "The Seven Noahite Laws" invented in the 12th century by a Rabbi.  Are those who trust in "613 Commandments" and "Seven Noahite Laws" observing the Law and Covenant to do it, or to avoid it and misrepresent Elohim to mankind?  This should be a very easy question to answer if you believe Elohim is the Author of the Law and Covenant.  It should be just as easily seen that Saul and Hebrews gave false testimony to say Elohim did not give the Law/Covenant that we might choose to live and be blessed by Elohim.  To imply the Law came by beggarly elementals is so deep in blasphemy against all that is good, especially Elohim Himself.  Paul was a functional idiot about the "Law."  (He was speaking about the Law, not the "oral traditions of men" that became the "Oral Torah."  Jesus warned us about the Pharisees and their Rabbi.  Sure looks like Jesus was true to God and the Covenant Standards!

As for "adultery", see Leviticus 18.  Note it is about being faithful to the covenant of marriage - men and women, it is about not having near of kin sexual relations, it is about not having perverted sexual relations (animals and homosexuality).  The Law is not against the unmarried or masturbation, as taught by some.  One Law, Standard, was for everyone - it was not permitted to have sexual relations with another person who is not your mate... even if in another town from where  you live.   Also, one cannot keep the Covenant and commit adultery.  One cannot be true to God or their fellow and commit adultery.  One who commits adultery has sinned against God, themselves and their mate.  The principle still fits that one who would violate the Covenant is doing so in defiance of Elohim, which is why He said all His Standards are just and true and able to accomplish that for which He gave them!

For matters of ritual purity, it is easily seen to be quite different than to have violated the marriage bed - see what Elohim said, and just let things be as He instructed, not adding to His word, nor taking away from it, nor pitting one teaching against another.

As a side note: Why do so many Evangelicals castigate homosexuals, but forgive so easily those who have committed adultery?  Both are a crime in the eyes of Elohim.






Ten Commandments current:  "You shall not steal."

"V" You shall not steal the wealth of your brother.  I am Elohim, your god."

"Blessed is the man who does not cheat his fellow."

"Cursed is he who moves the boundary marker of his fellow." 

Note there is a huge difference between the two accounts.  One makes stealing a piece of bread to be no different than stealing a million dollars (or billions, or trillions from the American people).  As for stealing bread, this was used against the poor in Europe during the 1400's and later to take children to be slaves as punishment and repayment, when the fault was more the greed of the rich when they should have been exhibiting mercy, and the demarcation between the rich and poor into "classes", rather than judging people by their character.  It is the practice that led to the term "kidnapping."  Read "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" Volume 1, by N.O.I.  Judaism was central in justifying slavery - starting with poor whites.  "They Were White and They Were Slaves", "The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America" by Michael A. Hoffman II is an excellent book on the subject.  Look up his website.  "The Independent History & Research Company" of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  It's just over 100 pages, and should be read by everyone.  Some of his books are a difficult read, but this is one you may be able to read without a dictionary at your side!

Related to why Jews were banned from country to country was their lending practices of compound interest bringing nations to their knees.  In the Torah, as well as Christianity until the 1450's, lending money at interest was considered a crime worthy of the death penalty - because it is a hidden way to "steal the wealth" from the borrower.  In matters of Economy and Lending per the Standards given by Elohim, is the principle of debt forgiveness on a certain schedule.  One was a Seven Year cycle, the other was the 50 year Jubilee.  According to Elohim, to violate these Commandments was equated to stealing the wealth of another.  According to Elohim, stealing the life of another was to steal their labor and what belonged to them, as the workers who should have earned a living wage for their labors.  By simplifying the Decree given by Elohim, Jewish Bankers and their cohorts in crime, no matter their nationality - both are guilty of a great crime against humanity, and therefore against Him, because man was created in His image - Abraham was not a "Jew", but the father of those who became Jews.  Abraham petitioned for those of other nations to Elohim, but I see opposite evidence in how poor whites and stolen blacks fared in their hands.

Note the warnings from God to Israel in the writings of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, the minor prophets and Daniel.  Was Israel to be redeemed through living justly by the Covenant as given - or not?  What did God say?  Look it up!

