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This is an excellent video for historical reason and common sense to see who is behind the "Pandemic" narratives:




This is a fairly new video in which we can learn much about why we get sick, and how we can stay healthy.  Given what is going on in 2022, we need to hear it to better understand and prepare ourselves to be healthy!


The importance of the current attempts to mass murder humanity is of utmost importance, as if you are willing to let youself be killed, you have no business pretending to want to believe God or truth, or even desire life that you might live!


History is repeating itself - great crimes against humanity - Nazi Doctors forced medical treatments - was a crime against



humanity then (seven dr. hanged, nine were imprisoned), and it is also a crime against humanity now!  Our Governments and



Doctors have failed to uphold basic humman rights and seek your destruction to pay for their crimes of theft.  Note the financial



benefits to Hospitals who decreed deaths were from Covid versus other co-morbidity, or natural causes.  


 Is this proof we have been lied to by most everyone from the Vaccine manufacturers to the CDC, NIH, and others about the threat of new viruses?   Hear what a former Phizer doctor says about it:  Brighteon


Urgent update, as of 12/22/21: Chareges filed in International Court against major COVID Conspirators.  Also reports of lower Courts unwillingness to prosecute crimes against humanity.  Further proof of corruption of legal systems world wide.  Stand up for truth and justice and stop believing those who are complici with genocide!

Covid-19: Pharmaceutical giants, Gates, Fauci, UK officials accused of crimes against humanity in International Criminal Court complaint - The Rio Times ( 


See more links at:  

Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with Genocide in Court Filing | Columnists | 



New evidence on the causes of deaths amongst those vaccinated; proof of the poison.    Updated 12/27/2021



This video is one that needs to be heard, as it goes to the heart of the issue at hand.  The whole premise of "Emergency Use" for the Vaccine is based on lies - manipulations, from President Trump on down through those who were in charge whose roots of evil long preceeded Mr. Trump.  If you want to get to some of the facts, start at about minute 9:00.



Important new information regarding the Plandemic, proof of treason and conspiracy, lies to Congress - and who is behind it - and for how long.  Stand up and demand justice - if we cannot get justice from our elected Government - they are the Terrorists!! 


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This page is being usurped to provide links for truth tellers, since Google, Facebook and Youtube have taken down internet content from those who are trying to expose the evil and great deceptions that are overtaking the earth.  I don't approve all of their content, and that really doesn't matter, as I'm no world or medical expert, but these people have the right to be heard, and we all have the right to hear from them if we are searching to better understand what is going on and why.  The MSN, most all the Government, WHO, CDC, Office of the President, Congress, and House are filled with liars and traitors.  The Federal Reserve is our enemy.  State and local Governments are listening to the CDC, who has been ignoring true scientific evidence to promote lies and overthrow our rights and right to a Constitutional Government.  What is going on is in violation to the Nuremburg Code, and we are being treated as though we are Jews in an imprisonment Camp in Nazi Germany. 




Why is graphene in the vaxx?  Or graphene hydroxide?  A world class expert on these nano structures says they are, in effect, tiny razor-blades being injected via the Vaxx...


This is the personal testimony of a funeral directer in the UK, it's the same here.  Who dares speak up for life, justice or truth?

Further testimony from the UK Funeral Director:


Update from funeral director as of December 8, 2021 - must watch personal testimony of what is happening in the UK.

Funeral Director John O’Looney Chilling Update on the Sharp rise in Covid Jab Deaths ( 


Updated December 2021: 

How long have those involved in the current crimes been working at this?  Some are aware that many scientists have died under mysterious circumstances over recent years.  For those who are unaware, or who want to know why many were killed, suspicions are confirmed - watch this video, as one of the scientists who feared for their life escaped and is finally heard from directly:



Even Donald Trump has abandoned his supporters, and continues to abandon those who dared participate in a peaceful protest on Jan 6, 2020.  More importantly, Trump seems to be behind "Operation Warp-Speed" to develope the "vaccine", that is actually a biological weapon, not a vaccine as we have had before.  Even the scientist who invented MRNA technology says beware!  It is not safe!!!  (in animal tests, all the animals died!?) If Donald Trump had any care for humanity he would have long ago exposed the evil of the fake plandemic and danger of the fake VAXX.   Injustice and liars are both evil, and evil supports evil.  Our Government has bowed it's knee to those who had Jesus killed, and they have no more love for Christians than they did Jesus.  See the site link of "Trial of the Ages" for absolute proof of the evil and lies against humanity, and especially white Euopean Christians.  What is happening now has been planned for years.

