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Galatians – Truth or Lies?


(441) 753 - Did First Century Christians DESPISE Paul? With Rabbi Tovia Singer - YouTube 



Site link to review of Galatians moved to link on Romans, and Galatians follows Romans. 


This page is being usurped to provide links for truth tellers, since Google, Facebook and Youtube have taken down internet content from those who are trying to expose the evil and great deceptions that are overtaking the earth.  I don't approve all of their content, and that really doesn't matter, as I'm no world or medical expert, but these people have the right to be heard, and we all have the right to hear from them if we are searching to better understand what is going on and why.  The MSN, most all the Government, WHO, CDC, Office of the President, Congress, and House are filled with liars and traitors.  The Federal Reserve is our enemy.  State and local Governments are listening to the CDC, who has been ignoring true scientific evidence to promote lies and overthrow our rights and right to a Constitutional Government.  What is going on is in violation to the Nuremburg Code, and we are being treated as though we are Jews in an imprisonment Camp in Nazi Germany. 



Even Donald Trump has abandoned his supporters, and continues to abandon those who dared participate in a peaceful protest on Jan 6, 2020.  More importantly, Trump seems to be behind "Operation Warp-Speed" to develope the "vaccine", that is actually a biological weapon, not a vaccine as we have had before.  Even the scientist who invented MRNA technology says beware!  It is not safe!!!  (in animal tests, all the animals died!?) If Donald Trump had any care for humanity he would have long ago exposed the evil of the fake plandemic and danger of the fake VAXX.   Injustice and liars are both evil, and evil supports evil.  Our Government has bowed it's knee to those who had Jesus killed, and they have no more love for Christians than they did Jesus.  See the site link of "Trial of the Ages" for absolute proof of the evil and lies against humanity, and especially white Euopean Christians.  What is happening now has been planned for years.


I hope you find value in the links, and if you have links you believe should also be listed, please submit an email to:   Start video at about 11:00 for English.


What happens when the US Treasury takes authority from those who were vested by the Constitution with matters of government by, of and for the people?


The Treasury is attaching strings to the money to require local governments to violate every law that our Nation was established upon.  Beware "free" money, as it is nothing but massive bribes to violate human rights!!!!!  As the saying goes:  "Follow the money."  Taking money to perform injustice is one of the unforgivable sins - according to Elohim - they will not be absolved by any means.  Dare we obey Elohim, and not man or communists?  Dare we tell them they are going to hell over their bribery (both parties, and it comes from the Judaics who  run and have long run the FED.  It's a Corporation - not a "Government" office.  





The oppression of Communism stems from the fact that it is based on denial of all the stated Decrees of Elohim, and is thereby cursed.  Curiously, Communism was invented by a Jew who had turned atheist, and likely invented a model that defied the Teachings of Elohim.  How else could anyone come up with such evil, but in oppossition to the God of Judaism because Pharisees defied God and turned His instructions on their head and he realized what nonsense he was being taught by them?


This interview of a young woman who escaped Communist North Korea is very telling on the realities of Communism and how bad it can get.  What she endured is almost beyond imagination.  What I find most remarkable is her will to live, and how much better off she is to have escaped and grown to become as insightful as she relates in the interview!  This is a wonderful example of the power of freedom from oppression.  It also shows the innate goodness of human nature - because mankind was created in the image of God - including women.  Listen carefully to her story.  Seems to me that God preserved her to warn us of the evil that seeks to destroy the souls of all mankind?


North Korean Defector Exposes Kim Jong Un & China - YouTube




Regarding the Constitution and the rights we have - those you elected to Congress have sold you out for over 100 years.  Dare we demand the traitors be condemned? or not?  If not, why not?  Do tell..  This video is from someone who knows - pay close attention to how much your Government and Political parties have deceived you.  It's no less than your Church, Priest, Pope or Pastor has - they all spout lies as though they were God given truth - "None is righteous, no, not one"??? 




There are a number of web sites with information we will never hear from the NWO/CIA mass media propoganda sites.  As you may see, one is Brighteon, and one reason they are cited is one can view the content without subscription to them.  If you so desire, you are encouraged to support them, but the sites at this time do not require a subscription to view their content of the links posted.  In general I try to avoid some sites as a source for reliable information due to the "fear porn" they tend towards bombarding their viewers with - such as  Knowing the Evangelical Gospel is poison for knowing truth and relying on feelings, rather than truth - I cannot in good conscience recommend stevenquayle or beforeitsnews.  There is one site that I've found to be consistantly above the rest to provide the best in news, current events, and is outstanding to provide links to informative experts:   



There is another site I highly recommend for content that I believe is needful to understand: 


Brother Nathaniel was an Orthodox Jew, and he left Judaism due to the evils he saw within.  He knows what he's talking about.


Below is an interview with a Catholic leader who is calling out the facts of the crimes being brought upon humanity by corruped men - even the head of the Catholic Bishops of the USA.  I think he is telling truth.