If someone is hungry - give them something to eat!  Give them an opportunity to earn the food!  But don't steal them and treat them like they are animals!  Such a thing is a high crime against mankind and the Most High God - Elohim!  We've been lulled into a stupor because of the constant growth of evil upon the earth that was brought about by those who perverted themselves to imagine they are the blessed people of God as they, in reality, proven by their own history - defy and defile God and mankind.  See "The Talmud Revealed" or "Judaism Discovered" by Michael Hoffman for more - MUCH more.  See "Planet Rothschild" by M. S. King.  See all three volumes of "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" by N.O.I.  Did they press false charges against Jesus then?  How have the charges against him grown over 2000 years?  Were the original charges not enough?  And their lies are best exposed by reviewing carefully the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew that their own rabbi had recorded - when looked at honestly - and in context - Jesus was no more guilty of blasphemy than Moses, Ezekiel, Isaiah, or Jeremiah!!!!  The recent books by David Graeber, "DEBT, THE FIRST 5000 YEARS" and ‘THE DAWN OF EVERYTHING" are laughable at the way injustice by anyone of Jewish heritage is brushed aside!!!  Damn laughable if you ask me! (They were not permitted any regular occupations and the only one left was to lend money)

Listen to Jesus (Joshua).  Feed the poor, clothe the one who is naked or in need.  Visit the prisoner and those who are ill.  Seek to preserve life and bless others as God has blessed you when you have enough to share with others.  Preserve and sustain life.  Learn to do good.  Read the Sermon on the Mount and note the supporting passages that I've provided with it.  Jesus was absolutely teaching to be faithful to the Covenant as given by Elohim.  "V" fits perfectly with the teachings of Jesus, and thereby prove he was a true prophet of God calling Israel to repent and calling all humanity to keep the Covenant that they might live! and not die by defying Elohim and fellow mankind.  I world be remis to not point out that what is translated as "slave" in the Torah section likely relates more to what was known as being an "indentured servant", rather than a slave as one man owning another, and their descendants!   If they altered the Ten Commandments, I have no doubt they altered some other things, especially matters related to not stealing the life or wealth of others.   Note the warning given by Elohim after the curses - that He warned them and knew the plans they made.  They have been storing up the wrath of God for about 3000 years - their time is all but up, which is why we see great evils spreading across the earth today in the name of the "New World Order."




"You shall not swear in my name falsely, for I shall avenge the transgression of the fathers against the sons, grandsons, and great grandsons for those who bear my name falsely.  I am Elohim, your god."

Blessings: ""Blessed is the man who does not swear in my name falsely."

Curses:  "Cursed is the man who swears falsely in my name."

If Elohim does not avenge Himself of the sins of historical Israel that have defied Him and His Covenant and all the rest of mankind for over 2000 years - how can we believe there is a god who gave the Ten Commandments?  Therefore - may Elohim be true by swiftly avenging those who have defiled Him as they defiled all their fellow mankind.  Did He not say He would do certain things if they became evil???  Is God now a liar because of the sins of Israel??? Or of deceived Christians???? (who believe Paul)

It took me a lifetime to realize all who claim (or who we have been told to think) are our friends are in reality our enemies.  Of all the Proclamations of Elohim, this is the only one that links through generations.  How so, except He did know the plans they would devise against Him, His anointed one, and the rest of humanity that do not honor their rabbi's teachings to be equal to the Proclamations of Elohim Himself.  This is why they lean upon their own understanding and have fallen backwards!

Grasp Elohim and His covenant tightly, as He will find those who do to be as a faithful son who does the will of the Father (Isaiah 56, 57).  Those who do evil in the NAME of God will face the certain justice He decreed.  Those who call evil as good, and good as evil - those are the children who chose to believe in and become as the fallen ones, and will share in their fate on the day that He will make to hold all men to account for their words and deeds.  "By your words you will be judged, and by your deeds you will be convicted."  Jesus called them to repent and obey Elohim, so they killed him for it.


"You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment.  I am Elohim, your god."

"Blessed is the man who does not deceive or lie to his fellow."

"Cursed is he who takes a bribe to give false judgment against his comrade."