This video link gets to the roots of why no Christian or God fearing person should support Donald Trump.  If he isn't Jewish, how is one of the Rabbi of N.Y. named Trump? (video on YouTube of Jewish history beginning about 300 BC, not 1450 BC or earlier with Abraham.  Know your enemy.  Be wise of the wolves - stop being ignorant or nieve.


I hope you find value in the links, and if you have links you believe should also be listed, please submit an email to: 


President John F. Kennedy was assasinated by those who were members of "secret societies" mentioned in his speach.  The principle of freedom we have enjoyed in the USA is that of freedom of thought and speach.  The Colinies were founded on the principle of being able to worship God according to our own conscience, and not be forced to believe what the Church/State decreed upon their subjects.  The entire "Church/State" premise resides in the teachings of Paul, in Romans 13, not on any decree of God or teaching of Jesus!  This is why the corrupt Church/State of Democratic Communists/Socialists demand everyone submit to their rulings - denying all humanity in the USA to even have the freedom of choice in medical matters, or matters of faith and belief.  We are rapidly becoming a totalitarian dictatorship of the New World Order - which is founded by those of Judaism who rejected God because they rejected true Judaism - which Elohim said is being faithful to Him and the Covenant.  Jesus, as all the other prophets of record, was calling them to repent to do the will of God as He had given it - but they corrupted His words about the time of Ezekiel - which is why I've put limited points given by Elohim in the Covenant in several links on my website - it is absolutely a critical matter that we use the knowledge gained from Elohim as our Standard for life, faith, justice, and growing in "The Holy Way" taught by Jesus in the Hebrew Matthew.  You have been led in lies against Elohim because "Christianity" is as corrupted today as Orthodox Judaism.  If we do not repent to serve Elohim in deed, in the way that shows our relationship with Him is directly reflected in our relationship with our fellow man - you simply have no understanding of God or Jesus, or any of the true prophets.  If you listen and heed Paul - you will be led in lies, not the truth of God.


If we cannot speak up for the truth of God in our Church - which I couldn't in any Church I've visited in the last ten years, then there is no reason to believe you will be saved when God comes to judge the earth.  If you reject the knowledge He gave - verifiable knowledge - observable teachings - not some spiritual mystery - if you reject His knowledge in the Everlasting Covenant - He will reject you as He did unfaithful Israel.  Time is short.  Very short.  Awaken from your slumber.  God nor Jesus cures stupidity by a miracle!   Start video at about 11:00 for English.


What happens when the US Treasury takes authority from those who were vested by the Constitution with matters of government by, of and for the people?


The Treasury is attaching strings to the money to require local governments to violate every law that our Nation was established upon.  Beware "free" money, as it is nothing but massive bribes to violate human rights!!!!!  As the saying goes:  "Follow the money."  Taking money to perform injustice is one of the unforgivable sins - according to Elohim - they will not be absolved by any means.  Dare we obey Elohim, and not man or communists?  Dare we tell them they are going to hell over their bribery (both parties, and it comes from the Judaics who  run and have long run the FED.  It's a Corporation - not a "Government" office.  





The oppression of Communism stems from the fact that it is based on denial of all the stated Decrees of Elohim, and is thereby cursed.  Curiously, Communism was invented by a Jew who had turned atheist, and likely invented a model that defied the Teachings of Elohim.  How else could anyone come up with such evil, but in oppossition to the God of Judaism because Pharisees defied God and turned His instructions on their head and he realized what nonsense he was being taught by them?


This interview of a young woman who escaped Communist North Korea is very telling on the realities of Communism and how bad it can get.  What she endured is almost beyond imagination.  What I find most remarkable is her will to live, and how much better off she is to have escaped and grown to become as insightful as she relates in the interview!  This is a wonderful example of the power of freedom from oppression.  It also shows the innate goodness of human nature - because mankind was created in the image of God - including women.  Listen carefully to her story.  Seems to me that God preserved her to warn us of the evil that seeks to destroy the souls of all mankind?