Indeed, America is now cursed because of bribery, lies, and false judgments from the Supreme Court, Congress, the House, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch - truth and justice is dead in Washington my friends.  Go watch your sports teams - sing songs - bury your head in the "boob-tube", for as you were lulled to sleep, our nation was destroyed from within by the same folks - who are also behind the Federal Reserve - a private institution in control of our nation and money - guess who?   They still think they got away with killing Jesus - and they have long desired to destroy Christianity from the face of the earth...  so how can anyone who is elected to Congress pledge allegiance to the State of Israel before they are sworn to their duty as a State Representative? 

God bless Rand Paul and his father for not doing as others have.  However, given that he, and all, the representatives have been provided with the damning evidence of crimes against humanity by Fauci, Gates, and others, and not even calling for a Congressional Investigation of the charges and evidence - I no longer hold out any hope for Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordon, or Donald Trump (let alone everyone else).

Observe that the Covenant was severely altered in our current record, and how three are included in a revised list that has altered some of the Covenant Teachings.  Each will be briefly reviewed, and certainly, more could be said that what I'm noting.  As a matter of distinction given by Elohim, my first task is to observe more depth to the Covenant as recorded in "V".  Due to the alterations discovered in "V", it is reasonable to question anything that is not easily linked to the "V" account.  The Soncino edition may be the most reliable edition common to Jewish scholarship, but be careful to not take their rabbi's word for all things.  They often have good things to say, but sometimes they go completely off track from the Teachings of Elohim and Jesus - the greatest prophet in the history of Israel, who explained the Covenant better than all who came before him.  It can be noted in the Soncino commentaries that some Jews believe the whole purpose of creation was for their dominance in sole ability to keep the Covenant (Torah) - and that the rest of mankind is incapable to do so.  Given the warnings Elohim gave to them - that belief is absurd to consider as fact or true.  It's up to us, whether we will believe Elohim - or not.  He clearly told them not to think they were better than anyone else and that they were not to forget what was done to them in Egypt (slavery/oppression).

Truth matters.  Freedom to speak truth matters.  Freedom to information matters.  Freedom is important and matters to Elohim, else why did He free, or liberate, Israel and the multitude of nations from Egypt?  There is more than one type of prison house though, and we need to be freed from the grip of liars and destroyers of nations or destroyers of individuals.  How else have Christians become imprisoned in lies, except they were taught to fear and remain ignorant of the Pathway of Life as it was given by Elohim Almighty?  How else has Judaism lived in fear except by the teachings of their Talmudic Rabbi and false judgement of "that prophet" foretold by Moses?  They, as Christians, greatly tend toward hiring someone to tell them what to do, what to believe - about themselves, about others - and based on the opinions of deluded men who know not Elohim or the Pathway to life He gave - the Covenant of Elohim - because their "fathers" evidently altered it 3000 years ago!!!  As Elohim said when giving the Covenant - He knew their plans, and their descendants would know the Covenant as it was given.  This is now fulfilled.  Greatly beware Zionist Orthodox Judaism.

"Blessed is the man who does not deceive or lie to his fellow."  Is it permissible to lie to God?   Is it permissible to take a special vow on a certain day and have a Rabbi twirl a chicken and then declare God sanctions you from all lies, deceptions, or foreknowledge that all the vows, oaths, or testimony you give in the next year you can be absolved of being guilty of providing false testimony or any deceit?  Is it wholly permissible to Elohim for Jews to lie to or deceive Gentiles?  Or, does God demand truth and justice? 

Look back over the dialog from Elohim and He says if they keep the Covenant they will abound only in good.  Is it good to lie to anyone?  Is it deceitful to deliberately not be true to what you said?  I don't know how many practice this particular oddity in Talmudic Judaism, but Thomas Jefferson had more knowledge of Jewish reputations of character than many of the other founding fathers, and his advice was to not let Jews come to America because everywhere they went they corrupted the morals of the people.  Is it possible they have had this influence on us?  Who owns much of the media and entertainment industry? Not to mention the banks and corporations or of lawyers and judges (Supreme Court over-run now).  Stop believing lies, learn to believe God - in Him you can trust your life and soul, as He is upright and true in all His ways.  Judaism as it exists today does not believe Elohim, and what they teach via their Talmud and Zohar or other binding rabbinical findings is not in complete accord to the Covenant.  They cry "anti-Semitic", but do they tell you they believe non-Jews have no more soul than an animal?  Do they tell you how much of their wealth was based on deceit or fomenting wars and in the slave trade?  Do they tell you of their view that the Tanach (what we call the Old Testament) is inferior to their "Oral Torah's? or that women and children are not worthy to be taught the Talmud, but only their "Oral Torah's"?  Some of their Rabbi have said women are basically only fit for witchcraft!  They, as a whole, deny the Covenant of Elohim as much as the most rabid of the KKK!  In fact, the Southern Baptist Church was founded for Baptists who believed in slavery!   Rabbi in the South provided "Scripture" to teach that blacks were to be made slaves!  Learn true history - not the lies that re-write history.  See "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews", three volumes, by N.O.I. .   Read "They Were White and They Were Slaves" by Michael A. Hoffman II.  Do not be deceived by liars.  Know the truth.  The truth will set you free of the lies, be they lies against God, or lies against our fellow man, or of blatant false testimony.  Judge truly, not by what you were told to believe by men.  Believe Elohim.  Believe Moses.  Believe Jesus (Joshua). [Matthew]





"You shall not desire the wife of your fellow, his male slave, his female slave, or anything that is his.  I am Elohim, your god."

"Blessed is he who does not lust after anyone belonging to his fellow."

"Cursed is the man who desires and lusts after the wife of his fellow, his daughter, his female slave, or anything that is his."

(Currently: "You shall not covet your fellow's house.  You shall not covet your fellow's wife, his manservant, his maidservant, his ox, his donkey, nor anything that belongs to your fellow.")

The first thing to note about this is the variation between "not desire" and "not covet".  The Standard, as given, was to not desire.  There is a difference between desiring and coveting, proving the shading that was done to the Covenant that does not provide the clarity given by Elohim.  A good dictionary should be useful.

"desire" "desire, wish, want, crave, covet.  Desire stresses the strength of feeling and often implies strong intention or aim.  Wish sometimes implies a general or transient longing, esp. for the unattainable.  Want specifically suggests a felt need or lack.  Crave stresses the force of physical appetite or emotional need.  Covet implies strong envious desire.  Desire: Conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment." [Websters 9th Collegiate Dictionary]

"lust" ‘to have an intense desire or need; crave, specifically to have a sexual urge.'

Because we all know words have meanings, it is inescapable to note the Standard was altered, as there is a significant difference between "Covet" and "Desire" and "Lust".

Elohim did not say we are not to desire, as we all desire basic human needs, and as possible, things that are really not things, but things we'd enjoy or like to do.  What Elohim said is not to desire what belongs to another.  What belongs to another is their possession, or if their mate - a God given union and covenant relationship between a man and his wife - both are bound by their Covenant of Marriage to be true to each other.  Unfaithfulness by either would be grounds to break the Covenant of Marriage.  The Covenant of Marriage is also set aside if one of them dies, they are no longer bound to the Covenant to be alone and celibate the remainder of their life.  Elohim created man and woman to be good for each other, and that woman is the companion along side of a man - not that she is under him - both are created in the image of God and both are fully human beings.  Children are also fully human beings.  This is why Elohim said they also are to be taught His pathway of truth, justice and the need for humanity to honor His ways so He can bless their lives and they can become all they are capable to become - that they know the difference between good and evil and be enabled to see things uprightly, not by perversions and misjudgments.  They should be enabled to see both themselves and others clearly - from the home first, then on to their status of becoming adults.  A large part of our problems today stem from our not being taught the Covenant as it was given by Elohim at Sinai.

Returning to the Standard, the commandment is not to desire what belongs to another.  Since God is the source of every blessing, this links to understanding the Sabbath and God.  What we can attain in life is based on our opportunities and capacity to attain what we desire through our work or who we choose to be our companion.  God knows our needs and desires.  Nothing is hidden from Him, just as taught by Jesus in saying about the lilies of the field, or that not even a sparrow falls to the ground that He is not aware of it.  He is the one who promised His kindness towards those who keep His Covenant.  We need to be content with what Elohim has blessed us with - to be content with what we have and not desiring what belongs to another.  If we desire something we don't have - work for it so that it is yours, don't desire what belongs to another.  To Covit what belongs to another is far removed from attaining what we need or desire.  The Standard Elohim gave us was altered. 