North Korean Defector Exposes Kim Jong Un & China - YouTube




Regarding the Constitution and the rights we have - those you elected to Congress have sold you out for over 100 years.  Dare we demand the traitors be condemned? or not?  If not, why not?  Do tell..  This video is from someone who knows - pay close attention to how much your Government and Political parties have deceived you.  It's no less than your Church, Priest, Pope or Pastor has - they all spout lies as though they were God given truth - "None is righteous, no, not one"??? 




There are a number of web sites with information we will never hear from the NWO/CIA mass media propoganda sites.  As you may see, one is Brighteon, and one reason they are cited is one can view the content without subscription to them.  If you so desire, you are encouraged to support them, but the sites at this time do not require a subscription to view their content of the links posted.  In general I try to avoid some sites as a source for reliable information due to the "fear porn" they tend towards bombarding their viewers with - such as  Knowing the Evangelical Gospel is poison for knowing truth and relying on feelings, rather than truth - I cannot in good conscience recommend stevenquayle or beforeitsnews.  There is one site that I've found to be consistantly above the rest to provide the best in news, current events, and is outstanding to provide links to informative experts:   



There is another site I highly recommend for content that I believe is needful to understand: 


Brother Nathaniel was an Orthodox Jew, and he left Judaism due to the evils he saw within.  He knows what he's talking about.


Below is an interview with a Catholic leader who is calling out the facts of the crimes being brought upon humanity by corruped men - even the head of the Catholic Bishops of the USA.  I think he is telling truth.


Following is a video link that tells about why many medical workers are refusing to be vaccinated for Covid - they have seen the damage done.  They know better.  A must watch for those who have not been vaccinated with the not-vaccine yet.  This is the greatest hoax and genecide in human history? 


 For years some have claimed to have been trying to reach me via the webmail link of   This seemed strange, but reviewing the above video on the web site that posted it originally, they said not to use certain main US email providers because they are sensoring them and not delivering their newsletter to subscribers.  Due to the nature of my site material, and that an "MJ-12" web bot has been crawling my site more than a decade - I highly suspect the same has been done to me as they say has been done to them.  I would recommend those in search of medical truth reporting to visit their website - as very few people are currently willing to stand up for truth in this age of lies and deceit.  see: 



 Things are getting very evil, and injustice rules our government.  Congress has abandoned their duty, which isn't hard to understand when you realize who they swear allegiance to before they are sworn to duty to the Constitutional Oath of Office.  This video starts with testimony from our nations children who chose to join the military service to defend and protect our country.  Prepare for what is ahead - this is  the big one. 


Jesus (Joshua/Yeshua) Taught salvation is through a living relationship with the One True God that loves Him and seeks to do what He says is upright living towards Him and our fellow man.  This is why when Jesus was asked which is the greatest commandment that he said to love God first, and added the need to love your fellow man as yourself.  The Ten Teachings of God can only be known when you realize we cannot keep the Covenant until we understand our relationship to God is also reflected in our relationship towards ourselves and others.  Half the Teachings are about God, and the other half are about what we do towards others.  God is known by what He says and does, and likewise, we are known by what we say and do towards others to be in alignment to the Teachings of God.  The basic "Christian Doctrine" flaw is failing to recognize the context of all Jesus' Teachings is the Everlasting Covenant of God, ratified with the children of Israel and the multitude of nations at Mount Sinai.  All the teachings of Jesus can be observed to directly reside in the previously given words of God, especially knowing he was calling Israel to repent of following men, rather than God; second is the fact that Jesus was re-establishing that the Everlasting Covenant ratified at Mount Sinai was given for men of all nations who desire to "serve God" and thereby reside in His blessing and kindness - according to His word. 

We all need to re-read and study Matthew, particularly the Hebrew Matthew, and realize the context of all Jesus'



teachings is to do the will of God - to "live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God".


How bad has it really gotten?  One might ask how long it has been abominable?  The failure of our 'news' and journalists is beyond wicked in denial of reporthing what every decent person should have been hearing.  May God Bless Mr. Kennedy for his tireless research and efforts to get the truth out!!!  This is a must hear, and I've ordered the book being published..  Exposing the real Anthony Fauci.



Medical employees who are refusing the Covid Vaccine have good reasons and are quiting their jobs.  Planned takedown of America, its military, its medical providers, transportation workers - etc??  This is what happens when our "President" and parties have been bought by China and Communists and Facist Corporations and the FED - conditions for the "Covid Relief" funds.  Who owns the FED, SCOTUS, etc... Don't be ignorant!



This link is for the update of David Ike about November 12, 2021 about how ignorant it is to believe what your governnemt or "church" leaders are telling you about the current world-wide health crisis.


Worldwide Mass Murder Before Your Very Eyes – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke  




This is perhaps the best overview of the "pandemic" NWO plans: 



Well, the globalists are desirate and Gates warning about a "smallpox terrorism attacks".  Nothing like they tell you ahead of time, so you have been warned, so they are not really guilty of a crime because they told you they were going to do it.  No doubt that comes from a mindset that is only set to show their inhumanity and bent towards evil.  Anyway, how about this one?  Discovery by a laboratory worker?  Too much like a cover story for another prepared "lab lead" like Wuhan.  Be aware of their plans so you won't be duped again.  Brighteon


Most people have forgotten about the Fukushima disaster of nuclear power plant meltdown and most are not aware that weapons grade plutonium is being spewed into the atmosphere and oceans.  This happened years ago and the government regulators increased the level of acceptable radiation.  When I was on the emergency response team for Caltrans, if the level of radiation was over 100, it required evacuations or shelter in place orders.  Now it is not uncommon for some areas to be at 500 or 1000 and there is no public notice.  So as I read this following update about the spike protein destroying our immune system ability to destroy cancers, it was very alarming, because the radiation exposure is already in place - due to the illegal fuels used at Fukushim and the weakness of the GE design at the Fukushima Nuclear Plants. 

Only "purebloods" will survive the vaccine - radiation holocaust being unleashed now


The vaccine, by suppressing the natural DNA repair mechanism in the body -- known as NHEJ, or Non-

Homologous End Joining -- makes people highly susceptible to devastating, cancerous mutations even


when exposed to very low levels of ionizing radiation such as sunlight exposure or mammography.



With NHEJ suppressed by the spike protein, the body can no longer repair its damaged DNA, and cells





mutate out of control, devastating the entire body and bringing about genetic  disintegration of


the organism.  Once the beings on a planet are widely injected


with the covid vaccine, globalists can unleash a nuclear accident (or nuclear terrorism) to distribute


radiation across the planet. While normal, healthy people can repair the DNA damage caused by low

levels of ionizing radiation exposure, vaccinated people can barely conduct the repairs.

Thus, cancer rates will skyrocket among the vaccinated, and when they die, the deaths can be blamed



on cancer rather than the vaccines. Those vaccinated individuals who aren't killed by the cancers are



very unlikely to be able to produce viable offspring due to DNA damage of sperm and egg cells.



We have the full, shocking story in today's feature podcast here.


The REAL Anthony Fauci:



 Expert testimony that our government and miliarty are violating the Constitution, and International Laws passed after the crimes of the Nazi's of Germany:



Glad to see others are not deluded about who is behind the evils taking place on earth:

Max Igan - Government are Murdering you Wake up and Fight back ( 


OMNICRON = MORONIC???  Why do so many choose to believe nonsense?  Why do so many go along with liars?

The Moronic ‘Variant’ And The Hidden ‘Gods’ – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke  12/15/21


Bayer Executive admits mRNA in vaccine is gene "therepy", not what we would call a "vaccine" before the big lies began by China, NIH, CDC, WHO and Trump "Warp Speed" evils.

Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust - LifeSite (



Are the vaccines in violation of long standing International Laws passed after the horrors of the Nazi's in WW II?  You tell me what you think. (Violation of informed consent)




What is the vaccine?  World expert from US tells us: 


Some science truth - not judging intents - just the facts - from world expert on viruses and vaccines and CDC lays out the facts:

Brighteon   Dr. Malone and coordinated media propoganda attack against reason and fact. (China?)


Warning - graphic adult content - must be 18 to view.  Reportedly Covid Vaccine victim autopcy of brain blood clot (Dissection of brain)