Throughout my life I've noted how God provided for my needs, or answered prayers, and even saved me from a number of perils; He has also provided opportunities to me that I never would have asked for, but which enabled me to become more than I ever expected or desired.  One example is discovery that we need to pay attention to Matthew first, which led to understanding Jesus was teaching the proper interpretation and application of the Torah Teachings of Elohim, which was shortly thereafter clarified beyond all expectation when "The Valediction of Moses" was published just after finishing a review that showed proof Jesus (Joshua) was teaching the Covenant - and the "V" account showed more clarity than what we had before - providing more evidence that Joshua was a true prophet of Elohim, and that his teachings matched the "V" account in unexpected ways: most notably the sayings about not calling your fellow names or calling him "fool" or "empty headed" to reside with loving your brother and not hating him in your heart - to be a vital part of the Teachings given by Elohim that Judaism deleted! (more on that later when we get to that commandment Standard)

Next we come to the "blessing", which provides more direction.  "Blessed is he who does not lust after anyone belonging to his fellow."

Now we are told there is blessing in one who does not "lust" after anyone belonging to his fellow.  The Commandment Standard is not to desire, yet here we see "lust".  Surely this has to do with keeping safe distance from possibly violating the Covenant of Marriage, which in olden times when someone was engaged to another, it was as binding as marriage from what I've heard.  Given how many things I was taught that were not completely true, I'll leave that to others to enlighten more, if they are able.  From my perspective, the "Cursed" element provides any clarity needed.

"Cursed is the man who desires and lusts after the wife of his fellow, his daughter, his female slave, or anything that is his."

Do not engage in surly talk about others or their wives or daughters or sons - anything or anyone.

The current accepted morality of loose morals, casual sexual encounters, drunkenness and the like cannot support happiness in the long run.  I think it likely that many marriages have been based on an unexpected pregnancy, or when a young woman deliberately gets pregnant to entrap a young man to marry her.  Marriage is one of the deepest commitments we can make in this life.  Why not be careful to avoid the pitfall so you can then be prepared and free to find a mate who will be faithful to you and faithful to Elohim?  Why not wait to find someone you know you have a heart to heart connection with?  Someone you can enjoy and communicate with?  Someone who shares mutual values and goals in life - or at least someone who is compatible with you and willing to accept you and not torture you the rest of your life because you are not who they thought you are?  Know yourself.  Know the Standards given by Elohim for our lives; everlasting Standards that are fully capable to bless anyone in any age - whether primitive or modern, rural or city, rich or poor.  The pathway given by Elohim for life and blessing is valuable and needful for every age, not just in the ancient times of Adam, Noah, Moses, or Jesus - His words of life are true to this day and for all that is to come - they express eternally good morality - and blessings.  Read the Psalms, they were written by those who understood the beauty and value of the Teachings of Elohim!


"The entire people saw the thunder and the flames, the sound of the shofar and the smoking mountain; the people saw and trembled and stood from afar.  They said to Moses, "You speak to us and we shall hear; let God not speak to us lest we die."  Moses said to the people, "Do not fear, for in order to elevate you has God come; so that awe of Him shall be upon your faces, so that you shall not sin."



"You shall not hate your brother in your heart.  I am Elohim, your god."

"Blessed is the man who loves his fellow."

"Cursed is the man who hates his brother in his heart."

As we near the end of the Standards given by Elohim, we need to ask ourselves if there has been any Standard given by Elohim that is against any reasonable, honest individual of good will towards God or their fellow man?  Can any be seen to be against us, or against any person of good will towards others?  Is there any that have been too hard to understand?  Have there been any that are impossible for a human to do?  There are humans who are so jaded as to be classified "Psychopaths", as they fall outside the normal sense of a human being to have any empathy towards others.  I would term that person to have a dead soul, even though their body is still alive.  So long as we have any empathy towards others, we should be capable to learn to live better lives as we consider ourselves in a society with other human beings on an earth that was created to be enjoyed and its resources to be viewed with our posterity in mind, as well as not abusing it or being inhumane to its creatures that were created for our benefit. 

From my honest viewpoint, I find each of the Teachings of God to be about love - what love will do, and what love will not do.  Jesus did not teach putting everyone else above ourselves.  Jesus taught parity/equality between humanity, Jesus taught being mindful of the needs of others and doing good to others as we are able to.  Central to the theme of the Covenant Standards, we are equals because we were created in the image of God. As such, even a child should readily accept these to be fair, and they should readily agree they are good standards to live by, and to also recognize God wants us to know good from evil.   Jesus also taught about family - the family of those who honor Elohim as our Father in heaven as we seek to live our lives according to His words of life in the Covenant.  Recall the account where Jesus' brothers and mother were seeking him and he said those who came to hear him teach - those who were learning of the pathway of life as given by Elohim -he considered them to be his "mother, brother and sister" - members of the family of Elohim.  So it is, if we are doing as the Father instructed - we cannot be against each other, opposed to each other, hating each other, speaking badly of each other, or condemning each other over things never spoken by Elohim or Jesus!  So how come so many have believed Paul when saying the letter of the Law kills, but the "Spirit" brings life and liberty from the Law?  Did not the Spirit of God work with the words of God to create then heavens and the earth?  Are they not also able to work with our spirit to guide our desire to do the will of God on the earth He created for mankind? To do the will of God on earth, as it is in Heaven?  We must certainly repent of not believing God gave the Covenant standards to elevate us - to bless us!  Let's never forget that as we turn to do His will indeed - that we serve the One True God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Jesus. And we also know from the Torah and Isaiah 56 and 57 that Elohim desires those of all nations - the whole earth - might know of His love towards those who hold fast to Him as their God, His Sabbath, and hold tightly to His Covenant.  That is what this is all about!

When this account of discussion of the Covenant Standards is finished, read through the Sermon on the Mount from the Hebrew Matthew.  This is the foundation of the teachings of Jesus, and Scripture references are provided therein to observe more depth of our understanding what Jesus was teaching.  Do read the entire "restored" Matthew - I'm not claiming inerrancy, but I am posing a whole new perspective to the doctrines "Christianity" needs to restore, as they were taken from them by those who gave us spurious gospel accounts and who also added the other books to the "New Testament."  Paul defied Elohim in every book or letter he wrote - if we dare open our eyes to observe if he "spoke according to the Law and the Testimony."  Did not Isaiah say one who does not speak according to the Law and the Testimony, that there is no light in them?  Did not Elohim, in the Torah, say anyone who tries to lead you away from doing His Covenant as given - that we are to ignore them and continue to remain true to God?

The children of Abraham and Sarah were charged to example to the nations of the just pathways Elohim gave them in the Laws given them.  It can be seen in the Hebrew Scriptures that when they did as Instructed by Him that they were blessed.  When they strayed from doing as He Instructed them, they suffered what He said would happen.  Prophets were sent to Israel to call them to repent and return to doing His will, and many of them were persecuted or killed before they recognized they were truly prophets sent from Elohim.  I marvel that they still condemn Joshua (Jesus), as he was not teaching them anything but to go back to doing as Elohim had been instructing them all along.  Matthew notes the "rabbi", "scribes" and "pharisees" having issues.  First, we can all see they had inherited alterations to the Covenant, and they had many problems after Ezekiel - likely related exactly to this being true?  We can also observe the "rabbi" came up with a multitude of minutia in their laws to circumvent the Law as given, and that Jesus was teaching repentance to obey Elohim, rather than trust in men and what they say.  Again, nothing new with that either.  The Pharisees were gaining power over the people then, which has only been multiplied today, as can be observed in the "Oral Torah" writings of "Orthodox Judaism" showing that they don't discuss "Scripture" much, except that they discuss what someone said in the "Oral Torah" writings to be the focus of understanding, rather than just letting the words of God speak for themselves.  In effect, they are saying to obey the Rabbi is to obey God.  Take the Sabbath Statement of Elohim - three simple sentences - simple instructions - yet the "rabbi" over the ages have turned this into over 500 pages of requirements!  God gave simple instructions, they made it complicated - extremely complicated to comply with doing whatsoever the Rabbi have said, rather than simply doing as Elohim said. (other added teachings are in the Zohar and Kabalah)

Through time rabbinical beliefs have caused three or four major divisions in Judaism.  First were those who simply lived by the Covenant, which when the rabbi started to gain sway, they termed followers of the Covenant to be "Karaite" Jews - a modern example being Nehemia Gordon.  The rabbi gained majority support near the time of Jesus, and they later took over completely after the Temple was destroyed.  The "Oral Torah" was codified, starting, by Orthodox accounts, near 300 BC, and further in the period between 100 - 1200 AD.  Much later, starting nearing 1800, we find Zionism taking root.  By now, to not be "Zionist" is to be the enemy of Israel, even if you believe the "Oral Torah"!  There is a sect of Judaism based in Monsey, NJ that is against Zionism, and they have books available to show that previous "orthodox Judaism" was against Zionism, and the practices and methods of Zionism is against the Torah, as they have violated every Standard Elohim gave to force themselves upon the land of "Israel", when Elohim said it was He who would restore them to the Land in His time and according  to His word.  See "The Rabbi Speak Out" - The 130 Year Record of Religious Jewish Opposition to Zionism" by Rabbi Aron Rosenberg. []  We need to be aware of what the Zionist News Media has kept from our knowledge on TV or Radio.

That being said first, as it certainly shows why a young Jewish man once told me that non-Zionist Jews are the enemies of Israel.  How so, as they both believe in keeping to the Oral Torah?  The Oral Torah is not the only problem, but it is the root of the problem.

When I was first going through all the teachings of Jesus and comparing them to the Ten Commandments, I was stumbling over his teachings being so harsh towards those who are not getting along with their "brother", to the point of being in danger of the fires of hell!!!  So when I read the deleted commandment to not hate your brother in your heart - a giant light bulb went off as I immediately recognized the source for the authority with which he was teaching about.  There are many differences between what we have been given via corrupted Scriptures and what should easily be seen as the original Covenant Standards given by Elohim - especially the need to use the Blessings and the Curses along side the Decrees so we can better understand how we are to live, and how we are not to live.  Elohim gave wonderful instructions in His Everlasting Words of Life.

Now we come to that last of the Decrees, Blessings and Curses:

"It is these ten pronouncements that Elohim uttered to you upon the mountain from amid the fire."

"Blessed is the man who upholds all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."

"Cursed is the man who does not uphold all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."

It was not accidental that Elohim bracketed each of the first nine Decrees with "I am Elohim, thy god."  I do find it curious that this final one was not also bracketed by His Name.  That it is included can be seen that it is in the listing of the Blessings and the Curses.  It is certainly a warning to everyone in charge of maintaining the record to not tamper with it in any way - but that is what was evidently done, and we no one capable to read paleo-Hebrew has seen them since the days near the time of Ezekiel.  There are many who will balk against this account because it shows the Scriptures, even to the core foundation Teachings of Elohim, were altered 3000 years ago, but the Teachings therein match the prophets warnings to Israel! Whereas the existing Covenant alterations do not.  This had been a puzzle for many in Judaism for centuries, and given the dedication needed to determine if "The Valediction of Moses" was a fraud, or was it a proto biblical book - we all need to be extremely thankful for the work of the scholarship that gave us the record to read and see if it also makes sense to us.  I must say that it makes perfect sense to me - but I have yet to find a handful of Christians that are willing to weigh the evidence in favor of Elohim or Joshua (Jesus).  I hope this has made sense to you, and I hope you have not been offended by the truth - but as in the days when the Scrolls were discovered in the Temple - we are in a like time when evils prevail and deceptions are rampant at every level of society and churches.  Surely it is exactly for the cause Jesus said it would be - because of the growth of iniquity (Lawlessness - Law being the Torah of Elohim).  Most Christians today would call Jesus a "Judaiser" if he showed up at their Church today - especially Evangelicals and Protestants.  I know this is certainly true for Seventh Day Adventists, Church of Christ, Mormons, Baptists, Methodists, Luthern, Catholic and Orthodox Churches.  Then the Jews believe they cannot be saved until they destroy Christianity from the earth - that God will not forgive them until they do!  What a sad state of affairs between humanity that say they love God and such!   No, we cannot find unity until we return to make the Standards given by Elohim to be our Standard for life and faith - to love and serve God, which should be easily seen in how we live towards each other!  If God is our Father - we are commanded to not hate our brother in our heart, and to do so is to fail to love as Elohim said we must!  When we return to Elohim and restore what others took from us - I think we will all be better off, and dare we imagine a time when we all love God according to His everlasting words of life - that we again be able to distinguish who serves God - for who does not?

Updated 12/31/2021

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